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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 654: The One Pulling The Strings Bahasa Indonesia


One billion times.

That was how many times I killed the poor boy.

At first I just killed him a few times, then I started to doubt the words a little and left him alive.

Unfortunately, it tried to attack my disciples so that made me a little angry and I went ahead to torture and kill him for about a few million times after that.

Then it got a little boring again so I froze him and teleported him to another dimension, only to find out that the time rewinds automatically after three hours back to this point again so that was not a viable strategy.

So I tried to let my disciples handle him by giving them OP weapons, which also got tedious after watching them fight him for the fifth millionth time. It doesn’t help that I needed to conjure up the weapons and give them instructions every time the world shifted back either.

I went ahead to just kill him normally for the next few million times, then it got boring again so I tried to find new, creative ways to do it. Like summoning a giant walrus on top of him to crush him to death, or running him over with a train, or letting him get pelted with giant coconuts by giant monkeys and so on.

Then I ran out of ideas and it got really tiring so I just killed him normally for the rest of the billion times.

Since time was suspended, I did not know how long had passed. It might have been a week, a month, maybe even several years.

But finally on the last kill, the world changed again, this time I was no longer standing in class but outside in what appears to be a campsite by a lake.

I blinked a few times, shaking off the cobwebs in my head as I tried to make sense of what was going on. After repeating that monotonous task for so long, my head feels kind of empty…

Right then, I felt someone hug me from behind while they leaned their face on my back.

“Mmm… Forgive me Master, I couldn’t help myself~” Eris giggled, still hugging me.

“Where are the others?” I asked, quickly adapting to the situation, not minding her actions one bit.

“Mmm… I believe they are still preparing the barbecue.”

“And what about you?”

“Heh heh~~ I just kinda missed Master a little so ‘aye came back for ‘sum loving~”

I turned around and hugged her back, my swordswoman sighing contentedly in my embrace.

“Sometimes… This one wishes we could just stay like this forever, Master…”

Forever huh? Somehow the prospect of us just standing here stuck to each other for the rest of eternity doesn’t really sound that appealing right after I was stuck in that time loop with Takeda.

Who would want to be stuck in the same spot forever? Definitely not me.

“Papa, Papa!” I heard the unmistakable voice of Cai Hong shouting out for me.

Turning my head slightly, I spotted the little dragon running up to me with what seems to be a stick of candy floss held in her hand.

Cai Hong ran up to me and hugged my leg, carefully keeping her candy floss from being crushed between us.

She looked up at me and waved the candy floss at me, “Papa! Fluffy candy! Fluffy candy!”

I couldn’t help but smile at her, reaching out my hand to pat her head.

Cai Hong giggled before plucking a portion of her fluffy candy… I mean her candy floss and offering it to me.

I gently plucked the proffered candy with my free hand, Cai Hong watching me with sparkly eyes as I tossed it into my mouth.

“Papa, delish?”

I chuckled, “Yes, it’s very delicious, Cai Hong.”

“Yayy~ Cai Hong made delish candy!”

Oh? She made this herself?

Ah, she must mean that she used the cotton candy machine and twirled it herself. So cute.

Just by looking at Cai Hong’s smile was enough to make me feel warmth in my chest.

I let the two girls cuddle me for a while longer until I heard the rustling of leaves nearby.

I shifted my attention to the undergrowth and, unexpectedly, my Witch disciple appeared wearing an extremely provocative swimsuit.

“Master~ The barbecue’s almost… EH?!! That’s not fair Master! I want to be pampered too! Please give me some spanks! I’ve already waited for so long!!”

I teleported myself to flick her forehead before she could turn around to expose her rump in front of Cai Hong. Really now, this Witch is beyond help…

She even moaned out loud when I flicked her, turning to look at me with eyes filled with wanton lust.

“Master…” She whispered while shaking her behind in anticipation. “I can’t take it anymore… Could we have a few minutes behind the bushes?”

I was going to reject her but Eris called out to me, “Master. Why don’t you and sister Diao Chan enjoy yourselves for a little while? I’ll bring Cai Hong back to the rest and we’ll wait for you there.”

Diao Chan shot her an extremely grateful look before turning back to look at me with pleading eyes.

I sighed, “Alright. Just for a little while. Be good ok, Cai Hong?”

“Cai Hong will be good~” The little dragon assured me before taking Eris’s hand and walking away.

Diao Chan licked her lips before leaping to my embrace, her lips pressing against mine in a heated kiss filled with need.

I closed my eyes and kissed her back, enjoying the feel of her tongue wrapping around mine.

The two of us kissed each other for a good long while until we heard someone clearing their throat beside us.

We immediately pulled back and I realised we were no longer standing at the lakeside but back in class instead. Diao Chan was even wearing our school uniform and somehow even that looked erotic when she’s wearing it.

Looking to the side, I realised it was Tsuki who made the sound and the rest of my girls were standing behind her, watching us with envy.

“I hate to interrupt you two love birds but we really should be going home now, Aniue,” Tsuki reminded me.

I looked out the window to see it was nearly sunset, school should have ended some time ago.

I pulled away from Diao Chan, “Right, of course. Let’s go home everyone.”

The girls followed me out of class and thankfully, we didn’t have Takeda to worry about this time.

Hold on… Why did I believe that the Takeda boy won’t be bothering us? Did I… Did I do something to him? Wait… What happened today?

I stopped in my tracks and turned to the girls, “Did… Takeda come to class today?”

They looked at one another before shaking their heads.

“Master… Takeda was reported missing yesterday,” Lian Li informed me.

No, that can’t be right. I remember killing him over and over again until I was numb to it. That definitely happened.

I looked at my disciples. Like really looked at them.

I can’t help but feel like there was something off about them…

Are they… Really my disciples or just merely a projection of–

.̵̬̒ị̸̛t̵͇̊ ̶͎͑t̷̘͋u̷̡͒o̶̯͝b̷͚̂a̴̻̒ ̷͚̚k̷̟͐ñ̷̺i̵̘͆h̴̘̆t̴̡̀ ̴̰̀t̵̟̅o̷̯̔ǹ̶̮ ̷̳̀ỏ̸͎D̷̓͜

.̷̗́͋t̵̰̲͛͒į̵͇̃̊ ̸̡̿͑y̵̝̔ò̷ͅj̵̳̓͛n̸͎͓͋̕e̷̹̕ ̵̭̟̍͘t̶̳̽s̸̳̖͆û̸͈̠J̷͙̅̀

.̷͙̈́ḍ̸̢̒͝ḻ̸͒͝r̸̰̈́̀ǫ̴̬͊̒w̶̮͋ ̶͎̉̅ť̵̗̦͋č̴̻ë̶̯́f̶͙͚̑r̸̳͌e̷̘̳͆̋p̸̜̏ ̷̪̀̅e̵̺̾h̶͉͐t̴͓͘͝ ̸̀͜s̸̩̭̊ȋ̵͙ ̸̬̈̂s̸͕̺̓i̸͈̝̓̄h̶̹͒͗T̷̪́͊

.̷̻̬̆t̶̞̘̃ĩ̴̗̈́ͅ ̵͔̯̽̾n̸̮͠î̸̕ͅ ̸̹̩͗̈́ệ̶v̴̪̑̕ỉ̷̭̂l̵̙̓ ̷̹͝t̶̼̽s̷̫̈ư̸̼J̴̪̇ ̵̝͐͐.̴̜̘͗s̶̩̲͠ẻ̴̗͘i̴͍͠r̷͕̲̈́̋ŕ̷͉̀ͅo̴̺͛͝w̴̧͈̉ ̴̘̞́o̷̳͊̈́n̶̰̔ ̶̲͗͋s̶̡͂’̸̦̜̎e̸͖͉͐̄r̶̩̖̽͑è̷͈ẖ̷͍͐̕T̵͓͐

And you can finally become who you truly are.

Hmm… Why did I suddenly stop in the middle of the corridor? We’re about to go home right? Yeah, that’s right.

How weird…


(??? POV)

I watched the group of students leave the school merrily.

It’s getting harder and harder to bend his perception but I can’t give up now. Not when I’m so close to breaking him.

Those meddlers too… If only I didn’t need to switch him between their world and this one… This would have been done so much quicker.

At least they serve as the perfect catalysts to break him, for that I’ll need to be thankful.

Soon… Soon I will finally get what I want after he breaks.

Origin will be mine.


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