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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 656: Dockside Scuffle Bahasa Indonesia


Arriving at the warehouse, I stepped out of the car as Gamma pulled up beside me, the cantauress having kept pace running with the car without much effort on her part.

Looking up, I realised Hiroto had assembled a sizable army, counting at least a hundred or so people gathered to repel the expected attackers.

“What kind of raid party are we expecting?” I asked aloud, surprised by the firepower we were sporting.

Hiroto shrugged, “It’s the entire Ryu Alliance who is after us and they’ll definitely be expecting some resistance on our end. So I doubled on what they should be expecting us to have and doubled that number again, just in case they guessed that possibility.”

Well… I suppose I did teach him to be cautious of such things, especially since we’re yakuza.

“This is going to be troublesome to hide from the police though,” I remarked.

My right hand man grinned, “Not to worry Aniki, I already paid off the cops to ignore whatever is happening on this side of the city. I also told our people to avoid using any firearms unless the opposition is using them as well.”

Gamma looked a little disappointed hearing that, since she wouldn’t be able to make full use of her arsenal in this case.

Honestly, it’s not like it actually matters anyway, I could just fix things with a snap of my fingers in the event something goes wrong.

I checked my watch, “So when are we expecting them to come?”

“In another fifteen minutes or so, if our spies’ info is to be trusted,” Hiroto answered, looking at his own watch.

“In that case, let’s get into positions. Gamma, you stay in cover and only come out if we require fire support. Otherwise just stay on the lookout for any surprises.”

The centaurea saluted, “Understood, Master. But where would you be?”

I grinned, “Me? Of course I’m part of the welcoming committee. I hate people who waste my time after all.”


(Eiko Kashima POV) [Patriarch of the Kashima Family]

When that brat forced me to subordinate my entire Family to his, I was beyond humiliated.

How could a Family with generations of seniority be subordinate to a nobody like that brat who came out of nowhere? This orphan brat that merely got lucky and could only do menial tasks like be our gofer?

Of course I wasn’t going to take this humiliation lying down! That’s why I planned, plotted and schemed until I was in a position to ruin him for good!

And it wasn’t only me who was dissatisfied, the other heads within the Ryu Alliance had recognised the threat the little brat possessed with his monopoly in the trade industry. Despite several of them trying to compete with him, he always seemed to be several steps ahead of us.

Thus, we had all came to the conclusion that getting rid of him was the best option.

Although the brat managed to elude our spies for so long, we finally figured out where he hid his most important wares in a few warehouses located in a secluded area of the city’s suburbs.

To think he was actually stupid enough to put all the important items in one location. If we were to burn the entire place to the ground, he would lose everything in a single night.

All the important wares the other Family has entrusted him to take care of, all of his legitimate business wares and also all of his fleet would be gone.

The other Families would force him to take responsibility and even his legitimate business partners will also ruin him. Then we can just watch from the side as he crumbles down as a failure.

Now, we just need to carry out the first part of the plan.

Our car stopped at the entrance of the warehouse compound, my door opened by one of my followers as I stepped foot on the asphalt.

On my left, Kitakura-dono and Hirose-dono also stepped out of their own cars, both of them moving to join me.

“So… We’re really taking down that brat tonight huh?” Hirose-dono smirked.

Kitakura-dono turned to me, “Remember, Kashima-dono. After this is over, I want him as my toy.”

I nodded, “Of course, Kitakura-dono. You’ll be able to collar and leash him after we have burned all that he owns into the ground. He shall finally be put in his rightful place.”

The three of us led the way into the compound with our small army of followers, we were of course expecting some resistance from the brat’s family so we were not leaving anything to chance. I had even brought in a few demi-human mercenaries to ensure our success.

But we only managed to take a few steps into the compound before a figure walked out of the shadows to stop in front of us.

It was that damned brat.

“Oh hello there! What a coincidence to see you guys here!” The brat waved at us while showing us that irritating smile of his.

I frowned, if he’s here then that means our plan was already compromised.

No matter, this was actually within my expectations and even a preferred situation for us.

I reached into my pocket and pressed the small device I had inside to signal my people about the change of plans.

“Brat,” I spat. “Let’s just cut the act, you already know why we’re here. No one likes you being in charge so you have two choices. One, give up everything you have and accept your position under Kitakura-dono’s feet. Two, we burn everything you have and kill your people then force you under Kitakura-dono’s feet.”

With that as my signal, my men stepped out to reveal themselves, numbering three hundred in total.

The brat smirked at us, as though the numbers didn’t matter to him, “Oh? You guys brought your posse along for a walk? What a coincidence… So did I.”

Right then, members of his family appeared all around the compound as well, all of them ready for a fight.

Hirose-dono chortled, “Ahahaha! You can’t be serious, brat! You only brought this many people along even after knowing we’d come? You really underestimated us!”

The brat shook his head, “I actually prepared this many assuming the other families from the Ryu Alliance would show up. Apparently only you three did so I came over-prepared.”

I frowned, did he have something else planned? No matter, if we can get rid of him right here and now, it will still be our win.

I clapped my hands and one of the demi-human mercenaries I hired came forward, “I wonder if you can be so confident after seeing him?”

The brat looked surprised, “A minotaur? Since when did this world have… Ah. Of course, it’s always been this way…”

None of us understood what he was talking about but it didn’t matter.

Unless he has someone else who has superhuman strength and endurance, this minotaur would just steamroll through all of them.

“Bring him to us,” I ordered the demi-human.

The minotaur snorted and made a dash towards the brat.

I expected the brat to run or hide behind his men but he had stepped forward instead, as though accepting his fate.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

The minotaur tried to reach out and grab the brat, only for the brat to capture his wrist and threw the demi-human over his shoulder and slamming him onto the floor effortlessly.

As though that wasn’t enough, he immediately punched his fist down and absolutely crushed the minotaur’s head with the punch, killing him instantly.

He stood up and dusted himself, “Right… Just so you know, none of you guys are leaving here in one piece. Now who’s next?”

What… What is he?!


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