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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 653: Listen On Repeat Bahasa Indonesia


Hmm… That’s weird… Eris is seated to my right in class. Why do I have a feeling that the seat belongs to someone else instead of her?

Sensing my stare, Eris turned to look at me, blushed, then looked away bashfully.

“Umm… Does Master need something from me?” She asked, still hiding her blushing face from view.

I grinned, “No, I was just thinking of how cute you were.”

The girls in our class who heard me gushed while a few of the boys cursed under their breaths, an action that my girls took note of.

I felt a tug on my arm and I looked down to see Cai Hong sucking on a finger, “Papa, Cai Hong cute?”

I patted her head, “Cai Hong is always cute.”

“Ehehe~ Cai Hong wuv Papa!”

So cute.

What was I thinking about again? Oh right, my math homework that was due today, how could I forget that?

I was in the midst of reaching into my bag when our classroom’s door was suddenly thrown open violently.

Everyone in the class turned to see the Takeda boy standing at the doorway, his haggard appearance a far cry from his usual posh look.

I heard my girls gasp, apparently the most shocked in seeing him there.

“Impossible… We got rid of him…” Lian Li muttered behind me.

“You… You took everything from me…” He growled, though still loud enough for the class to hear.

I looked around before pointing to myself, “You talking to me?”

He let out a guttural roar and his body started to contort and shift as though his bones were being rearranged.

All of our classmates were watching in horror as his arms twisted in impossible ways, slowly getting himself down to a kneeling position when, without warning, four spikes grew out of his back, ripping his shirt to shreds.

Correction, those weren’t spikes, those were legs. Spider legs.

That was when our class finally had the sense to run away from the scene, all of them rushing out of the class through the back door, screaming out in terror.

The Takeda monster continued to morph in front of us before I blinked myself in front of it, my hand reaching out to grab him by the head and crushing it in my hand.

His head exploded into a fountain of gore and his body toppled over, his transformation halting as soon as the head was gone. Like hell I was going to just sit there and watch him complete his transformation.

I was about to burn the corpse into ashes when I felt the world shift, moving me back to my seat.

Looking around, I realised the class was back to normal again.

Huh, so the world cleaned itself even without me needing to–

The door was slammed open again, revealing the Takeda boy once more.

“You… You took everything from me…” He repeated the exact same words as before.

Behind me, Lian Li said the same words too, “Impossible… We got rid of him…”

This time I only looked at him, wondering if he would transform into a monster like before.

He began to contort again so I just snapped my fingers and burned him into ashes instantly. No reason not to get rid of him since I knew he was going to turn into a monster already anyway.

The rest of the class just stared at the spot where the Takeda monster had been, all of them unsure of what had just happened. I mean, to them it probably looked like he just spontaneously combusted.

Right then, the world shifted once more and I found the classroom reverted back to the time before Takeda appeared.

I watched the door and sure enough, Takeda pulled the door open and said the exact same line again.

Am I stuck in a time loop?

This time, before he could even speak, I teleported him away to the sky above the school, letting him freefall back down to earth.

I watched from the window as the speck in the sky got bigger and bigger until it crashed into the school’s courtyard with a loud splat, his body splattering on the ground like a crushed tomato.

There were a few screams when people looked out to see the dead body in the courtyard but soon enough, the world rewinded again as though everything had been an illusion.

Hmm… So killing him will reset the world back to this moment… But why? And why is he able to transform into a monster in the first place? Did he get possessed by one of those End Shadows or something? But why him and why would it target me?

So many questions, so little answers.

For the fourth time today, the door was thrown open again and Takeda took a step into the class to address us with his ‘eloquent’ speech.

This particular time I let it finish its transformation, I simply leaned back and crossed my arms, watching the progress with mild amusement.

“Papa?” Cai Hong tugged my sleeve worriedly, afraid the crazy guy in front of the class might do something bad to her.

I patted her head to soothe her, my little dragon hugging me as the boy continued his painfully slow transformation into what seems to be a giant spider.

Taking the chance to look around the room again, I realised that the only ones left were my disciples, Tsuki and her three friends.

“Master… Should we do something about that thing?” Lian Li asked, pointing a finger at the monster.

I shook my head, “Give it a moment, let’s just wait until it’s done. You girls want to leave?”

“Onii-san, you know what this is?!” Nishimura cried.

“Isn’t that just Takeda? Perhaps this is him showing his true form?” I suggested.

They weren’t amused by my joke.

I waved my hand, “Don’t worry, I got this. Just wait for a bit.”

It took him five whole minutes to transform fully, it turns out it really was a giant spider after all, big enough to take up a quarter of the classroom.

It shrieked in triumph before turning all eight of its eyes on me, no need to guess what it wanted.

I simply waved my hand at it and the entire spider was engulfed in flames, incinerating it in a second.

Right, this should stop the time loop right?

The world shifted and everything returned to normal again, only for the door to be shoved open once more.

You gotta be kidding me.

I was still thinking about what I could do when I noticed a piece of paper on my table that hadn’t been there before.

Picking it up, I realised there were the words ‘Just keep killing him’ scribbled on it.

At first I thought it was Manami who had written it since she was sitting in front of me but I realised how ridiculous that was, there was no need for her to do that since she could just tell me to.

But how would continuously killing this random dude help me break out of this? The fact that this is happening doesn’t make sense at all.

This is already proof that someone or something is causing this to happen. In the first place, shouldn’t this world not have–

t̶̠̓i̷̙̿ ̷̥̿o̵͈̔͘d̵͙̋͝ ̸̡͙͛t̸̯̤͗s̶̘̄̈́u̸͚̗̍J̴̮̊̔

No, no, listen here. This phenomenon doesn’t make sense. Here we are on a normal day in school and then this guy just shows up and causes a–

.̴̭̏ṯ̴̋̅i̴̧͕͂̕ ̵̟͇̉t̶̑͝ͅủ̶̗͒ö̶̹͚͊b̶̭͉̐a̸̮̍͠ ̶͕͒k̸̢̗̓n̸̠̉i̴̧̞͗h̷̰̏t̸͓̪́ ̵̳̑t̶͚̺̅͌’̶̣̣͂n̴͖͎̕ǫ̴́D̶̈́̓͜

Come on, you can’t expect me to not question about–

.̸̛̬̱̟͎͍́̎͆ͅt̸̮̘͇́ḯ̸̛̟̝͔̙͚̈́͝͝ ̷͈̉͋̾̓̑̚ǒ̸̧̗̦D̵̦̩̮͎̰̦̃́́̾̆͊

Right… Without any other clue on how to get rid of this time loop, I don’t have a choice anyway…

Thus, I set about my task of killing the Takeda boy over and over again, hopefully this wouldn’t take too long.

I cracked my knuckles and then my neck.

Alright, let’s get down to business.


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