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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 631: Yes, I’m Yakuza Bahasa Indonesia


True to her words, Tsuki had put her plan of taking the next student council president position into motion.

Throughout the day, I saw her handing out instructions to several people during our break times, there were a few juniors and seniors amongst them as well.

When I asked Aoki about it, she just smiled and told me those were Tsuki’s fan club members.

I did ask about Aoki’s own fan club but she said she wasn’t interested in them so she never interacted with them like Tsuki has.

I was just a little surprised that Tsuki knew about her own fanclub’s existence, but I guess I did teach her to be perceptive of the things around her.

And she even knows how to make use of them too, that’s my little sister alright.

“Tsuki-chan’s pretty serious about this huh?” Fujiwara commented, watching another group of her fan club members run out of class after receiving instructions from her.

Right now we are having a free study period since the teacher was sick and they didn’t assign a substitute teacher for us, which basically translates to ‘do whatever you want’ period. Especially since it’s the period right before the end of school, most of our classmates were either just talking with their friends or doing whatever else they wanted before school officially ended for the day.

Since Tsuki was busy, her friends decided to gather around my table to talk instead.

“It’s Tsuki-chan we’re talking about after all,” Maeda giggled. “She’s always serious in the things she does, especially when her beloved Aniue is involved, eh?”

I rolled my eyes at her comment but remained silent since I knew it was true.

Since it was something Tsuki wanted to deal with herself, there wasn’t much I could do for her. In the first place, I already knew she would win anyway so anything I do would either be redundant or disruptive instead.

“So what are you guys planning on doing for the weekend?” Nishimura asked, leaning against the window beside my seat.

Maeda shifted her gaze back to her phone, “Hmm… I’ll be at Akihabara tomorrow, there’s an event going on there that I want to check out. Any of you wanna come along?”

The baseball ace shook his head, “You know me, I’ll just be a bother if I go since I’m not interested in any of that stuff.”

Maeda shifted her gaze to the gyaru girl.

“Ehhh… I’d like to, Maeda-chan… But I got scheduled for a weekend shift that I can’t miss, sorry!” Fujiwara apologised with her hands clasped together.

“Again? You need to get yourself a raise, my girl. Oh! Why don’t you just work for Onii-san instead?”

Fujiwara gasped and turned to me, “Do you have a job opening, Onii-san?! Anything is better than my current dead-end convenience store job!”

Maeda smacked her friend on the arm, “Pfft, you’re just hoping you can leech off Onii-san’s kindness.”

“Hey, can’t blame a girl for trying! So do you have a place, Onii-san?”

I almost told her no when I thought about it for a moment.

Tsuki already knows about everything, so there shouldn’t be any harm if I revealed a little bit more to her friends. And if it proves to be a mistake, I’ll just fix it afterwards.

“I don’t have any job openings for my logistics business…” I started, causing Fujiwara to droop down in disappointment. “But if you don’t mind doing some questionable stuff, my Yakuza side of business could use some help.”

Nishimura’s eyes widened while the other two girls looked at me in shock.

“Ya… Yakuza?” Fujiwara parroted me.

I nodded, “The logistics company is sort of a front. I’m the patriarch of a Yakuza family.”

The three high school students blinked at me.

“So… Er… You got a tattoo on your back or something?” Maeda asked carefully.

I chuckled, “No I don’t, Maeda-kun. Not all Yakuzas have tattoos nowadays. I do have a few people in my Family that have it, but I don’t force them to get one.”

Fujiwara looked me up and down, “Ehhh… You’re not joking, are you… Onii-san?”

I gestured to our baseball ace, “You can ask Nishimura-kun if you don’t believe me.”

He gasped, “Onii-san… Knew?”

“It is my Family after all. Can’t expect me not to know what’s going on around our turf, can you?”

The two girls turned to press him for an explanation so he caved in, “The area my parents’ shop was located used to belong to another Yakuza gang. They made everyone pay extraordinary protection fees but Onii-san’s gang came to drive them out. Onii-san is… This is embarrassing… He’s my benefactor.”

Maeda turned to me, “Woah, that’s cool… I never knew we were hanging out with a Yakuza boss all this while.”

Fujiwara poked her fingers together, “So… Erm… Do you like… Go into gang wars, drug deals and all that stuff?”

I shook my head, “We’re not that type of Yakuza. You can just see me as a businessman actually. My Family primarily deals with transportation, hence the logistics company. Anything anyone wants delivered, illegal or not, we handle them.”

“So… Would I be a runner then? I don’t know if I’m cut out for that, you know, Onii-san?”

I waved my hand at her, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not those kind of evil bosses you know? We need more people to help out with stock taking at our warehouse. You don’t need to worry too much about this one since there’s nothing illegal in there, it’s just miscellaneous things other Yakuza Families want us to move around like furniture, food or those kinds of things.”

“Oh… So it’s like what I do in my current job?”

“Basically, yes.”

“That’s err… Pretty cool…”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a business card, “If you’re interested, call this person and tell them I sent you. They’ll take care of you. If you don’t really want to work on the grey side of the law, just toss the card away, it’s no big deal.”

The gyaru smirked, “If I take this job, I won’t have police banging on my door one day, will I?”

I shrugged, “Only if you want them to.”

The three of them chuckled at my joke, though I knew Fujiwara’s was a little forced.

Like I said, I’m not going to help her just because her situation is pitiable, I’m unfortunately not that nice of a person.

But I’ve spent enough time with her to at least have some feelings of attachment where if she approaches me for help, I would at least be inclined to assist her.

It would be a different matter if Tsuki were to ask me directly to help her though, I would solve all her problems in a heartbeat.

“So what are you doing this weekend, Onii-san? You wanna bring Tsuki and come to Akihabara with me?” Maeda asked, trying to bring the topic back to more legal territories.

I shook my head, “Unfortunately, I already made plans with Tsuki to go hiking that day. Sorry.”

Well it’s not exactly a lie since we’ll be walking quite a bit.

“Awww, too bad then. Maybe next time we can organise a trip together~”

Sounds good actually, maybe we can go camping together. Sort of reminds me of my camping trip with my disciples.

Right then, the bell signalling the end of school rang and Tsuki packed up her bags in record time before immediately appearing before me.

“Let’s go home, Aniue!”

It didn’t take a genius to know she’s rushing to get out of here to avoid running into the Takeda boy.

Unfortunately… Our classroom’s door slid open at the that exact moment.

“Yukihime-sama! I’m here to escort you home!”


Yep, that boy is here too.

Her friends knew her enough that they immediately dispersed, giving us a few words of good-byes before making themselves scarce.

“Well then… Pudding?” I suggested.

Make no mistake though, I’m actually finding all this rather amusing. I’m just wondering how far the two of them will go.


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