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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 630: Joining The Dream Bahasa Indonesia


Tsuki slammed her bag on her table as soon as she reached class, sitting down on her chair heavily before hunching over to scribble something in her notebook, ignoring the stares all around her.

Nishimura looked at me who had arrived after her, “What’s wrong with Tsuki-san?”

I grinned, “That Takeda brat waited for us outside our house and followed us all the way to school. I think that explains everything?”

He grimaced, “Ugh… I suppose I should stay out of her way for the rest of the day…”

All her friends know how much Tsuki enjoys walking home with me. According to her, it’s a sacred time for her to be alone and bond with her big brother.

That’s why her friends don’t join us in going back home and instead, separate the moment we meet at the gate.

Sure, we might go out together sometimes, but once the day ends, she doesn’t like anyone else intruding on our walk.

Knowing that the Takeda boy had forcefully intruded upon such a moment, her friends would know Tsuki was especially pissed. Even more so since it was our first time in a long while that I walked with her to school.

“When I become student council president… I’m going to make sure he doesn’t come within five meters of me… Then I’ll enact a new policy to be able to report these incidents as harassment and have him expelled… Maybe I should get a restraining order on him…” Tsuki muttered under her breath, although only I could hear her with my enhanced hearing.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Fujiwara looking questioningly at me, “What happened with Tsuki-chan?”

“Takeda-san followed them to school,” Nishimura explained to her simply.

The delinquent girl grimaced, “Oh crap… I guess we better hide ourselves for the entire day then. Tell teach I’m not feeling well, I’ll be hiding in the infirmary.”

Huh, is it really that bad?

“Hey guys~” Maeda greeted us before noticing the state Tsuki was in. “Did Aoki-san do something to Tsuki-chan again?”

Fujiwara shook her head, “Nah… Idiot Tanaka barged in on them coming to school today.”

Maeda’s eyes widened, “Oh… Oh! Erm… I erm… I think I left the stove in my house on… And I probably will fall ill on the way home so help me tell sensei will you?”

I raised an eyebrow at them, “Is it that bad?”

Nishimura chuckled, “You have no idea, Onii-san. Remember how I tried to follow you guys to school last year?”

I nodded, we were still living in our old house back then so we lived close by each other. One day we happened to run into him when I was bringing Tsuki to school so he tagged along with us.

Tsuki was more quiet that day but I had thought she was just shy since there was someone else with us. I did notice that we never ran into Nishimura ever again for the rest of the year so I asked Tsuki about it, that’s how I found out about our ‘sacred tradition’.

I assumed Tsuki just went and talked to Nishimura about it and I hadn’t thought much of it.

The baseball ace smiled wryly at me, “Well… That day, Tsuki-san was in an especially bad mood and she had her death glare permanently on her. It kind of cemented her status as the ‘ice princess’. No one could approach her.”

Fujiwara shivered, “Oh yeah, I remember that day well. I’m wearing long sleeves and even I felt the class was cold. I pity you guys for having to deal with that.”

“Ugh… Just remembering about it is sending shivers down my spine…” Maeda commented, hugging herself. “I should really just head on home now.”

Nishimura turned to me with a pleading gaze, “Onii-san, you can calm Tsuki-san down can’t you? I don’t really want to be subjected to the freezer again…”

The two girls brightened up upon hearing his words.

“That’s right! If it’s Onii-san, he can do it fo’ sure!”

“Yeah! Then I don’t have to hide at home today! Please Onii-san, you are our only hope!”

I’m sure they’re just exaggerating all this but I decided to humour them.

I went up to Tsuki and started patting her head, “There, there. No need to be so mad now is there? We’re still in the same class and he isn’t here.”

Her shoulder relaxed slightly as she turned to face me, “Mouu… But he still disturbed my precious time with Aniue… Something like that is unforgivable.”

“Come on now, there’s no need to be upset over someone that’s not here anymore is there? Or is my presence here not enough?”

“Ghk… If you put it like that… Mnn… Pat me more… Then I will forget about it.”

What a spoiled little sister I have. Not that I mind spoiling her in the slightest though so I did as she requested and patted her head thoroughly until she was satisfied.

I could hear the three friends sighing in relief behind me.

Seriously though, was it really that bad?

Now they got me all curious…

Well, it’s not like this is the last time because I’m pretty sure that Takeda boy will show up again anyway, so I guess I’ll just wait and see.



(Lian Li POV)

“So you’re sure this will work?” I asked, eyeing the vial of golden liquid I held in front of me.

Brendan grimaced, “I told you, senior sister… I cannot be a hundred percent sure that it will definitely work. But I am ninety-nine percent sure that it will. If you girls are willing to wait just another day or so…”

I uncorked the bottle and looked him dead in the eye, “And let Master remain trapped in there longer? Not a chance. Ninety-nine percent is good enough for me, I’m going in.”

Brendan shrugged before picking up one of the bottles on the table and the rest of my sisters followed suit.

I looked at each of them in turn, “Let’s go through this again. As Brendan has already warned, we’re going to the same space as Master is so we’re most likely going to experience something similar to the trap Master had experienced too.”

“Ufufufu~ Basically we shouldn’t trust what we see there if it’s too good to be true,” Manami commented.

I nodded, “We go in, break the illusion then find the real Master trapped inside and break Him out. Her Majesty Luna will watch over us while we’re rescuing Master. Got it?”

My sisters made noises of agreement.

“I’ll be rooting for you all, get husband back for me~” The Queen cheered us on, a team of maids stationed nearby to take care of us when we are unconscious.

I wanted to bite back that Master was not her husband but now wasn’t the time. The fact that she would be the one looking after our unconscious bodies was also a reason.

“Now enough time is wasted, bottoms up.”

All of us drank the potion in one gulp and settled ourselves beside our unconscious Master. It didn’t take long before the darkness claimed me in its embrace.

Wait for us Master, we’re coming!


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