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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 632: How To Get A Girl To Hate You In One Second Bahasa Indonesia


“So are you feeling Morigana or maybe Kamadashi today?” I asked, turning to Tsuki.

She didn’t have the chance to answer me before the Takeda boy butted in.

“How can Yukihime-sama eat such classless things?! These garbage aren’t even worth my spit! You must be delusional to even suggest Yukihime-sama should partake in such trash! Leave it to me and I’ll have a Michelin star chef come over to prepare an exquisite dessert for you!”

I could see a vein popping at the side of Tsuki’s forehead.

Quick tip, if you’re trying to woo a girl, it’s best not to diss the food they really, really like to eat. Especially if it’s something they have enjoyed eating while growing up.

Does he not realise he basically called Tsuki classless and had been eating garbage her whole life?

Speaking of which, the other Tsuki in the real world must be missing out on puddings. I’ll make her some when I go back.

Tsuki turned to me, “How about Aniue choose for me today?”

I grinned, “In that case, I feel like splurging a little. Let’s go for Kamadashi tonight.”

Tsuki was trying her best not to squeal in joy at my choice since there’s an outsider here, but she would usually be giggling in happiness now.

Ignoring the fuming Takeda boy, I picked up two of said pudding off the shelves and headed over to the counter to pay.

I already knew what was going to happen in the next few minutes without using any precognition abilities.

The clerk scanned our items and gestured to the register, “The total would be–“

The Takeda boy came forward and tossed a black bank card on the counter, “Charge it to my card.”

Yep, the standard ‘subtly showing off my wealth by pretending to be generous in settling a bill’ cliche move. He’s seriously using a black card for two items that cost less than six hundred yen?

The clerk hesitated in picking up the card so Tsuki took the chance to place two coins into the money tray before picking the pudding off the counter, “Keep the change. Let us depart, Aniue.”

I did my best to keep a straight face as I followed her out of the convenience store. The clerk was someone we knew after visiting this place multiple times so he already guessed what was going on and smirked knowingly at me.

Tsuki and I left the store and moved past the group of large men wearing suits waiting outside, all of them supposedly the Takeda boy’s bodyguards who he had instructed to wait outside.

Good thing they only care about their boss’s kid so they did not stop us from leaving.

Unfortunately, we only managed to take a few more steps before the little clown caught up to us again.

“Please wait, Yukihime-sama! It’s dangerous for you to walk alone! The streets aren’t safe for someone as delicate as yourself!”

Pffft! Delicate! Ahahahaha!

This is the girl who would go on to beat up a god just to get the right to transmigrate to the same world as I did, you know?

Tsuki didn’t even look at him when she replied, “I have Aniue with me. There’s nowhere else safer than here.”

“If this man actually cared about your well-being, he would be surrounding you with bodyguards for your protection, Yukihime-sama.”

Err… No. Locking up and suffocating a girl is not how you show your affections for her, they aren’t things for you to keep and lock away however you like.

That’s why the bodyguards I assigned to her aren’t gathered around her but watching over her a distance away you know?

Those guys waiting in that inconspicuous black sedan by the side of the road? My guys.

The staff inside the convenience store that was stocking the shelves? My guy.

Those three high school girls hanging out by the parking lot and pretending to be engaged in conversation? My girls.

The pair of cyclists resting at the bench? My guys.

The team of two snipers at the top of the office building roof that also happens to be a building owned by me? My guys.

Needless to say, I have the entire path Tsuki usually takes to go and come back from school well-guarded.

I even snuck in some people into her school as well, so she’s never left unsupervised.

I know, I know, this isn’t enough at all. But I still have the protection inscriptions on her so even if a nuke landed on top of Tsuki, she would be totally fine.

That’s assuming I even allow a nuke to be launched against her in the first place of course.

Oh, and it’s not like I’m doing this behind Tsuki’s back either. I told her face to face about it and her response was “Guhihihi~ That means Aniue’s always watching me~~”. Such a cute sister she is.

See? Get consent and everything will be fine. The concept isn’t that hard.

Then you have this dunderbrain here…

“Yukihime-sama, I’ll assign ten of my personal guards to you at all times from tomorrow onwards. Please look forward to it.”

“You do that and I will go to your house and personally burn it down,” Tsuki stated with a straight face.

The Takeda boy blinked in shock at her threat, he was most probably not expecting those kinds of threats coming out from ‘his’ Tsuki.

He immediately turned to me, “How dare you! You polluted Yukihime-sama’s mind with such poison!”

Oh wow, this is really being delusional to the highest level, he really believes that every female in existence should be fawning over him huh?

“To dare manipulate Yukihime-sama like that, if I don’t beat you here, I’m not a man!”

He reached out to try and grab my collar but Tsuki stepped in front of me before he could.

In one smooth motion, she raised her hand and brought it down in a resounding slap across the boy’s face, the hit strong enough to send him stumbling backwards and looking up at Tsuki in shock.

“Takeda Phatemaker, that is enough from you.”

Woah, woah. His name is Phatemaker? What kind of name is that? Did his parents want him to make his own fate or something? Damn, no wonder he’s so sad and desperate, even his parents didn’t love him to give him that name.

Tsuki crossed her arms, “I had been tolerant of you so far, but touching Aniue is out of line. If I am not clear enough, you are beneath him. So far beneath him that if it were up to me, I wouldn’t even allow you to breathe the same air as him. You are utterly delusional if you think I hold any trace of affection for you and I strongly suggest that you cease bothering me or Aniue any further than this. If you still need me to say it, then here’s the truth and nothing but the truth: I abhor you.”

Tsuki dusted her hands before wrapping her arms around mine, “Let’s go home, Aniue.”

Honestly, I was totally impressed by what Tsuki did there.

That’s my little sister for you.

What did I tell you? She’s the one who beat up a god just to transmigrate to the same world as me, there’s no way she’ll be scared of a boy like him.

Maybe the Phatemaker boy would learn to grow up from this but I highly doubt it.


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