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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 629: The Self-Proclaimed Prince Charming Bahasa Indonesia


The next morning, Tsuki and I were preparing to head out to school.

“Ehehehe~ Now that we are classmates, Aniue can walk me to school as well~” Tsuki giggled while watching me put on my shoes.

Before, I would bring her to and pick her up from school everyday. But after she started her second year, it was limited to only picking her up since the other me got busy with the new business.

Needless to say, Tsuki was quite inconsolable for the first few weeks after knowing about the new arrangement. So it goes without saying that Tsuki is completely over the moon right now after knowing we’ll be back to how it used to be.

I picked up my school bag and reached for the door handle, “Ready to go?”

“Let’s go, Aniue!”

Opening the door, the last thing I expected to see was the Takeda boy waiting in front of my front gate with several of his bodyguards behind him.

He straightened his back the moment he saw us exit the house, “Good morning, Yukihime-sama! I am here to escort you to our institution of learning and to protect you from any unsavoury advances you might receive on the way!”

I immediately closed the door again, shutting off his roars of indignation.

I briefly considered removing him from existence but I decided to consult Tsuki first.

“What do you think? Should I get rid of him?”

Tsuki frowned, “Mmm… I don’t think Aniue should bother with him. He is my problem after all, so please let me deal with him. I can think of some occasions I can make use of him to our advantage. Ah! But if he disturbs Aniue too much, feel free to get rid of him then!”

Wow Tsuki, you’re already learning to make use of the people around you huh? I wonder who taught you to do that?

Anyway, like Tsuki said, he is her problem to deal with. He poses absolutely no threat to me at all and, frankly speaking, watching him is kind of entertaining for me.

It’s like watching a young, clueless boy bumbling around in an attempt to get the attention of a dragon. He definitely got Tsuki’s attention alright, except it’s all for the wrong reasons. I’m just wondering what he’s going to come up with next.

Since Tsuki doesn’t want me to get rid of him, I won’t touch him for now.

“Alrighty then, once more. Ready to go?”

“Of course, Aniue!”

I opened the door again to see the fuming Takeda boy standing outside my gate.

“Why is there a bulldozer behind you?” I asked, pointing at said machine that was currently reversing away.

“Hmph! I figured you wanted to keep Yukihime locked up in the house for fear of me so I was prepared to demolish your walls to rescue her from your clutches!”

Pfffft! This guy’s a riot! He thinks he’s a prince on a white horse coming to rescue the princess!

Tsuki tugged on my sleeve, “Aniue… Can we go to school now?”

“Ah of course, let’s–“

The Takeda boy interrupted me, “Worry not, Yukihime-sama! I’ve prepared a limousine to fetch your most graceful self! Please use it!”

Tsuki straightened herself and stood in front of me, “My apologies, Takeda-san, but I would much prefer to walk to school with Aniue. It’s also not possible for me to accept a ride from a stranger,” she rejected him instantly.

The two of us walked past the shocked Takeda boy, the poor guy having trouble registering the fact that he was rejected so harshly and without hesitation to boot.

We managed to get to the next street before he caught up with us in the limousine he tried to offer Tsuki a ride in.

“Yukihime-sama! Walking is too beneath someone of your status! I beseech you to reconsider!”

“I have reconsidered, but my decision still remains firmly the same. Could I suggest that Takeda-san go on ahead? Your car is blocking the road and a nuisance to other users.”

“Ugh… I… I understand. Driver, go on without me, I will walk the rest of the way.”

He actually got out of the car and started walking with us, his bodyguards following him from a distance.

Now that I think about it, why do we have such important people in our school anyway? It’s not like it’s an elite school or the only school around here, but Aoki-san and this Takeda boy are both the children of important or rich families.

I also enrolled Tsuki into this school when we could have afforded a better one if we wanted to. Did fate conspire us to be here or something? What’s so good about this school anyway?

It really doesn’t make sense why some normal looking school would have such important people attending it.


Tsuki turned to look at the Takeda boy walking next to her, “Takeda-san, I beseech you to maintain distance between us lest others come to the wrong conclusion that I am acquainted with you.”

Oh wow, Tsuki really doesn’t hold back, I think I’m starting to see how she got that title of hers. She’s always so cute and cuddly at home, even though she keeps saying she wants to be a ‘well-mannered’ woman to me.

I always thought her cold and calculating nature only manifested after I died in the other timeline or something. I guess it has always been there but this is her default attitude when in front of me.

Now I have to wonder how she made those friends of hers?

The Takeda boy furrowed his brow, “I apologize but I cannot do that, Tsukihime-sama. I must remain close by in case your captor does something untowards to you.”


I had to turn away to hide my laughter that I tried to disguise as a cough.

Tsuki gasped and pulled at my arm, “What’s wrong Aniue?! Are you sick? Should we go see a doctor?! Should I call an ambulance?!”

“Ahem, no, I’m fine. I just choked on my spit. Don’t worry about it.”

“Mou… Be more careful, Aniue… You had me worried there…”

“Wha… Wha… What is this?!” The Takeda boy screeched. “Yukihime-sama would definitely not act like that! I knew it! You’re controlling her mind somehow!”

Tsuki just looked at him with a deadpan expression while I tried my best to fight down the laughter in my throat.

“Takeda-san… Please don’t associate yourself with me…” Tsuki requested.

The boy furrowed his brows at me, “I knew it! You definitely are controlling her through some kind of drug or device! I will definitely find out how and you will live to regret it! I will save Yukihime-sama from your grasp if it’s the last thing I’ll do!”

I managed to keep my face neutral as I responded to his threat, “I’d like to see you try.”

Tsuki was rolling her eyes at me but decided to say nothing, my little sister knowing that I was doing this just to make fun of him.

Seriously, I think he should consider a future as a comedian because he’s absolutely nailing his one man comedy show.

Looks like Tsuki’s gonna really have her hands full with him, I wonder how she’s going to handle him?


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