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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 591: The Next Disciple Bahasa Indonesia


My girls ended up regaling me of what they had done to obtain the materials they had been assigned to get.

Apparently Kiyomi and my sisters had encountered a rather troublesome person in their assignment, who knew there were people here who still sought to go against Luna’s rule eh?

Considering the fact that Luna was still around in my previous life, those attempts must not have been very successful assuming it was even attempted in the first place.

I raised an eyebrow at Kiyomi, “So… A biomancer was using those Fairies as experiments to create a monster?”

She nodded, “It was as surprising to us as it was to you, Master.”

“Right… And you dealt with the monster?”

“I did, Aniue,” Tsuki declared with a smug smile. “She made it so that the monster had endless regeneration so I simply sent it to another dimension and obliterated it there.”

Right… I almost forgot Tsuki is quite broken in the power scale already.

“And how did you send it there?” I asked, curious.

“Hmm? That’s simple. I created a micro-singularity as a tunnel that connected to an alternate space. Then obliterated the entire space with it inside.”

“You created a mini blackhole in that confined environment?” I gasped, impressed. For her to be able to control singularities not even a few months after she learned about Quarks was entirely unheard of.

I leaned forward, “How did you prevent it from affecting the things around you? Did you create another alternate space around it? Or was it a form of barrier? Ah, maybe you inscribed a law on it?”

Tsuki just looked at me with a weird expression on her face, “I… I didn’t?”

I blinked at her, “You… Didn’t set up any failsafes or barriers before creating a miniature blackhole in a confined space?”

“Umm… No?”

Manami’s tails visibly tensed, “Ara? If you had done that, it’s a miracle you didn’t get sucked in yourself or collapse the entire tunnel around you from its weight alone. I can’t tell if you were just lucky or something else saved you. You could have killed everyone there with that single Technique.”

“I… I see… My apologies… I did not know…” She apologised sincerely.

Yeah… I’m guessing it’s one of my defensive inscriptions that protected them from that scenario.

But what Manami said was right, if she hadn’t had any of those protection up, my little sisters and Kiyomi would have been buried under a mound of rubble or sucked into that dimension with the monster.

I suppose that even with that power, Tsuki does not know how to use it properly without someone to guide her. The fact that she managed to obtain and control such a power to this degree was already quite commendable.

Lian Li placed her neatly folded napkin on the table, “If I remember correctly, Tsuki did not have anyone to guide you all this while, correct?”

“Eh? Yes, that is correct. Admittedly, I found out about this power accidentally at the auction house while trying to escape. Then I hid in the mountains to experiment with it until I understood its properties enough to control it to a certain extent… But I guess without a proper teacher, I’m probably similar to an idiot swinging a hammer around…”

Elaria licked the cream off her spoon, “Mmm… In that case, Onii-sama can just teach you can’t he? Onii-sama is the best Practitioner to exist after all~ He’ll straighten you out in no time~”

Tsuki gasped and turned to me with glittering eyes.

I shrugged, “I’m already teaching them so it’s no big deal for you to join in as well. That is, if you’re ok with it of course.”

“Of course I am! Aniue… Aniue has been taking care of me even in the other world… For Aniue to continue taking care of me even in this world… I truly am the most blessed little sister in the world!”

“Hey! You’re Onii-sama’s disciple! Not his little sister! Get that fact straight!” Elaria protested while waving her spoon around comically.

“Oh sorry about that, dear sister~ I have to thank you for making that suggestion to Aniue. Since we’ll be fellow sisters from now on, let’s get along shall we? I look forward to working with you, dear sister~”

As if only just realising what she had done, Elaria grasped her head with both her hands and screamed out in denial.

I gestured for Tsuki to come over and she immediately complied without question, stopping in front of me with a cute smile.

I stretched out my hands with my palms facing up, careful not to disturb Cai Hong who was still sitting on my lap and nibbling on her cookie, “Place your palms on top of mine. I’ll do a quick check of your Quark veins and Cultivation Point.”

“Eh? Quark veins? Cultivation point?”

“Mmm… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you don’t know about them. I’ll have to start from the basics when I start teaching you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.”

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t trust Aniue!” Tsuki explained quickly while waving her hands in a panic. “I… I just don’t know anything about all this yet…”

“Haha, it’s normal for you to be confused. All Practitioners start somewhere after all so don’t worry about it,” I chuckled.

“Mmm… I remember when I was just a nobody who didn’t even know about cultivation until Master picked me up and taught me everything I knew. I owe everything to Master and I will never be able to repay Master my entire life.”

My other disciples made noises of agreement.

Seeing them like this… Well, it really got my teacher’s heart beating just a little faster.

I’m a little ashamed that the initial reason I wanted to get disciples for myself was to have them help me live more easily. Now, I would give anything for them. Funny how life turns out huh?

I gestured again and Tsuki did as I told, placing her slender hands on top of mine.

I concentrated and guided my own Quarks to move towards her body, seeking out her Quark veins which would guide me to her Cultivation Point.

Tsuki shivered slightly when she felt my Quarks flow into her body but she remained where she was, allowing me to go deeper inside her.

Following her Quark veins, I quickly found her Cultivation Point which was located near where her heart was.

Now I’ll just do a quick scan of her Cultivation Point and I should be able to sense her innate Quark element and concentration.

When my consciousness reached her Cultivation Point, I found myself immersed in a sea of stars.


This scene… It’s similar to what I would see when I had moved my consciousness within myself to use the Star Power.

The difference was that in my own space, everything felt calm and tranquil like the surface of a lake while Tsuki’s felt like… Like a desert with nothing to be seen for miles around.

My stars were mostly a mix of blue and red in colour and they would blink in unison to my heartbeat. Tsuki’s, on the other hand, were white and black that pulsated at random intervals.

Was Tsuki… An Origin wielder as well?


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