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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 592: Once Again, Let’s Ask The Kouhai Bahasa Indonesia


Immersed in Tsuki’s sea of stars, I extended my senses to the area around me.

Though there was the glaring difference in how turbulent the energies in here feel, it was no doubt similar to the Star Power within myself.

Perhaps this is what it feels like in another Origin Wielder’s body?

I had nothing that tells me mine is the standard after all. For all I know, Muon’s Cultivation Point might also look like this.

Tsuki did say she met a God didn’t she? Could that be the time where they became her patron or something?

Was that the way new Origin Wielders are made?

I’ll need to check with Muon later, there’s so many questions just from this alone. Perhaps Tsuki can create that liquid Origin like me? I remember her going into that Star Power state when we were fighting as well.

Or, at least… What I believe to be her Star Power state anyway.

I floated towards one of the stars and inspected it closely. A white ball the size of my fist flashed angrily at its surroundings, somehow reminding me of a kid throwing a tantrum for some reason.

No wait… The star would dim sometimes without warning before flaring up again. This was more like someone in its death throes.

I’m not sure that it’s a good idea for me to touch it so I avoided doing so.

I remember that barely a year ago, I couldn’t even reach the stars within myself, but now I could manipulate them freely as a part of myself. I’m not sure if there’s any meaning to the fact that I could reach Tsuki’s stars so easily.

When I first realised I had this power, the stars were also white in colour but now they were a mix of blue and red after I learnt to control it more. I would have thought this was the beginning stages of a Origin Wielder but… Call it instinct if you will, I just feel like this was not the same.

If I had to compare, my space felt like it was full of energy and everything was blooming, like the feeling of someone setting out on a journey.

On the other hand, Tsuki’s felt like everything was stagnant.

No, not dead, but just… Stagnant.

Like you are just laying there at home after a long day of work.

Ok, I actually don’t know how to describe the feeling but that’s kind of the emotion I’m getting from floating here.

I retreated from her Cultivation Point and brought my consciousness back into myself, releasing her hands from my grasp.

Tsuki shivered, “Nnn? It got cold… Aniue…”

“Hmmm? It’s probably just your imagination. Or did Feng Jie do something?”

The Phoenix looked up from the plate of eggs she had been gouging herself on, “Oya? I did nothing this time. But if Master Lin wishes to quench your fire of lust somewhere, I’m more than happy to help you with that.”

“Thanks but no thanks.”

“Oya, oya? Now that’s cold~”

“Ummm… Master?” Lian Li called out to me suddenly.

“What is it?”

She pointed to the area below me, “Ummm… Does that usually happen when Master checks our Cultivation Points?”

Huh? Don’t tell me…

I have a boner?!

I shifted my gaze downwards in trepidation and… A pair of breasts greeted me.

Oh yeah, I’m still in my female form, boners aren’t possible now.

Also, Cai Hong’s still sitting on my lap, her cuteness is enough to prevent such an embarrassing thing from happening anyway.

Look, she even tilted her head up to me cutely with some crumbs on the sides of her mouth.

I wiped her mouth with a napkin before shifting my gaze to the side to see what Lian Li was pointing at.

It seems like vines had grown out from the ground and were now wrapped around my chair. I also noticed that some parts of these plants had withered away unnaturally, like they had died even while they were still growing.

Waving my hand over them, I quickly disintegrated the plants into dust before looking up, “No, that is not normal… In fact, it’s so abnormal that I actually have to check up on this. You girls take the day off and have a break, I’ll need to consult someone about this.”

“Ara, ara? Whoever could Master be looking for?” Manami asked with a tilt of her head.

“It’s an acquaintance I made here. Incidentally, they were the one who helped me figure out that liquid Origin thing.”

Lian Li gasped, “Master already figured that one out?”

I shrugged, “Kind of? I left a vial of it with Brendan and he’s currently experimenting on it I believe. Maybe you girls can give him some help with that?”

Eris perked up, “Oh? Little Brendan’s working hard isn’t he?”

“Kukuku~ It’s for Master after all, all of us would~” Diao Chan giggled, looking at me with her bedroom eyes.

Kiyomi looked at me worriedly, “Can your acquaintance be trusted, Master? Should one of us follow along as well?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, she sees me as her senior and has already helped me quite a bit when I first came here.”

Lian Li frowned at me, “Another woman, Master? You’re not sleeping with her as well, are you?”

Normally one might associate her question as one of jealousy but I could tell from her tone of voice that such an emotion wasn’t there when she asked that question.

My cute disciple was afraid that I was being taken advantage of by another woman.

“No, I’m not sleeping with her, it’s a purely professional relationship. I won’t be long, just need to go there and ask some questions with Tsuki. Just wait for me here.”

Cai Hong looked up at me, “Muuu? Cai Hong follow Papa?”

I shook my head, “No, it’s better for Cai Hong to stay with your sisters. Papa will be back in a while, so be good and wait for me, ok? We’ll play together later.”


I looked down at my feet where Shiori and Akari were, “That includes you two as well.”

“Ehhhh?! Why can’t we come, Master? What if something happens to you?!” Akari protested, wiggling her body exaggeratedly while protesting.

Shiori nodded, “For once I agree with her, Divine One. We should stay by your side at all times in case something happens.”

I chuckled, “It’s fine, Tsuki’s going with me after all. Also, I kind of gave my acquaintance a few problems already so I don’t think she would appreciate me bringing two calamity class foxes to her house either.”

“Mnnn… If Divine One says so…”

Tsuki puffed her chest out proudly, “Fufufu~ I will definitely protect Aniue if anything happens!”

Elaria looked at her with a doubtful expression, “Weren’t we just talking about how untrained and dangerous you were not a minute ago? Not exactly convincing, you know?”

“Ghk… If… If Aniue is involved, I won’t make a blunder like that!” Tsuki protested.

I picked up Cai hong and placed her back on the chair, “Alright, alright. No need to fight. It will really just be a quick visit, I’m not even stepping out of the city. Just wait for me here ok?”

“Yes, Master,” The girls obeyed, some of them begrudgingly.

I made a note to play with all of them together before I turned to Tsuki, grasping her hands in mine. With a quick wave to the other girls, I teleported the two of us to Muon’s mansion.

I even made sure to teleport to her front door instead of her bedroom this time, I’ve learnt my lesson, ok?

Now we just need to enter her house like a normal guest would.


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