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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 590: Just Doing Some Experiments Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

The vial of Liquefied Origin that Master gave me… I have absolutely no words to describe such a Divine thing.

I know I told Master I would find test subjects to experiment on, but I couldn’t help myself and thought this was a golden opportunity for me to give the solution a once over first.

Preliminary inspection of the liquid was… Beyond anything I’ve ever seen. It was to the point that I voluntarily ate a gender change pill just so I could have access to my Quarks to better examine it. Of course I don’t intend to stay like this, I’ll just change myself back to my male form before Master comes back.

And after I changed my body’s gender… I had obtained even more proof that Master was literally God.

Scanning this vial of liquid with my Quarks made me realise that it was in a constant state of existence and non-existence, it had seemingly no substance and no properties either.

Yet it somehow reacts to everything it comes into contact with in some way or another, which shouldn’t have been possible.

Master had already told me the effects of this liquefied Origin when a living being consumes it, but apparently it does have an effect on non-living beings as well.

I had dripped a single drop of it on a petri dish initially, attempting to get a closer look at it.

What I didn’t expect was the petri dish to glow and collapse within itself without shattering before expanding back into its original shape, the Origin liquid that it previously held now gone without a trace.

The difference was that the dish had now turned into solid gold when it had initially been made of glass.

I tried dripping another drop of Origin liquid on the petri dish, only to find no reaction this time.

I took out another glass petri dish and did the same thing, but there was absolutely no reaction once again.

At this point, I had a hunch about what was going on so I picked up the glass petri dish and thought about diamonds.

With that thought, I poured the contents into the golden one and sure enough, the dish reacted, transforming in a flash of light to become a pile of diamonds.

If I am correct, this is literally a liquid of transmutation except it reacts to the user’s thoughts and has no limits to what it can transform into.

I tried again, this time thinking about a cat while I poured a drop on one of the diamonds.

That diamond glowed and its shape expanded, turning into a cat with white fur that was exactly what I had imagined.

And it was alive.

This thing can create life.

It turned its head to stare at me with half-lidded eyes, as though judging me.

Its gaze then darted to the vial of Origin I held in my hand before suddenly leaping at me with its claws outstretched.

I managed to dodge out of the way as the cat sailed past me and landed on the ground a few feet away, the feline turning back to hiss at me with its fur standing on end.

It seems like it was entirely hostile to me although I do not know why. Did it want more of the Origin liquid? Or was it unhappy I had created it?

I put down the bottle hurriedly but that did not placate the creature at all, the cat simply leaping at me again intent on maiming my face.

This time I stretched out my hand and summoned a ball of water in the air, catching the feline within it and stopping its attack in midair.

It struggled for air and I manipulated the water to only allow its head to pop out from it while still restricting its body within its liquid prison.

I snatched up the vial of Origin liquid from the table and poured a drop of it on the cat’s head while it struggled, quickly turning it back into a petri dish.

Ok… That was awkward… Let’s just refrain from transmuting any more live creatures.

I placed the vial of Origin back on the table carefully, this thing was beyond transmutation already. It could literally create and destroy life as well, something that only Gods should have been able to do.

And yet, here’s a vial of liquid that could give the user such an ability, further proving Master’s Divinity.

Although I still wonder why this is called ‘Origin’ though, I feel like there’s something significant about the name, like it’s supposed to be the origin of ‘something’. Is this some kind of ‘energy of the universe’ or something like that?

Honestly, at this point I’m a little frightened at the prospects of this liquid.

If this liquid was found by someone else, they could be able to use it to create anything.

Billions of gold, an army of supersoldiers, a world-ending monster, an entire planet…

I’m not exactly sure what the limits are since the last few tests proved there was no mass restriction, but could it actually create an entire star just by dropping it on a small stone?

Could it… Create a god?

I stoppered the bottle quickly and stored it away in my storage ring. The last thing I needed was for a stray thought of mine to actually create such a thing.

At this point, I think I’ve pretty much figured out what this liquid Origin can do, but the main problem still remains in creating this without Master’s help to use it in His potion.

Before this, I had the idea of just ignoring the restriction and just making use of this as it is to create the potion, it doesn’t make sense to have such a restriction in the first place after all.

But now that I know about its capabilities, I think it’s in our best interest to follow the instructions lest Master gets transformed permanently into something else.

Perhaps this one that Master had created was a concentrated mixture, if I could find a way to dilute it, maybe that might count?

No, the recipe would then have specified it needed to be diluted.

I’ll have to figure out a way to create this from scratch.

How do I make something that is akin to the liquefied powers of a God?

This is… A really big problem…

Could I… Use this liquid to transform something else into this liquid? Does that count? Ugh, I don’t even know…

I’ll just go and get those rats that I told Master I would before experimenting with it again. Perhaps Master would have a better idea on what to do with this…

I would also like to get my hands on some convicts to experiment on but I’ll have to wait for the Queen’s permission to do that.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep that inside the storage ring where it hopefully wouldn’t react to anything…

Now that I think about it… How is the vial containing the liquid not affected by it? Was it something Master had created as well?

Hmm… Maybe I should start inspecting the vial as well.


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