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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 56: The Students Become The Preachers Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“And thus, Master is truly the greatest being in existence and we, unworthy as we are, shall cleanse this world of its impurities for Master.”

I closed the book reverently, “All for Master.”

“All for Master,” my small class repeated with the same level of reverence.

I looked up from the book to see the new believers sitting in front of me.

With the exception of Butch who was being used by Cai Hong, Manami and I as a chair, everyone else was seated in front of me with their hands clasped in prayer.

When I first started extolling the virtues of Master, most of them hadn’t been especially receptive to the idea.

Nothing surprising, we’ve converted people even more blind than they had been so it was just a matter of time and effort.

Butch had been the first to convert, soaking up every word Manami had preached to him like the good little boy he was.

Now he has found his place as Manami’s little pet and a firm believer of Master’s divinity.

The two girls were next, they weren’t even that hard to convince either.

I had introduced them to our little bath time sharing session and they ate up the words of our God like good little girls. It also helped that we had especially nice content that night to share among them.

The other boys were just business as usual.

A little bit of whipping here and maybe a little bit of Cai Hong’s ball busting technique there got most of them singing Master’s praises like canaries.

That Lian Tong guy became Cai Hong’s personal gofer, catering to the loli dragon’s every whim with a contented smile on his face.

The two main problems were Lan Niao and the Elder himself.

We had expected the most resistance from the old geezer naturally. He had been entirely uncooperative even after we’ve beaten him black and blue.

Cai Hong had wanted to eat him at first but having an Elder disappear was more complicated than having a few nobodies disappear.

But as soon as we extolled Master’s infinite wisdom to him, he fell for it like everyone before him.

It seems he has a desperate thirst for knowledge.

The only one left was that little prick, Lan Niao.

For someone as dumb as he was, he put up a surprising resistance against being converted. I suppose the dumbest idiots are usually the last to comprehend anything, even if the facts are presented on a silver platter to them.

We would be in the middle of preaching Master’s virtues to him and he would just constantly scream about letting him down from the ceiling.

Even when Cai Hong used her ball buster, he just screamed even louder while thrashing about like a dying fish, not at all willing to listen.

Too bad Eris isn’t here to help cut him up a little bit, so we had to improvise.

I have to admit that Butch was very helpful in beating the screams out of him.

Seems like Manami found a really good pet.

His size was even big enough to accommodate all three of us to sit on him.

Honestly, it wasn’t even our idea to use him as a chair. But during one of our lessons while we were preaching to them, Butch had got down on all fours and begged to be used.

He claimed that it wasn’t right that we were standing while they were seated during our preachers.

An image of Diao Chan doing the same thing crossed my mind. No doubt that girl would get excited from being a chair for Master, though we have yet to tell her about such an arrangement.

Really, that masochist is probably having the time of her life right now, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious at all.

Having Master focus all his attention on you… Mmmm… How wonderful…

I stood from my ‘chair’, keeping the Holy Text within my robes, “Are there any questions for today?”

One of the girls raised her hand, “High Priestess Lian Li, when will the rest of the world know of Master’s light?”

I smiled, “Soon, dear follower. The plans are already in motion for the people of this land to realise Master’s greatness.”

Lian Tong looked up at me, “High Priestess Lian Li… I have tried to convince my fellow brothers to see the light. All but one has accepted Master’s grace, what should I do?”

I shook my head sadly, “There will always be such people who choose to remain blind… But we shouldn’t give up on them. Try the next method to guide him and if it doesn’t work, send him to us.”

“As you will it, High Priestess Lian Li.”

The other girl raised her hand, “High Priestesses, do you think… Any of us could be graced with Master’s presence?”

“Ufufufu~” Manami giggled. “Once the world is cleansed, Master’s presence will be felt in all of us.”

All of them gasped in joy at her words, their faces brightening up.

“We will definitely work hard for Master!”

“The world will know of Master’s greatness!”

“Please continue to guide us!”

“Fufufu~ Of course. Now, remember your roles my dears, there’s a lot of work to do before we can finally cleanse this world of its filth.”

“Yes, High Priestess Manami!”

“We will work hard, High Priestesses!”

“We must cleanse this world for Master!”

I nodded at them, “Now go forth and spread Master’s holy words. Next sermon is the same time tomorrow.”

“All for Master,” They prayed before dispersing.

Manami got up from her pet while carrying Cai Hong in her arms, “You may go now, little Butch.”

Butch stood up on his feet before bowing to us, “Thank you for your hard work today, High Priestesses.”

I nodded to him as he left.

Manami walked to my side, “How are things now?”

I tapped a finger on my chin, “We just managed to replace the Golden Auction house’s proprietor with one of ours a few days ago, so things are going quite well.”

“And the staff?”

“All converted. Those who refused were released from service.”

Manami gave me a wide smile, “Very well. Is there anything else we should know?”

I nodded, “Do you know about this year’s New Year Festival?”

“What about it?”

“I heard from our… Little insect, that the Xi Family is attending as well.”

“Ara? Such an opportunity! We should not let this pass!”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Ufufufu~~ I’ll have a look over the guest list later, we should be able to arrange something.”

Cai Hong sucked on her finger, pulling on my sleeve, “Meet Papa?”

I patted her head, “Master should be done by now, we should return to Master’s courtyard.”

“Yay~~ Papa Play!”

I wonder if Master would be open to us bathing with him? I guess I’ll have to ask him when I have the chance.


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