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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 55: Of Course There’s A Festival In The School Arc Bahasa Indonesia


“End of year festival?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

I was seated in Sect Master Long’s courtyard, drinking tea with him on a clear, sunny day.

“Yes,” Sect Master Long nodded. “You remember we do have a celebration at the end of every year, right?”

“I know that… But isn’t it just an event where you say a few words of thanks? At most we might have a few visitors from the nearby Minor Sects and villages to celebrate the new year with us… But I don’t remember it being a festival?”

The Sect Master took a sip of his tea, “That would be the case in the past, yes. But because of you and your disciples’ performance during the Sect Showcase Festival, there’s quite a number of Grand Sects that have sent a request to attend our New Year celebrations. So I thought it might be a good idea for us to organise a larger form of celebration this time.”

I nodded, “Alright then, if that’s the case, what do you need me for?”

“Before that, how is that Diao Chan girl doing?”

“She’s fine. It’s already been three days since I’ve officially took her in as a disciple and she’s adapting well.”

“Umu… I take it she shows just as much potential as your other disciples?”

I tilted my head slightly at him, wondering what exactly he was looking for.

“She’s very strict of herself in her studies,” I told him after pretending to think for a moment. “She wants me to punish her for every mistake she makes and she learns better because of it.”

“Really? A very studious student indeed…” He commented while picking up his tea cup. “So she’s actually a Practitioner as well?”

Ah I see, he’s probably interested in knowing what made her special in the first place.

But unfortunately for him, since he had called me just before I was going to take my afternoon nap, I’m not in the mood to give him a thorough explanation about Witches and what not.

“Hmmm… Her situation is a bit special, but I suppose she could be considered one.”

Sect Master Long paused in his action of taking another sip of his tea, “Oh? I’m very interested in hearing about this special situation of hers?”

I feigned an innocent smile, “I’m not very sure of it myself, she just has a little more difficulty in manipulating Elemental Quarks than others.”

“Hmm… Why don’t you tell me what you know? As unqualified as I may be, I might still be able to provide Master Lin with some insights to her condition?”

I want to go back to bed already…

“Ah, I shouldn’t trouble Sect Master with this, I can handle her on my own.”

“Ahahaha! No need to worry Master Lin, I’m quite free today.”

Then go suck some duck eggs or something! Just because you’re free doesn’t mean I am, you know?!

“Oh, I’d rather not comment on something I am not entirely sure of yet. Besides, I believe we were talking about how the new year festival will be organised? Are you planning on assigning me as the organiser?”

Sect Master Long shook his head, “Oh no, I know Master Lin is quite busy–“

Then why are you bothering me?!

“– so I already have some other people managing it. I just wanted to let you know about the event since I have no doubt you will be approached by members of other Sects during that time.”

You interrupted my afternoon nap and brought me all the way here just to tell me this?

Couldn’t you have just sent a note to me saying ‘Big New Year celebration this year. Go and network.’ instead?!

“Oh I see,” I nodded, pretending to be unperturbed by him.

“Though I say that, I think the people in charge would still approach you to ask about event ideas, hahaha!” He laughed, as though he didn’t just push the problem on to me.

Damn it. I could already see them coming to me and begging for ideas to make this event successful. There’s less than two weeks before the deadline after all.

Oh whatever, I’ll just throw them some ideas that I’ve seen in the festivals of the other world at them. Whether they can make it or not will be their problem.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for informing me, Sect Master.”

“Umu, it’s no problem at all. Then–“

I gasped and interrupted him, looking down at my empty wrist, “Oh would you look at the time? Time really flies when you’re not paying attention! I apologize Sect Master, but I really should be going. I need to make lesson plans for my disciples.”

“Huh? Eh? Oh, umm… I see… Very well then, I’ll see you out.”

“Oh no need, Sect Master. I wouldn’t want to trouble you so much, I’ll just see myself out. Thank you for the tea!”

I made an exaggerated bow before speed walking out of his courtyard. As soon as I was out of sight, I teleported myself into my room, crashing straight into my bed.

Phew. Good thing I managed to run out of there before he pushes even more responsibilities on me. I have a feeling if I had stayed there for even a second longer, he might even ask me to put on a performance as an opening event or something.

Whatever, time to sleep. I still have another lesson with Diao Chan later.

Her progress in learning is really astounding though. I guess she wasn’t lying when she said she learns better with the carrot and stick method, only that she would like it that there was more stick than the carrot.

Well, whatever works for her I guess, I’m not one who would judge another person’s learning methods.

Just as I was getting comfortable in bed, a knocking sound rang out from my door.

“Master Lin? Are you there? It’s Kou Riar, I’ve got a few messages for you.”

I sighed heavily, debating with myself if I should just pretend I’m not home.

“Master Lin? There’s a number of important letters here I need to pass to you…”

I cursed under my breath as I got out of bed, making my way towards the entrance.

I pulled open my doors, staring down at the messenger boy.

“Ah, Master Lin! I’ve been looking for you, got some letters I’m supposed to deliver, your hands only.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You could’ve just left it in my mailbox.”


“Ah sorry, forgot we didn’t have those, gimme them.”

Kou Riar handed me the letters enthusiastically, “I guess that’s it, gotta go.”

The messenger sped off out of my courtyard.

Weird guy.

I sat down at my table, resigned that everything is out to keep me away from my siesta today.

The first letter was from Elder Xu, telling me how talented Eris’s swordsmanship was and how honored he was to be able to teach her.

‘EriS is a vEry good studeNt. She is very Determined and a Hard worker in training hEr sword arts. I am pLeased to be able to teach her and you do not have to worry about anything. Rest assured, she will be very ProficieNt in her swOrd arts When she returns. I am ProbabLy learning juSt as much as she is as well.’

I noted the rather shaky handwriting on the letter. I attributed the cause to be muscle cramps from training Eris, she can be quite a wild one when she goes all out. I know that from personal experience.

I guess I’ll send some muscle ointment to him after the week is done as thanks for taking care of her.

Still, I wonder why he went out of his way to send me a letter about this?

The second letter was from the Fiery Flames Sect. Apparently it is just an announcement they had sent out to all the other Sects announcing about the deaths of two of their Sect Members. They are demanding for the perpetrator to step forward and admit their crimes while asking the other Sects for aid in seeking justice.

I scoffed, as if the killer would just step forward and admit that they killed them. I’m pretty sure with the bodies’ memories wiped they won’t be able to prove whoever they accused did the deed unless they have other concrete proof.

Do they think the world is that convenient?

These people are weird.

The third letter was from the Golden Auction house back in Jin city. Apparently they had a change in management and was just writing to inform ‘important clientele’ about it.

I promptly chucked the letter aside under ‘spam’.

The last letter was just a blank piece of paper with two large words written in blood.


Huh, didn’t even have a hand print on it for aesthetics.

The paper joined the pile under ‘spam’ before the entire pile disintegrated into flames.

I can’t believe I lost all this time for my afternoon nap because of these useless letters! What important letters? They’re nothing but inconsequential stuff!

If I see that Kou Riar again, I’ll make sure to strangle him.


I looked up to see Cai Hong standing outside my room, rubbing her eyes sleepily while hugging the spare robe I gave her so long ago.

“What’s wrong Cai Hong?” I asked, gesturing for her to come closer.

She stepped into the room, stretching her hand up towards me pleadingly.

I picked her up to sit on my lap.

“Is something wrong?” I repeated my question.

“Cai Hong miss… Papa…” Cai Hong muttered before promptly falling asleep in my arms, a hand clutching on my shirt tightly.

I sighed, resting my back against the table while cradling Cai Hong.

I suppose I’ll just have to deal with the back pains from napping in this position later.


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