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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 57: Do You Even Logistics? Bahasa Indonesia


“Master Lin, we do hope you could give some ideas on what we can do for the coming event.”

Well, as I expected. The very next day, a group of Elders had approached me and asked for ideas for the New Year Festival.

Honestly, throwing this event on some people to organise within two weeks of the actual event is an impossible task. Does the Sect Master even understand the logistics and manpower involved with making such an event?

Putting aside logistics since, if forced to, we would still be able to create some materials utilizing our quarks and our summons could do the heavy lifting in building the necessary equipment. But the people manning the event and entertaining guests can’t be automated summons you know?

Not only would it depreciate the celebrative atmosphere, it will make our Sect look empty in the eyes of other Practitioners.

Normal summons don’t actually make good entertainers because of their inability to think for themselves after all.

I passed them a piece of paper, “I kind of expected this to happen, so I went ahead to prepare this ahead of time.”

One of them picked up the paper, “What is this?”

“A proposed list of activities we can do,” I explained, taking a sip of my tea.

“Food stalls… Game stalls… A live performance… There’s even details to the games and recipes for the food? Did Master Lin come up with all this yesterday night?”

“Of course.”

“This… This could work, but… The manpower? Our Sect members won’t be enough to cover all of this.”

I shrugged, “That’s the only problem. Short of hiring the nearby villagers, I don’t see how else we can staff all these activities. But if we choose to cut down on the proposed plan, it won’t be as grand as needed to impress the visitors.”

“That won’t be a good idea… We won’t be able to teach them how to man the stalls in time. Could Master Lin offer another solution?”

I gave the Elder who asked a wry smile, “I think I’ve already given enough aid with that piece of paper alone, haven’t I?”

“Ugh… That is true… But we really are at a loss here… Had those Sects sent out their participation requests earlier, we would have had more time to prepare…”

I sighed, “There’s nothing much I can do either. If I knew a way I would have already offered it.”

An Elder lowered his head, “Please Master Lin! We really are at our wits end for this!”

The other Elders followed his example and bowed their heads, “Please Master Lin!”

Ugh… These people… Do they think I’m some god-like being or something? There’s no way I can just solve all their problems with a snap of my fingers you know?!

But with all the Elders bowing their heads to me like that, I can’t just flip them off so casually. I don’t want our first big New Year Festival to be a flop either.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not doing this for them, I’m doing this for my cute disciples. They deserve a good new year celebration after what they did for me for our little ‘Christmas’.

That was the first time anyone went out of their way to actually plan an event for me and if I can’t do the same for them, what kind of Master am I?

I pinched the bridge of my nose, “Alright, alright… I’ll figure something out for the manpower issue. But you guys need to at least prepare the event’s equipment according to what I stated.”

The Elders looked at one another, giving the list another read through.

“That will be done. Then we shall take our leave first, Master Lin.”

The Elders left my courtyard, leaving me to solve this damn thing on my own.

I sighed, wondering how would I even begin to solve this problem.

Sure, I know a summoning method that might solve the manpower issue, but I would rather not use it here in case it brings up too many questions.

And thanks to being a recluse, I don’t have any contacts I can call up to help me in this either…

Just as I was still wondering about what I could do, Manami walks in with a tray and a teapot balanced on top of it.

“Ara? Are the Elders already gone? I already made some freshly brewed tea here.”

I smiled at her, presenting my empty tea cup to her, “I’ll gladly have some in their place.”

Manami refilled my cup obediently, “Is something troubling Master?”

I sighed, “Am I that obvious?”

Manami placed the teapot gently on the table, taking a seat on my lap.

She cupped my face gently with her hands, “I would be a terrible mate if I wasn’t able to tell my own beloved’s mood.”

She moved in to kiss me gently on the lips.

“Now, tell this big sister what ails my beloved so?”

I sighed again, “You know about the New Year Festival, right?”

“Mmm… I am aware of it, yes.”

“I had the unfortunate luck of having the responsibility for sourcing out manpower. The event this year is quite grand so our own Sect members is inadequate to staff all the stalls and activities required to entertain our guests.”

Manami tilted her head at me, “Oh? So it’s just a matter of finding people?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Well… They have to be adept at entertaining, I can’t just hire the nearby villagers to staff this event either since we don’t have time to teach them.”

I reached into my pocket and passed her a copy of the same piece of paper I had shown the Elders.

Manami quickly read through it, her eyes glancing through all the activities planned for the event.

She placed the paper aside before tapping her chin with a finger, “In that case… I think I can help, Master.”

“Oh? You know where to get these kinds of people in time for the New Year Festival.”

Manami kissed my cheek, “Oh Master, why do you think we fox youkais have such good relations with people? Have you noticed how most fox youkai find themselves working in the entertainment sector? I just need to pop back to my village and ask for volunteers. In fact, I think Lian Li might have some connections she can pull back in Jin city. I can get the other girls to help as well.”

Huh… That’s incredibly convenient…

“Can I leave this to you girls then?”

Manami shivered in my embrace, “Is that Master’s Divine Order?”

I laughed at her little joke, “Ahahaha, I would rather call it a request but I guess you could see it that way.”

She stood up and bowed to me, “Then we shall not fail your Divine Request, Master. Just wait for our results.”

She quickly left my room, heading straight for the disciples’ chambers.

Yep, this is what I got disciples for. I don’t need to fret over all these issues myself anymore, my disciples can help me with them while I sit back and enjoy tea.

Manami would get the other fox youkai for the performance, but I wonder what kind of people Lian Li would be able to rope in?

If my initial hypothesis about her being a former noble is true, she might even be able to rope in some especially skilled people.

Oh well, I’m just glad that this problem is going to take care of itself somehow.

Lucky me, I guess.


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