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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 558: Plans For The Night Bahasa Indonesia


So new things I learnt today is that Tsuki is truly an outrageous being, I’m most likely the root cause of my family being weird and other world me is just as outrageous.

What did my past self do to raise such a sister like her and Elaria? I’m a little worried about what I will see when I get my memories back now.

Speaking of which…

“So you guys managed to find information about the note?” I asked, pausing in my action of brushing Cai Hong’s hair after coming out of our bath.

Right now I was in the room assigned to my disciples, something that Luna initially did not plan to give them until I asked her for it. She did request for another kiss as a trade which she insisted me to give in front of my disciples.

I agreed, but only after giving each of my girls a kiss of their own did I give Luna hers.

She wasn’t too happy about it and kept pouting until I reached her. All her complaints melted away when I pushed my tongue into her mouth though.

Brendan nodded while drying his hair with a towel, “We er… We asked her majesty about it and she gave us the location of where to find most of said ingredients. Except the Origin one which she has no idea what it was either.”

“I see… Are they hard to get?”

He scratched his cheek with a finger, “That… It seems rather simple to us, but I can’t say for sure, Master. I’d think the difficulty lies more in finding the ingredient than obtaining it, if you get what I mean.”

Hmmm, that means the things are more well hidden than well guarded. Since I already know the power level of this world is below the Earthen Plane’s, I don’t think my disciples would have any problems walking around here on their own.

That’s also considering the fact that I casted even more protective inscriptions on them secretly, I don’t think they would face any problems even if a continent sized meteor dropped on top of them.

I had also layered fifty tracking inscriptions on each of them that any would-be kidnapper would find it impossible to disarm before my twenty alarm inscriptions go off to alert me. But for them to even reach that level, they would have to go through a hundred different defensive inscriptions and somehow disable the automatic safety teleport inscription as well. Not to mention the fact that the two hundred summoned guards from the defensive summoning inscription that would activate when any of them felt distress would have to be defeated first.

Overprotective? I have no idea what you are talking about. It is natural for me to be concerned for my disciples’ safety after all.

“Hmmm… Then what do you need to prepare for the trip?” I asked, going back to brushing Cai Hong’s hair.

“I think we can handle it on our own, Master. We still have our storage rings after all so we’re prepared for almost anything.”

“Almost is not good enough, Brendan. Have you forgotten that?”

“Of course not Master. But I believe we should be able to procure anything else we might need ourselves instead of relying on Master all the time.”

“Oh? My cute disciples are spreading their wings eh? Hahaha! Alright then, I’ll watch you all soar with the wings you’ve grown here. Make me proud.”

He bowed his head, “We will, Master.”

Cai Hong looked up at me, “Papa, Cai Hong go too?”

I tilted my head at her, “Does Cai Hong want to go as well?”

She nodded her head enthusiastically, “Cai Hong want help Papa too! Cai Hong go?”

Oh this cute little thing, I would rather her stay out of harm’s way but I suppose I should not coddle her too much either or it might impact her growth. With her big sisters and big brother looking after her, she should be fine too.

The fact that I layered twice the number of protective inscriptions on her than the others had nothing to do with it, of course.

“Alright, Cai Hong can go, but listen to your big brother and big sisters, ok?”

“Yayyy~~ I wuv you Papa!”

The little dragon hugged me and gave my cheek a kiss.

So cute.

Of course I had to give the cute loli dragon the head pats she deserved for being such a cute little thing.

Brendan seemed to sense something as he stood up quickly, “In that case, Master. I shall go back to my room first. I still want to try out some potion recipes in the book you showed me before going to bed.”

“How diligent of you, don’t work too hard now.”

“Of course, Master.”

I watched my alchemist disciple hurry out of the room, not sure what had got into him?

I went back to brushing Cai Hong’s hair while the loli dragon hummed a tune, waiting patiently until I was done.

Right at that moment, the door to the room opened and the girls entered, all of them having just finished their baths as well.

Tsuki had her own room so she was not part of the group, which was fine since she and Elaria weren’t on friendly terms yet anyway. At least that’s what it looked like when they started snarling at each other the moment they met.

Lian Li immediately went to hug me from behind upon seeing me, nuzzling her chin on my neck.

“Ahhnn~~ I missed you, Master~” She purred, her arms wrapping around my front. “Will you be sleeping with us tonight?”

I patted her head, “Unfortunately, I have some things to take care of tonight, so I’m afraid not.”

Manami camed to hug my arm, “Master is not going to look for that shameless woman right? Such harlots aren’t worth Master’s attention.”

“Now, now. We are guests at her house so at least be civil to Luna, ok?”

Lian Li made a face, “We would if that damned woman stops trying to pretend that she occupies a position she most definitely does not.”

Eris sat down on the bed across from me, “This one does not find her actions amusing either. This one humbly suggests that she at least be made aware of her real position.”

Kiyomi sat down beside her, taking out a brush to brush her tails, “I agree. Having the audacity to call Master ‘husband’ even without Mother’s approval. She does not know her place.”

Is this why they are so hostile to Luna? I don’t really think it’s a big deal but what do I know…

Elaria came up to hug my other arm, “So where is Onii-sama going tonight? Can we accompany you?”

“I’m not going to find Tsuki either if that’s what you’re worried about. I made an acquaintance here who might know about the ‘spoonful of pure liquified Origin energy’ mentioned in the note so I would be going to confirm that with them. It shouldn’t take long, so I might even be back before you girls fall asleep.”

Diao Chan sat down and intentionally spreaded her legs a little wider than she should with a lascivious smile on her face, “We will be waiting, Master~~”

Of course I had to give that horny girl a flick on the forehead before I left to find Muon.


I don’t know why but the fact that I’m going to visit her at night in her bedroom seems a little immoral to me. Oh well, best not to think too much about it.

Maybe if I changed to my female form it wouldn’t look so bad?


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