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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 557: When You Realise You’re The Cause Bahasa Indonesia


“So let me get this straight. You took over a legitimate company my past self made, turned it into some triad and used it to take over the underworld just for revenge?”

“Oh, we’re a yakuza actually,” Tsuki corrected me with a big smile on her face. “And it’s not like Aniue’s company was a hundred percent legitimate you know?”

I raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“Huhu~ It was only after I took over the company did I realise how ingenious Aniue really is! If you think about it, there was no way a legitimate trading company could get so big so fast under normal circumstances.”

Well, that would be true especially when you don’t even have much capital to begin with.

Tsuki gave me a knowing smile, “After Aniue destroyed that gang, the other gangs were pissed that their goods had stopped circulating because of it. Normally they would have hunted Aniue down for revenge but Aniue had stepped in to fill the gap and offered them better rates than the previous gang had. Most were just content that things were going to be better than before and were happy with the arrangement, while those that weren’t couldn’t do anything about it since they might incite the wrath of the other gangs.”

I pursed my lips, “So the business didn’t even start off legitimately.”

“Ehehe~ Not really, Aniue did legitimate trading too, it’s just that the main source of business started out with the gangs first. Although Aniue did go legit after a few years, you never gave up on the other side of the market either.”

I guess that made sense, it was a good source of both income and information, both things a merchant would never give up if they had access to them.

That reminds me…

“Is that why I was killed?”

Tsuki averted her eyes, “… Yes… That yakuza clan Aniue’s ‘friend’ belonged to also had business in our trade… When their business dropped because of us, they planned to get rid of Aniue…”

I scratched my chin, “So what happened after you got your revenge?”

That question seemed to sadden her, “I knew doing it wouldn’t bring Aniue back… And it might even cause the cycle of conflict to continue… But I could not stand the fact that the little coward lived normally after taking Aniue from me…”

Oh? She’s surprisingly repentant about it? Maybe there’s hope for her yet.

“After I finally ended him… I thought about joining Aniue in the afterlife as well.”

My eyes widened, “No… You didn’t, did you?”

Tsuki shook her head, “No, I did not. Aniue had taken such great lengths to raise me up and take care of me, to throw away that life that you had given me would have been something unforgivable.”

I sighed in relief. If she had told me she ended her life there, I would be worried about what someone with that sort of mentality might do in the future now that she’s reunited with me. Then again, I guess I already experienced what she might have done if I did not remember her at all.

Still, at least she’s not suicidal.

“So I guessed you lived a long life and had a big, happy family around you?” I guessed.

She giggled, “Oh, Aniue. There was no family for me but you. Did you know those shameless people who dared call themselves our parents showed up on the day of your funeral trying to claim Aniue’s fortune?”

“For a pair of people who felt no remorse in abandoning their children, I wouldn’t be surprised actually.”

“I believe Aniue had also expected such a thing to happen. You had a will already prepared and gave everything to me, going so far as to say that you no longer recognise them as our parents too. To say they were furious was an understatement.”

“I can imagine. I’d guess they even continued being a bother to you after that?”

Tsuki looked at me and gave me a gentle smile, “Like how Aniue taught me to get rid of problems before they take form, I arranged for them to be taken cared of afterwards.”

“You mean… Like… Taking care in a good way right?”

“Of course, Aniue. Strapped concrete to their legs and threw them both in Tokyo bay. No witnesses and no problems~”

Was it too much for me to hope? That was definitely not the ‘good way’ I was asking about, you know?!

Tsuki took another sip of her tea calmly, as though telling me that she killed her birth parents in cold blood was no big deal.

Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with my sisters? Even Elaria burned down our house in an attempt to kill my father and brother of this world without hesitation.

Yeah, those two were supposedly possessed or something but for both my sisters in two different worlds to feel nothing for killing their own families is a little worrying for me.

At least Mother is fine here.

She placed her cup back on the saucer, “So that’s why I decided not to have any family when the one we had so easily threw us away. Besides… All the other men I came across just felt lacking compared to Aniue. I… I had no room in my heart for anyone else but… Aniue…”

Not to brag but I doubt she could easily find someone else who had done what the past me did anyway. And I guess her respect for me had been so great that the grief of losing me shocked her to the core.

I didn’t hear what she mumbled at the end though.

“Sorry, what?”

“Nothing! Umm… I missed you, Aniue!”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Ok… How long did you even live in that world?”

She sighed, “It seemed fate was cruel to our family, Aniue… Six years after your death, I too was killed by an assassin hired by our competitor. Remote explosive planted under my car, didn’t even realised I died until I found myself in a white space.”

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Aniue. It got me what I wished for.”

“Uh-huh, you told me how you beat up the god to be sent here too.”

Tsuki perked up, “Yes! That stupid old fart was all ‘oh, I’ll reincarnate you in another world blah blah and I immediately asked if Aniue was offered the same deal. He said yes and so I asked to be sent to Aniue’s world too! I was nice, you know? I asked nicely, you know? And that stupid old fart dared to say no to me! So I immediately started beating him until he said yes!”

Whichever god you are, I apologize for my sister’s behaviour. Please don’t come back and take revenge or something.

Tsuki made a displeased face, “That old maggot definitely bore a grudge and reincarnated me with that language curse and even made me stuck as a slave. Good thing I figured out how to manipulate Quarks to make my escape!”


Doesn’t that mean she was entirely self taught? And she got this strong?!

Ok, I was basically self-taught too, but that’s after I have lived within this world for a while so that doesn’t count.

I think it’s a little too late to say this but… What the hell is wrong with my family?

It’s because of me isn’t it?!


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