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“Senpai… I think you should refrain from sneaking into my bedroom at night from now on… You can just use the front door next time…” Muon sighed.

“Ah, sorry. Does this inconvenience you?”

“It’s more of me fearing the repercussions that come with it, Senpai. I most certainly do not wish to make myself an enemy of her Majesty and your disciples as well.”

“I’m not sure what you mean but I’ll just knock next time.”

“That would be very much appreciated, Senpai.”

Muon brought out a chair for me to sit on before taking a seat across from me on her bed.

“So what can I help Senpai with? And I see you’ve changed to your female form too?”

“I figured this form would be more convenient while I’m here, so I guess I’ll stick with it for now at least.”

Muon looked pointedly at my chest, “Did I mention that I envy you, Senpai? Because I really do.”

I tried my best to ignore her stare and took out a copy of the note that Brendan found, handing it to her carefully.

“My disciple found this inside a book within the Hidden Archives, I was wondering what you might think about this?”

She took a moment to read through its content before a frown appeared on her face, “Senpai found this inside the Hidden Archives?”

I nodded my head.

Her frown deepened, “I see… I would have thought this was a prank someone was trying to play on Senpai if you had told me you received it from someone instead. Putting aside the fact that almost all the ingredients are something that no normal person would ever lay their eyes on for as long as they lived, this ‘spoonful of pure liquified Origin Energy’ is the most troubling.”

“I thought so too, that’s why I came to you to see what you thought about it. Is such a thing even possible?”

She handed the paper back to me, “The easiest answer would be ‘no’. But theoretically speaking, the answer would be ‘maybe’. But that’s not what I’m worried about.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “What do you mean?”

“Origin should only be known to people like us or the Gods. The fact that someone listed that as an ingredient to a potion means there’s someone else neither of us know about around here who might be an Origin Wielder. It’s rare as it is to have two Origin Wielders be assigned to the same world, much less three.”

I scratched my chin, “Could it be something an Origin Wielder left behind that would only appear if another Origin Wielder is nearby?”

She grimaced, “A very improbable situation, but the chances of that is actually not zero…”

I shrugged, “Oh well, I don’t think worrying over it will help us with knowing the truth anyway. What about the ‘liquefied Origin Energy’?”

“To liquefy Origin energy… It’s like trying to liquefy lightning I suppose. It’s something that I definitely cannot do but perhaps someone else in this universe would be able to do it. Unfortunately, I do not know of any such people who might be able to liquefy Origin energy.”

“Hmm… Any idea who we might ask about this particular thing?”

“I might be able to ask my Patron for such a question… But since I’m not really high up in the ranking of Origin Wielders, I might not even get an answer till very much later…”

That caught my interest, “Oh? You can actually talk to your Patron?”

“Ah, saying that I’m asking them might have given the wrong impression. I’m basically making a prayer to them which they might hear amongst the other prayers, to which they might choose to answer if the mood strikes them.”

“So… They can choose to ignore your prayer?”

“I heard that some Gods only answer prayers on a whim, whether that is true or not I do not know. But for Goddess Muenia who is the Supreme Goddess of Fate, she has a lot of duties to attend to… But despite that, she would still answer all her prayers when she can. That is what she is like.”

I scratched my chin, “In that case… Would it be worth a shot? We lose nothing by asking, right?”

“Unn… I can try. Should I do it now?”

“If it’s not a bother? Maybe I can use this method to pray to my patron and find out who they are too. Even better would be if they help me with this memory problem.”

Muon gave me a sad smile, “Unfortunately you have to direct your prayer to a specific God for them to hear it. Although… If your subconscious remembers who it is and you consciously pray to your Patron God, they might actually hear it. It’s still a really low chance though.”

I shrugged, “Worth a shot. Why not let me see how you do it first?”

“It’s nothing flashy actually, just direct Origin energy into yourself and make the prayer. That’s it.”

To demonstrate, she clasped her hands together and her body began to glow slightly, the familiar feeling of that Star Power radiating off of her.

I could barely see a faint line drifting from the top of her head to wiggle its way towards me, going straight into my body before shooting up into the sky. The line was so faint that if I hadn’t been paying attention to it, I might have missed it entirely.

Huh… I guess that’s part of my role as a conduit too? I wonder if such lines had connected themselves to me before in the past?

Since it’s going through me, I wonder if I could…

‘Supreme Goddess Muenia, your loyal champion seeks guidance in her quest. I wish to know the way to liquefy Origin Energy to aid in the restoration of my senior’s memories of which he had lost. I beg to be granted your wisdom and I thank your infinite generosity for your continued guidance of me.’

Oh… I actually could hear it.

To be honest, I actually expected there to be a lot more flattery and currying of favours before Muon inquired about it. I guess because that goddess of Fate is genuinely busy so she would prefer the prayers to be concise and straight to the point instead of spending unnecessary time listening to empty flattery.

I can see why Muon respects this goddess.

The line slowly receded back to Muon as she opened her eyes and unclasped her hands.

“I’ve sent her my prayer. Usually it might take me roughly a year to get a response back from Goddess Muenia. If I’m lucky, maybe half a year or so.”

My eyes widened, “A year?”

She nodded, “I did say I’m really low on the hierarchy after all. For someone like me, the possibility of Supreme Goddess Muenia even hearing my prayer is–“

A flash of light appeared in front of us, depositing what seems to be a scroll right on Muon’s lap.

We looked at each other in confusion before Muon picked up the scroll and unfurled it. She took a second to reach through it before her hands started shaking.

“Muon?” I called out to her, a little concerned.

She closed the scroll and handed it over to me without saying a word.

I slowly opened it and read its contents as well.

‘Hello Muon, it’s been awhile. I take it you are trying to help the gentleman in your room now. In that case, show him the procedure I have drawn below and he should get the result you want. Thank you for your hard work as always.’

Below the words was indeed a procedure that taught how to liquefy it. It seems like a relatively simple process so I can try it out tomorrow morning. I’m not sure why anyone even needed something like ‘liquid’ Origin for there to be a specific process to get it.

At least the goddess sounds pretty chill.

“To make the Supreme Goddess of Fate respond to my prayer in less than five minutes… Senpai truly is someone frightening…”

“Hey… I don’t think I’m that bad…” I protested.

“Ugh… Anyway, Senpai has already gotten what you have came for… Is there anything else you might require before I contemplate the meaning of my existence?”

I shook my head before standing up, “Thank you for your help, Muon. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without you helping me. I’ll definitely repay you back some day.”

She smiled and waved at me before I teleported myself back to my disciples’ room, I did mean it when I said I’m indebted to her.


It took me a moment to realise that my disciples were all undressed and waiting for me in bed, all of them looking at me expectantly.

Oh well, guess it’s another sleepless night for me then.


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