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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 556: A Peek In Your History Bahasa Indonesia


Despite her complaints, Rina still served us tea in the tea room before excusing herself.

I had asked where my disciples were and apparently after receiving Brendan’s news, they had gone ahead to do research on the mentioned materials immediately.

How studious of them.

With the tea served, Rina excused herself to return to her Mistress’s side, leaving me alone with Tsuki, Shiori and Akari.

Well, Xun Guan is here as well but none of them needs to know that.

I took a sip of my tea before directing my attention to the girl sitting attentively across the table from me.

“Alright, where do I even begin? I suppose we can start with who I was in the other world?”

Tsuki smiled at me, “As expected, Aniue never liked to beat around the bush much. Should I tell you our full history or does Aniue only want to hear the important events?”

“I don’t think we’re in a rush to go anywhere so maybe you can start from the beginning?”

“Mmm… Aniue was five years older than I was. I never really got to know father and mother since they both abandoned us when I was still a baby, leaving Aniue to raise me.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Our parents abandoned us?”

She nodded grimly, “Back then, even if I asked, Aniue never really told me the full details, telling me not to dwell on the past. But I found out later that our parents owed a lot of money and ran away, leaving us to take care of the debt. It was not a small sum either.”

“They left a five year old kid with a baby and a debt?”

“Scum aren’t they? But yes. I think it was a miracle Aniue even managed to take care of me back then. I was too young to know what was going on but Aniue always made sure to smile in front of me… You did your best to give me a normal life under those circumstances.”

“How did I even do that?”

“Aniue always kept me in the dark about it. But I know Aniue would go out late at night after tucking me into bed. If I had to guess, the debtors were using Aniue as a runner to pay off the debt.”

Huh… I don’t know you but hats off to you other life me, I’m pretty sure any five year old wouldn’t have gone so far at that stage.

Tsuki looked at me with affectionate eyes, “I am ashamed to say that it took me ten years to realise how hard Aniue was working for me. No… I already knew Aniue was working hard, but I never knew how miraculous Aniue was until then. You let me go to school, make friends, even celebrated my birthdays and christmas… I don’t know how Aniue did it.”

“Yeah, I would like to know that too. So I’m guessing those debtors worked me to death or something?”

She smiled at me, “Oh not at all. It took Aniue twelve years, but one day, just a week before Christmas, Aniue came back home and told me that we did not need to worry about the debt anymore.”

I frowned, “There’s no way I could have worked that off right? Those kinds of people will never let people like that go so easily.”

Tsuki leaned her head on her hand, “Ehehe~ That is true of course. But I did see the news that a certain warehouse belonging to a gang was burned to the ground with every member found dead inside. It wasn’t until I was older did I make the connection of course, but Aniue truly is amazing.”

Ok, I take back what I said. I murdered a whole group of people in cold blood before I even reached eighteen.

Hmmm? Hold on a moment.

If I take into account that I was actually a Star Power user all this time, that means that my life in Tsuki’s world might also be one of my incarnations. So I wasn’t actually seventeen years old back then and had all the experience of my previous lives during my life with Tsuki.

That also meant I had access to the Star Power as well so that might have played a part as well.

Ok, now the other me seems a little less impressive now. Still got to give respect for persevering despite all the odds stacked against him though.

Wait, why am I even seeing him as another person? That guy is still me right? I am so confused right now.

Deciding to not think about it so much, I asked her, “So what happened after that?”

“Ehehe~ After Aniue took care of those scum, our whole life turned around. Aniue had found other people who were being tormented by that gang and started a business with them. Because most of them had been runners too, Aniue decided to start a delivery company before expanding into global logistics.”

I’m just going to pretend I know what she just said.

Judging by how she was looking at me with sparkly eyes, it must have been something really impressive.

“In just a span of five years, our fortune was entirely reversed. Aniue’s company boomed and you became one of the young billionaires of the world. We moved out of our one room apartment and into a mansion complete with servants. And even with all that money, Aniue still treated me the same way you always had, always putting me before everything else…”

I noted the slight sadness in her voice at the last part, “What happened.”

She sighed, “Things were looking well for the next few years. We had each other, we had nothing else to worry about, everything was going great… But with success breeds envy and one of Aniue’s ‘friend’ did not like how fast you had succeeded in life…”

“He killed me?”

She nodded, “Invited you out for drinks and hired someone to kill you. That ‘friend’ was the son of a big yakuza clan so there wasn’t much anyone could do either since they managed to clean up any evidence.”

Huh, that’s quite an anticlimactic end for the other me.

Tsuki clenched her fist, “So I took over Aniue’s business, gathered my own group of followers and started a new branch that dealt specifically in the underground side of business. Then I expanded my influence in that area until I completely dominated the market.”

Oh? Seeing as how she lost her only other family member, that’s really impressive of her to do that. It must not have been easy for her to move on from my death.

That was when her lips curled upwards into a cruel smile, “With my influence, I crushed that yakuza clan and burned them all to the ground. I kept the son alive for a whole year just to torture him too, completing my revenge for Aniue. I made sure every single one of them suffered dearly!”

Did I say this girl was crazy? Because this girl is most definitely crazy.

Other me, look what you did to raise such a sister, now I have to deal with this!!


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