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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 479: Your Mama Is Here Bahasa Indonesia


Despite their pleading, I decided to not take part in any of the future performances, letting the new hires take over instead. That was enough stress for me already, not to mention there’s still the ceremony to take care of.

Maybe I might come back and watch it some time, but please spare me from the acting already. At least I’m earning quite a bit of money from my investment into them.

But really, that’s enough for me, the ceremony is already starting soon.

Speaking of which…

I looked down at the robes that I was currently wearing.

The colour was pure white like what I saw in the store except there were golden dragon patterns adorning it as well.

The robe itself was long enough to touch the floor so I had to be careful not to step on it as I walked. The sleeves were also just as long, making the entire robes look quite baggy.

Basically… These robes make me look like some kind of priest.

Compared to me, my disciples were wearing relatively normal clothes. By that I mean they were dressed in the normal high nobility fashion style that is used to attend formal events. Even Cai Hong was wearing a rainbow dress that made her look really, really cute.

But even then, I still stick out like a sore thumb with these clothes.

“What is this?” I asked them after everyone is finished fawning over me in my new clothes.

“It’s your ceremonial robes Master!” Diao Chan explained, wiping the drool from her lips.

She’s not the only one that’s drooling too, at least half of my disciples had dreamy looks on their face for some reason.

Also, for some reason, everyone is standing quite a distance away, like they were afraid of me or something.

“Is there even a need for me to dress like this? Isn’t this way too gaudy? The robes are dragging on the floor you know?”

“That’s why it’s perfect, Master!” Lian Li declared. “It shows off Master’s majesty!”

“Right… And why are all of you standing so far away?”

Manami giggled, “Ufufufu, forgive us Master. Your figure is too holy for us to get close right now.”

What in the world is she talking about?

I lifted up my arms, looking down at how thick the sleeves were, “Doesn’t wearing this make me look fat?”

“Not at all!”

“Of course not, Master!”

“Master looks perfect!”

“Definitely not!”

“Papa cool!”

All of them immediately denied, maybe a little too vehemently.

I raised my eyebrow at them, “Just to be sure. The ceremony has nothing to do with me becoming king, right?”

Elaria poked her fingers together, “Well… It is to name our family as the ruling family of the new lands. If Onii-sama does not want to receive it as the head of the family, I can receive it in Onii-sama’s stead. But if Onii-sama wants it…”

“Yeah, nah. I’ll leave that to you, if you don’t mind, that is.”

“Ehehehe~ Of course I don’t, Onii-sama! It is all for making a city worthy of you after all!”

Yeah… I don’t even want to know what her definition of ‘worthy’ is. Well, as long as she doesn’t go around destroying the world, I wouldn’t have any complaints.

“How much time do we have left?” I asked, deciding to stop worrying about my robes for the time being.

Lian Li tapped her chin, “Oh, they should be sending a steward here to receive us when the ceremony is starting. I think we have about an hour or so more before they will arrive.”

“In that case, what should we–“

The door to the tailor shop was violently pushed open before I could finish my words.

A tall woman with long black hair that reached to her lower back wearing a very tight white dress that emphasized her curves could be seen standing at the doorway.



Both Elaria and I cried out simultaneously.

“Oh my darling daughter and my dearest son! How much I’ve missed you!” She squealed, first going up to hug Elaria before rushing up to me.

Yep, Lidiana Lindulf, my supposed adoptive mother and Elaria’s biological mother. Even though she’s well into her early forties, she doesn’t look a day older than twenty five. She could even pass herself off as Elaria and Odriana’s sister and no one would question it.

It is unfortunate that my only memories of her were almost non-existent since she left the family shortly after the accident that caused me to lose my memories.

Before, I thought she had hated me just like everyone else but apparently she had left to prevent the family from using her against Elaria and I, only coming back when she knew that father and brother were no longer there.

At least, that was what Elaria told me without going into details.

“Oh my son! How much mama has missed you! You’re all so grown up now! Look at you! My darling little boy! Already attaining godhood so soon!”


She noticed my surprise and smiled, “Oh come now my dear son, your mama has been keeping up with current events you know! Oh, how much I wanted to go and find you when I heard you had became a Master Practitioner!”

Ah… I think mother has some misconceptions about Practitioners. She probably thinks that just because I became a Master Practitioner it meant I attained godhood. Unfortunately, becoming an immortal and achieving apotheosis are two very different things.

And since it would take a while to explain that, I decided to ask the more pressing question instead.

“What are you doing here, mother?”

She puffed her cheeks at me, “Of course it’s to see my beloved son! Mama wouldn’t miss this event for the world! Do you not miss you mama?”

“No, I mean… What… How did you even know I’m here?”

Elaria raised her hand, “I invited Okaa-sama, Onii-sama! And Onee-sama too!”

Mother nodded, “Mmhmm~ Your big sister is here too! She’s just dealing with our carriage but I couldn’t wait anymore so I came rushing straight here! Hmm? Is something wrong?”

I scratched my chin, “Well… I thought you hated me for… You know… Teaching Elaria and Odriana all that stuff. Not that I remember much of it anyway.”

She turned to look at Elaria who nodded her head at her. Not sure what silent message they just sent to each other but mother immediately came up and pulled me to her embrace.

“Oh my poor little baby boy! It’s ok! Mama is here now! Mama and your sisters will do everything to protect you! You don’t need to worry anymore!”

“Huh? Wait. What are you talking about?”

“Oh my poor, poor boy! It’s ok, it’s ok. There’s no need for my baby to work so hard! Just relax now~” She cooed, patting my head.

Somehow I feel like there’s some kind of misunderstanding or something but I’m not sure what exactly she misunderstood.

Well, I guess since it really has been quite a long while since I last saw mother, I’ll just let her indulge herself for a bit.

Even my disciples were looking at her fondly so I guess this is fine?


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