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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 478: Curtain Call Bahasa Indonesia


I gave both of them a good scolding about getting along together and that I certainly wasn’t someone they could just pull around and ‘own’.

I did all of this still in character of course. I am still a professional ok?

Once I’ve properly chastised them, I took them off stage to make way for the final scene, which would normally be Maria and Georgia getting together but I’m not sure about that now since we’ve changed the script so much.

The only good thing is that the audience seemed really entertained.

Cai Hong was clapping quite enthusiastically which was the only sign I needed to see that we were doing a good job.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that Kiyomi and Diao Chan were doing whatever they wanted, so I gave them another good scolding backstage.

“What was that? What were you two trying to pull?” I scolded them, making the two girls sit on their knees.

Diao Chan poked her fingers together, it’s obvious she was actually enjoying this though, “Well… We thought that it might be interesting to push the conflict encounter forward a little… It was quite well received in the book too.”

I raised my eyebrow, “You girls read the book?”

Kiyomi nodded, “Sister Elaria has always been receiving the newest volumes from her elder sister and shares it with us.”

I sighed, “You do know that my script had nothing about what you two just did right?”

Diao Chan clapped her hands together, “Oh, but if it’s Master, there’s no need to worry right? The way you improvised there was nothing short of perfect!”

Yeah, but I would have preferred if we stuck to the script.

Before I could continue scolding them, Kana appeared from the back, raising an eyebrow when she saw us.

“Is this a ritual to hype you guys up for the final scene? How diligent of you guys. I’m not sure how you’re going to top what you guys did for the previous scene though, the audience loved it.”

“Really? I don’t really think it’s that good though? What did they like” I asked, a little intrigued.

“I could tell they really liked the way your character changed from being on the defensive to the offensive. Mark would have remained under George’s thumb for a long while in the story but the way you switched it around like that was refreshing. Maybe the author might even consider changing him for the next volume. Or maybe write another one featuring Maria and Georgia, hehe.”

Huh… That means everyone gathered here is a fan of Odriana’s book. I thought her popularity was only limited to our hometown but I guess I was wrong.

I turned back to Diao Chan and Kiyomi to see them beaming up at me with pride, the two of them obviously thinking that the reason for the success was me.

The lights on the stage darkened, signaling another change in scene.

Kana gave us a wave, “Alright, I better head up for my part. The crowd is most definitely hyped up for the ending so let’s give them a good one!”

I watched her go back up on stage before turning to my two disciples, “Right… I suppose we should figure out how to do the finale?”

Diao Chan waved her hand, “There’s no need for that Master, we can just go according to the script and then improvise the rest as needed.”

“You know… That’s not exactly something an actor would say especially when it’s the day of the performance,” I pointed out.

Kiyomi chuckled, “Fufufu, I’m sure everything will be fine since Master is here.”

Diao Chan also nodded in agreement.

They really think I’m some kind of god like being that can solve any problem easily huh? And to think they are still worried about letting me go off on my own.

Well, not like we have any time to plan now since our cue to enter the stage just came again. I just hope I don’t screw up too badly.


(Lian Li POV)

When Kiyomi had sent us a message that Master would be performing for a play, all of us were teleported here by Manami’s Technique.

Knowing that Guiying wouldn’t want to miss this too, we had called her to join us as well, alongside the servants and the youkai maids.

To see Master in the limelight on stage, there was no higher honour and everyone here knew it.

All of us knew that Odriana had wrote this story with Master in mind, so there was no one else more suited to play as the character ‘Mark’.

But for this play, it seems like they had decided to switch the genders of the cast.

Normally some might see this as an insult to the book but… Watching a genderbent Master performing was… Extremely stimulating.

Just watching Master’s flawless performance already had us captivated, the way She speaks and charms us almost had me leaping up on stage to embrace Her.

We had thought the show would end just like the first one with Mark ending up with George. But to our great surprise, they had chosen to introduce Hera here.

In response to that, Master played Her role perfectly, switching Her character on the offensive and showing us a side of Her character that no one else has seen before.

And as though that was not enough, when it came to the closing scene where Mark would have normally confessed his interest to George, Master made it such that Hera and Georgia confessed to Her instead.

Of course, the ending kiss between the three of them were also absolutely perfect. The show was nothing short of a masterpiece.

“I did not know that Master had talent in acting,” Guiying confessed, joining the rest of us in giving the performers a standing ovation.

“Ufufufu~ Isn’t such a thing natural? It is Master after all~” Manami giggled.

“Papa, so cool!” Cai Hong cheered, clapping enthusiastically beside me.

“Ehehehe~ I suppose that’s true. Thank you for inviting me too,” Our little Queen laughed. “On another note, you girls might like to know that we’re already beginning to spread the conversion to the rest of the country.”

Eris raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Does that mean the entire capital city is…”

She nodded, “It was quite simple, really. But I do have sister Elaria to thank for it too. If it wasn’t for Odriana’s influence in bringing such materials here, it might have been a little more difficult to convert the common populace. Master’s God Pill also helped silence the naysayers.”

I nodded, “Then our first step to letting the world know of Master’s greatness has begun. Next we will convert the rest of the country, then the new country as well before moving to the rest of the world.”

All of us looked at each other, the resolution clear in each of our eyes.

“All for Master.”


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