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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 480: Waiting For The Ceremony Bahasa Indonesia


I didn’t even get the chance to find out what mother thought happened to me when the steward came to fetch us. He told us that I was supposed to go to the palace alone while the rest would follow the others into the throne room when the ceremony starts.

My disciples did not ask any questions so I assumed that was how it should be and went with the steward alone, my mother tearfully giving me another hug before letting me go.

He brought me to a carriage that was reserved for the Royal Family, bidding me to enter it with a low bow.

As expected, these robes really make it hard to move freely. Luckily for me, I had someone who could help me with that.

I had Xun Guan spread herself underneath the robes and had her control the robes to move as I do, even lifting the hem of the robes slightly to prevent it from dragging along on the ground. Really thankful for her at times like these.

Even though the carriage was just outside the shop, there was still a short distance that I needed to walk to reach the carriage itself. And since it was in the middle of the day where people would be out and about, quite a lot of people saw me walking out wearing these rather ridiculous robes.

Everyone that saw me stopped whatever they were doing and stared.

At first I thought they were just astounded by how ridiculous I looked but that thought changed when most of them clasped their hands together in prayer. Some of them even knelt on the ground as well.

That just proves my point of looking like some sort of priest.

Also, I never knew the people here were religious, maybe that’s why I have to wear these robes as part of a tradition or something. Considering how I’ve forgotten most of the country’s culture from my memory wipe and never bothering to relearn them, it’s actually a rather high possibility.

At least the steward did not look as fazed as they were so I managed to board the carriage without much issues, especially with Xun Guan helping me with these robes.

The carriage brought me all the way to the palace, but instead of stopping at the main entrance like I thought it would, the carriage continued into the inner palace before stopping in the courtyard.

The steward opened the carriage door and I got off the carriage, looking slightly confused as to why I was here.

The steward bowed his head, “The Queen prepared a room for your Holiness to rest before the start of the ceremony. If you require anything, do let the servants know, your Holiness.”

What the hell is ‘your holiness’? Since when? What the flying…

Nevermind, he already left with the carriage before I could even ask.

“Master Lin, we shall be your personal servants for today, don’t hesitate to tell us if you need anything.”

I turned back to see Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma standing there with their heads bowed.

“Oh, it’s you four. Aren’t you girls supposed to be the Queen’s personal servants? What are you doing here?”

Alpha straightened herself, “The Queen had deemed it necessary for us to serve Master Lin instead since she has other servants to take care of her. Please make use of us for anything you require.”

“Umu… I suppose I should ask what is expected of me to do for this ceremony? You know, like anything I should do?”

Delta gestured towards the building in front of us, “Before that, it would be terribly rude of us to keep Master Lin outside here. We have prepared the room for you.”

I thought they meant for me to walk in there, but Gamma had instead cantered up to me and laid down right next to where I was standing.

“Please, Master Lin,” She gestured to her back, obviously wanting me to mount her back.

“… I can walk, you know?”

Alpha shook her head, “It would stain your glorious robes, Master Lin. Please allow us to take care of you.”

“Oh if it’s about that, I have it taken care of,” I explained, pointing to the hem of my robes that were currently floating a little above the ground.

They seem quite surprised by the sight even though this would have been a simple thing to do even without Xun Guan’s help.

“I must still insist, Master Lin. It is not good for someone of your standing to be seen walking, especially in those robes. Please, ride me.”

I’m not really sure where that idea came from but from the way they were looking at me so seriously made me think they really meant it.

“I’ll be in your care then…” I relented, climbing onto Gamma’s horse back.

She shuddered a little, making me think that the combined weight of myself, the robes and Xun Guan might have been too much for her.

“Am I too heavy?” I asked, a little concerned for her.

“N… No! Not at all, Master! I’m… I’m alright!” She gasped, clearly struggling.

I wanted to get off of her but seeing her resolute determination made me stop myself. If I were to insist now that she was struggling, it would definitely hurt her pride.

Thus I could only silently endure as the centaur slowly trotted her way into the palace with the other three flanking our sides.

I thought she would let me off at the door but instead, she carried me all the way into the palace, through the corridors before finally stopping in the guest room where she knelt down in front of the couch, allowing me to finally dismount her.

Good thing that we met no one along the way or else I wouldn’t know what face to show if others saw me like this.

When I moved to dismount the centaur, Beta used her feline agility to reach for my robes, making sure they stayed off the ground even though there wasn’t any need to.

I sat down on the couch while the other two busied themselves with placing tea and confectionaries on the coffee table in front of me, Gamma needing a second more before she finally composed herself again.

Maybe I should go on a diet?

Alpha stood in front of me and bowed, “Master Lin, if I am allowed, I would like to go through what will happen later.”

I nodded for her to go ahead, taking a sip of the tea they brewed.

“Once the ceremony has begun, another servant will come here to guide us to the throne room. The steward will announce your presence and Master Lin just has to be at a designated spot guided by me. That is all.”

Hmm… Sounds simple enough.

I placed the cup back down on its saucer, “And? What am I to do once I reached the spot? Do I bow, kneel or something else?”

Alpha shook her head, “There is no need for Master Lin to do anything else. Just staying at the spot would be enough. When it is time for Master Lin to leave, the steward will call again and I will guide you out of the throne room.”

Oh, I guess this ceremony is all just some sort of small formality for the award then.

Get in, get the award, get out.

Straight and simple, I like it.

Now I feel these robes might have been a bit overboard but what do I know?

Well, guess there’s nothing else but to wait now. Although to pass the time…

“Hey, I remembered you girls liked to be patted. Want some head pats?”

Yeah, I patted the four of them a lot before the servant came and called for me. Good thing I heard him coming and stopped before things got awkward.


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