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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 477: This Isn’t Part Of The Script Bahasa Indonesia


“Just in case, here’s the script. We did change a little of it but feel free to ad-lib anything you think is suitable! We trust you nya!” Hikari patted my back, handing over a stack of papers at me.

I looked through the script and indeed, the setting and dialogue was mostly the same. Though it has been a while since I last performed this, I should be able to do it without any issues.

At least I hope so.

One good thing is that they seemed to have adapted the story to the audience, so this script is actually less cringey than the one before.

Another change they did was…

Huh… It’s not BL anymore it seems, it’s GL.

Yep, they changed the gender of the two main characters to girls, apparently it would be better received than leaving it as males.

Thankfully I didn’t need to jump into the air, do a double somersault, grab a handkerchief, land with a triple forward roll into a three point landing anymore. The cringe line about stopping the wind was also removed for a more normal one.

On the outside, Kiyomi seemed just like usual with her stoic face, but I could tell she was quite looking forward to the play by how her tails were wagging ever so slightly.

I wouldn’t have noticed this little quirk of hers before, but after spending so much time together, I could tell when she’s especially happy even when she tries to hide it.

Yes, Kiyomi is very cute.

Diao Chan had looked at me with puppy eyes, but I don’t think there’s a part for her to play in thi–

“Oh, do you want a part as well, nyaa? You can be the rival girlfriend for the main lead! It’s a simple part to play, but do you think you can handle it, nyaa?” Hikari suggested, showing another script to the Witch.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Since when was there a rival girlfriend?”

“Nyaa, she’s a new character introduced later into the story! But for the sake of the play, we can bring her introduction forward! So how about it?”

Diao Chan nodded her head enthusiastically, “I’ll do it!”

“Alright! Here’s the script nyaa! You have acting experience right?”

Oi, oi… Is this fine? You’re giving someone you’ve met for the first time something like that? And you’re arbitrarily changing the script now? Which part of this looks fine to you?

Diao Chan huffed, “Of course! I’ve acted professionally before on the stage of politics! Such a simple thing like this is a walk in the park for me!”

“Nya?! How reliable! Today’s show will definitely be the best nya!”

Hmm… Well, I would like to say that those two are different but… Whatever, as long as she’s happy, I’ve got no complaints. I’ll just do my best to support her.

“One more thing,” I pointed out. “You changed the cast to girls… I’m most definitely not one.”

“Nyaa? Just crossdress and problem solved, nyaa.”

This nekomata…

“Master… Is it too much to ask you to take the gender change pill?” Kiyomi asked, a slight blush on her face.

“Ehehehe~ Yes please, Master!” Diao Chan added as well.

Oh? Seems like they quite like the session back at the beach where I had changed genders. Alright fine, for my cute disciples. Good thing I kept a few of the pills from back then.

We had about half the day to squeeze in whatever practice we could before the performance time which was in the early evening. It seems like this show was so popular that the people outside actually had to queue for half a day to ensure a spot to watch it.

Now, with just several minutes away from the start of the show, we were in our positions to start the performance.

Just like the last time, Kana the Ryu girl was in charge of the narrating and thus she was the first to go on stage.

Once she had the audience riled up in anticipation, I took the stage as the main girl of the play.

I delivered my opening lines swiftly as my gaze swept through the crowd in front of me. Unlike the previous time, there were thankfully no banners and cheering coming from them.

In fact, they were really, really silent, although their gaze were all locked onto me.

Hmmm? Maybe it has something to do with this female form? My girls all said I look gorgeous in it but well, I still think my disciples look better.

I almost tripped over my lines when I realised all of my disciples were actually seated at the far back of the theatre, even the servants and… Is that Guiying?! Why are they all here?!

Ugh, no time to think about that now…

I finished my set up of the scene before exiting it, giving the stage to Hikari.

Kiyomi and Diao Chan were waiting when I returned backstage.

“Did you call them?” I asked, already suspecting that was probably why all of them are here.

Kiyomi nodded, “Elder sister asked, so I told them. Should I not have, Master? They were all very excited to hear that you would be performing on stage. Especially… In your female form…”

I sighed and shook my head, resigning myself to the role of entertaining my cute disciples for the night.

“How do you girls live with breasts like these?” I groaned, hugging the two watermelons hanging in front of me. “My shoulders feel heavy.”

Kiyomi came behind me and started groping me, “Let me help you massage them, Master.”

“Mmm… That feels good.”

Just then, Hikari came down from the stage and gaped at us.

“Nyaa?! That’s puuurfect! We need something like this in the next scene! You two are geniuses!”

Wait, no. I don’t think we should be showing something like this on–

“Of course, let’s do this, Master~” Kiyomi whispered sultrily in my ear, pinching my nipples.

Ghk… This naughty fox…


The rest of the show proceeded on as I remembered, except for the breast groping that made the audience go ‘kyaa’ ‘kyaa’. I was actually wondering when Diao Chan was supposed to appear since I didn’t see her appear at all.

The next scene would be the kissing scene between ‘Mark’ and ‘George’, who is now ‘Maria’ and ‘Georgia’. Don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with the names.

So there I was, being pushed against the wall by a really assertive Kiyomi who was holding my chin with a hand while leaning against me, both of our breasts pushing against each other.

It was obvious she was really enjoying this and I didn’t need to see her tails to know she was really happy. The fact that she’s kissing me with every fibre of her being was a clear enough indication. I even had to stop her hands from groping my breasts a few times.

While the two of us were busy making out with each other, Diao Chan suddenly came on stage, the girl screeching out dramatically.

“Georgia! How dare you! I’ve warned you time and time again to stay away from Maria!” She screeched, storming up to us.

Kiyomi broke the kiss, giving me a look full of lust and a short whisper of “I love you, Master~” before turning to the newcomer.

“Hoh? Isn’t this Hera? The self-proclaimed girlfriend of Maria? How many times did I tell you that you are not good enough for Maria? Only I, the most perfect one, is worthy of Her affections.”

“You? Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh! Other than that stupid pretty face of yours, you have nothing else! You are most definitely not worthy of Her! Now step aside!”

Oh? Someone it feels like both of the characters’ personalities shifted into quite menacing ones. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

If I remember correctly, this new part of the script should have them insult each other for a few lines before Georgia proceeds to take Maria away off stage, then Hera will monologue a bit on stage to establish her character. That meant I have no lines to speak here.

I was content to wait for them when Kiyomi turned back to me, cupping my chin with a hand.

“Of course my dear Maria will choose me over some harlot, right?”

Before I could answer, she had pulled me in for another kiss again.

Hold on, I don’t remember this being in the script. Also, you really should stop groping my breasts on stage.

Diao Chan stormed up to us, pulling Kiyomi away by force, “Not fair! Maria! You said you loved me when you picked up my handkerchief back then! You said you would stop the wind for me! Now let us go and fly like the wind! You are too good for the likes of her!”

Err… Hold on a moment, I really don’t think this is part of the script…

Kiyomi pulled me back to her embrace, “This is precisely why you do not deserve Her, Maria is destined for greatness but you will only pull Her down. Now, come Maria, let us go officiate our union.”

Wait, are they ad-libbing now? Because Kiyomi is being really daring by slipping her hand in between my legs now while Diao Chan went for my breasts this time.

Why are these two so horny?

Diao Chan rolled up her sleeves, “I will fight you for Her.”

Kiyomi scowled, “So will I.”

Oh no, looks like things are getting out of hand.

Of course I did the most sensible thing I could do in that situation.

I flicked both of their foreheads.


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