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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 476: The Troupe’s In Town Bahasa Indonesia


“I heard there’s a show happening at the Theatre and that it’s quite popular, should we go and see, Master?” Kiyomi suggested.

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Is it supposed to be a big event?”

Diao Chan tapped her chin with a finger, “Oh, I heard about it. There were quite a lot of people trying to get tickets for the show. The actors are supposed to be really famous too.”

“Oh? Well if you two are interested in it, then I don’t see why not? Who are they? What’s the show about?”

Kiyomi smiled, “I think Master would like it. Trust me.”

If she says it like that, of course I would be a little suspicious. But well, not like I would reject their idea in the first place anyway.

My two disciples guided me to the Theatre located near the noble’s district where there was already a surprisingly large crowd gathered, no doubt waiting to watch the show as well.

The building itself was actually a rather simple one. It was basically a semicircular building with tiered seats facing a rectangular stage. The roof wasn’t anything fancy either, just a simple wooden pyramid to keep out the rain and sun.

Beiyang has never really invested much into the arts so this was the only theatre around in the city. Thus, if there were any shows around, this was the only theatre anyone could go to.

“Oh? Is this performance actually really popular?” I asked, looking at the crowd.

Kiyomi tapped her chin thoughtfully, “Mmm… The troupe is quite popular from where they came from, but I didn’t know their fame actually spreaded this far into the capital city already.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “It’s your previous idol group… Isn’t it?”

My white fox disciple smiled sheepishly at me, “Oh? To have Master remember them is an honour.”

I sighed, “You could have just told me directly, you know? It’s not like I have anything against them.”

“I may have wanted to surprise Master a little,” Kiyomi admitted with a giggle.

Well, it’s not like I know any other acting group in the Earthen Plane in the first place, if you say it like that it’s obvious who it would be.

I gestured to the crowd, “Well, shall we go join them? Hopefully there’s still seats left for us.”

Diao Chan giggled, “Oh Master, there’s no way we would let you queue up like that. Not here at least. Wait here, I’ll go find someone~~”

I watched the Witch skip towards the crowd merrily, leaving Kiyomi and I behind.

“Master…” Kiyomi whispered, moving to cuddle my arm.

Just by her look I already knew what she wanted.

I reached my hand up and commenced my head patting, Kiyomi squealing cutely when I did so. I also reached behind and started fluffing her tails, they were as fluffy as always.

“So, you’ve been keeping contact with them?” I asked her, still head patting and fluffing her.

“Kyuuu~ Yes, Master… I still write them letters from time to time. Mmm~~ They did tell me they were coming here so I wanted to go see them with Master…”

“Well, you certainly did surprise me. I never thought they would actually come here.”

“Fufufu… I shall be satisfied knowing that I at least surprised Master a little~”

Diao Chan soon came running back to us, pouting when she saw Kiyomi hugging me.

“Not fair Master… I want to be pampered too…”

I smiled and gestured for her to turn around which she did so enthusiastically, allowing me to spank her bottom, hard.

I gave her a while to recover from her moaning before asking, “So what’s the news?”

Diao Chan wiped the drool from her lips with the back of her hand, “Slurp… Ummm… I got the passes, but they asked if I could bring Master and Kiyomi to the backstage first?”

Kiyomi tilted her head, “Oh? I guess they want to see us first. Maybe they miss Master too?”

Well, since they asked for us specifically, no reason not to go find them.

Diao Chan led us back towards the theatre, avoiding the crowd to circle round the back and through a backdoor that was being watched by a bored looking youth. He only gave us a nod before waving us in.

The moment we opened the door, something brown and furry leapt out and hugged Kiyomi, nuzzling her.

“Kiyomiiiiii~~ We missed you nyaaa!!” The nekomata girl squealed.

If my memory still serves, her name should be Hikari, the really energetic cat girl of their group.

Kiyomi patted her, “Yes, it has been a while, Hikari. Where is Chuya and Kana?”

The nekomata girl bounced back, “They’re inside! Let’s go meet them!”

It was only then she realised Diao Chan and I were standing behind her.

“Eh? Kiyomi… Who is the hot guy behind you? Didn’t you already find your mate? Don’t tell me you’re cheating on him?”

Oh right, she never saw me outside of my child form.

Kiyomi smiled at her, “This is Master Lin, my mate. Or maybe you might remember Him as Mark?”

Hikari gaped at me, “No way! Mark?! You grew so much in less than a year!”

I chuckled, “It’s a long story. Didn’t you say you wanted to see us?”

Her eyes widened, “Yes! Thank heavens both of you came! We need your help! Come quickly!”

She grabbed both Kiyomi and my hands and pulled us through the door, leaving Diao Chan to catch up behind us.

We were guided to the few small rooms at the back that served as the actors’ dressing rooms, which was just a fancy name for a room with several tables, chairs and mirrors.

Sitting inside the room was a very familiar blue slime and Ryu girl.

“Chuya, Kana. It’s been a while,” Kiyomi greeted them.

The other two girls also came up to hug her.

Interesting, I thought Kiyomi wasn’t really close to them, but I guess they really did care for each other.

“Kiyomi! Look how much you’ve grown! You’re such a beautiful woman now!” The Ryu girl Kana complimented.

“Fufufu~ I suppose it is expected of a woman who has found the love of her life, isn’t it?” The slime girl Chuya asked.

Kiyomi simply smiled at their teasing before stepping aside to gesture towards me.

“Girls, this is Master Lin, my mate and Master whom I have pledged my life to. You might recall that He had acted as Mark before.”

Both of them blinked at me.

“Mark? The little boy?” Chuya asked.

I nodded, “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you guys later. But first of all, you guys wanted to see us first, right?”

Kana gasped, “That’s right! When we heard Kiyomi was here, we needed her help for today’s performance!”

Kiyomi tilted her head slightly, “What help could you need from me?”

Chuya crossed her arms, “We had two new members who were supposed to play an important part in today’s show. But both of them got into an accident a few hours ago and can’t show up… We were hoping that Kiyomi could come in to help and bring along… Well… Mark as well.”

Kana sighed, “We understand if you do not wish to help… But we would have to cancel the show tonight in that case.”

Kiyomi turned to look at me, it was obvious she wanted to help them but she let the final decision be up to me.

I shrugged, “Well, if Kiyomi doesn’t mind then I don’t mind either. But are you sure we can do this without any rehearsals?”

Hikari clapped her hands together, “Oh, don’t worry about it nya! It’s the same script that you did back then! I’m sure you would do even better now nya!”

Oh… That BL story…

Never thought that I would need to do that again…

Is it too late to take back my words?


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