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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 475: Colours Are Important You Know? Bahasa Indonesia


“Perhaps a brighter colour would suit Master Lin?” The tailor suggested, showing us a roll of cloth that was golden yellow with red flames embroidered into it.

Diao Chan shook her head, “That looks very gaudy. Something lighter would be better.”

I sighed, “You know… I already said I won’t be king right?”

“We know, Master,” Kiyomi answered, rifling through the other bundles of cloth on display. “But for formality’s sake, Master should look the part and let those people know who they should pay respects to.”

“Right…” I conceded, though I still wondered if this was really necessary.

With Diao Chan’s insistence on making myself look good for the ceremony, I was quite forcefully ‘convinced’ to go and get new clothes to wear to attend it.

It was decided that Kiyomi and Diao Chan would follow me to Jin city to pick out the clothes and also have a day off together at the same time.

Of course my other disciples wanted the same treatment so I promised to bring them out for dates in the near future as well.

So that’s why I’m in this tailor shop now, with my two disciples dutifully picking the cloth they would use to tailor new clothes for me. And not just any old tailor, they’re supposedly the Royal appointed tailors who handle all the Royal Family’s tailoring needs.

I was sure they wouldn’t serve me but apparently the staff had welcomed me in like it was normal.

Is this just because I’m part of the Royal Household? I don’t even know how this works.

“How about this one, Imperial red would definitely bring attention to Master Lin.” The tailor suggested.

Diao Chan took a look at the fabric and shook her head, “This one is too dull, Master’s Divinity can’t shine brightly enough with this.”

What divinity are you talking about you masochistic witch? Do you want me to spank again?

You know what?

I spanked Diao Chan, the slap loud enough to echo throughout the store and cause the other staff to turn their heads at the sound.

My Witch also let out a yelp of pain that was mixed with pleasure, knowing her, she was most likely wet between the legs now.

“What divinity are you blabbering about? Just pick a good enough colour and I’ll be good with it. There’s no need to be so specific, is there?” I huffed.

“Ahhnnn~~ But Master… Ehehehe~ We all want to see you look your best~” She moaned while rubbing her thighs together.

“Mmhmm… It’s just a small ceremony, there’s no need to be so serious about it.”

Kiyomi shook her head at me, “Master, it is you. There is no ‘small ceremony’ when Master is involved. The entirety of the country’s nobility will be there, even the nobles from the former country of Dong would be in attendance. This ceremony would decide their fates, after all.”

“Huh? Didn’t Guiying say that this just a small awards ceremony? What is going to happen?”

Diao Chan slid up to me, rubbing herself on my arm, “Ehehe~ The ceremony would officiate the formation of the Beiyang Empire, the newly conquered territory would be renamed to the country of Lin. When she said small, she probably meant that the ceremony will not be attended by the masses.”


She nodded, “It is natural, after all. Master is the conqueror and they agreed to surrender to you.”

I held up a hand, “Hold up, how do you even know about all this?”

The Witch blinked at me, “Did Master not see the terms of surrender for the Dongs?”

“No? Guiying did not let me see it. You mean you girls saw them?”

“Oh… Erm… Then… Ahem. Which colour would Master want to wear? How about cobalt blue? I think that might be good for Master,” Diao Chan asked, trying to change the topic with a smile.

“No you don’t. What was written in the terms of surrender?”

Diao Chan poked her fingers together while giggling, “Erm… As much as I would like Master to punish me… This might not be the best place for it? But if Master wants to do it now, I wouldn’t mind~”

I turned to look at the tailor who was looking at me with concern.

I sighed, dropping the issue for now, “I think a lighter colour might be better. I don’t want anything too eye-catching.”

Kiyomi lifted up a roll of fabric, “How about Royal Purple, Master? This would definitely bring our your majesty.”

“I’m pretty sure I said a lighter colour and I most definitely do not want to clash with our Queen, so no.”

The tailor pulled out a roll as well, “Sapphire blue perhaps, Master Lin? Neither too bright nor too dark and it would showcase your nobility.”

I was about to agree but Kiyomi shook her head, “This one is too subdued. Others might think Master to be easy to take advantage of.”

This is just picking colours for my clothes to wear to that small ceremony right? Why are we getting so specific?

Ugh, this is why I hate politics.

I sighed, “You know what? Why not just white? Like my own robes. That should be fine right?”

Everyone stared at me for a good, long moment.

I almost thought my suggestion was taboo or something when everyone suddenly broke out into smiles.

“As expected of Master Lin! That is a great idea!” The tailor praised.

Diao Chan clapped her hands together, “Yes, of course! White would highlight our Master’s purity and divinity at the same time! It’s perfect!”

What? It’s just white. Like you know, white white. Is there really such a deep meaning to it?

Kiyomi nodded as well, “It’s perfect. Everyone would know of Master’s divinity with a robe made out of that colour.”

You too, Kiyomi? Seriously what the hell is that all about?

The tailor pulled out a roll of cloth that was pure white, “Would this do, Master Lin?”

At this point, I’m ready to leave the place and just go back to relaxing with my disciples already. Thus, I simply waved my hand at him, “It’s fine as long as my girls think it’s fine.”

Both Diao Chan and Kiyomi went over and inspected the cloth the tailor had pulled out. They examined it with such intensity you would have thought they were trying to decrypt some ancient text or something.

“Mmm… It is good enough,” Diao Chan finally declared. “Use this to make a robe suitable enough for Master.”

The tailor bowed, “Of course, High Pr… I mean, miss Diao Chan. We will work hard for Master Lin to look his best on the day of the ceremony.”

Hmm? It felt like they were going to say something else but changed at the last moment? Oh well, must not have been important.

Somehow, I already feel exhausted even though it’s barely midday. It seems like even here, choosing clothes with girls are still not easy, even when the clothes they are picking is not for themselves.

“If everything’s done here, shall we go and take a walk around the city?”

Both of the girls looked at me with anticipation.

“It’s a date!”

Well, I suppose it is.


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