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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 474: How Many Times Do I Need To Say I Do Not Want To Be King? Bahasa Indonesia


“And I got on a horse and rode back here.”

“Oh, very smart Brendan. I’m actually really impressed,” I praised my alchemist honestly, clapping him on the back.

Diao Chan wasn’t as impressed though, “If Brendan was a little bit stronger, they wouldn’t have grabbed you from the start.”

To that, Brendan could only smile wryly and scratch his head, a little embarrassed.

“I never really did figure out who they were though,” Brendan admitted. “All I could guess was that they are most likely not from Beiyang. They didn’t even mention why they kidnapped me.”

“They wanted the healing pill, Brendan,” I explained. “They couldn’t get it through me so they wanted to get it from you instead.”

“Eh? How did they even… Oh… Forgive me, Master… I used the healing pill I made to save someone in the forest… That must be how they knew I could make it…”

I shook my head, “It’s not your fault, saving someone in need is commendable. The fault lies with me for failing to protect you.”

“N… No, it’s definitely not Master’s fault! If only…”

I reached up and patted his head, “It’s alright, Brendan. I do not blame you.”

“Master… Thank you,” Brendan bowed his head.

“Kyaaa~~ If only Onee-sama was here!” Elaria commented unnecessarily from the side.

“So what was this thing about people wanting Master’s healing pill?” Lian Li asked, bringing the conversation back.

I scratched my chin, “Hmm… I know that the country of Mei wants it because the first prince is afflicted with some kind of illness that can only be cured with it. As for the other two countries, I can only speculate.”

Kiyomi crossed her arms, “It’s obvious that the Sun country only wants it for money. Their entire country is built upon it, after all.”

I nodded, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. As for the country of Han, they probably want it as a material for research.”

“Ara, ara? That reminds me, what happened to the girl Master had an interest in?” Manami asked with a mischievous smile.

“Another girl?”

“Master is interested in?”

“Another sister?”

“Is she pretty?”

“How is she like?”

“Papa, huggies?”

My other disciples immediately started bombarding my fox disciple with questions.

Except for Cai Hong, whom I dutifully gave her the requested huggi– I mean hugs.

I raised my hand, “Ok, ok, calm down. It’s not what you think. Manami, Kiyomi and I went to the Sun’s capital city and they were selling slaves at the auction house. It just so happens that I saw someone I met before being auctioned as a slave.”

Lian Li looked up from where she had been hugging my arm, the golden haired girl having taken advantage of the situation to snuggle up to me, “Oh, what happened to her? Did Master not buy her?”

“Well… Let’s just say that her and I did not know each other well enough to be even on speaking terms. Also, she’s quite the troublesome one…”

Kiyomi nodded, “She had the power to fight her way out of the auction before flying off. How she even got caught as a slave in the first place is a mystery.”

“Hmmm? So she managed to run away?” Eris asked.

“Blasted the walls open and incapacitated the guards that tried to stop her,” I told her. “She then flew out of the city and disappeared.”

Elaria grinned, “Should I send some people to search for her, Onii-sama?”

I shook my head, “She’s not worth it, really. Don’t need to trouble yourselves over it.”

“Mmm… If Master says so,” Lian Li hummed before burying her face back into my arm.

That prompted the other girls to come up and hug me too, all of them snuggling into my embrace.

I sighed contentedly, “It’s nice that everything is quiet now.”

“Won’t those three inf… Three countries send more people to come back and pester Master again?” Manami pointed out, seemingly more concerned that they would disturb our time together than anything else.

“Oh, don’t worry, I took care of that. Unless they’re really, really dumb and incompetent, there shouldn’t be anyone coming up to our doors to ask us for it for at least two weeks,” I assured them.

Diao Chan frowned, “That means they’ll come back after two weeks? Should we go and do something and make sure they don’t come back ever again?”

I patted her head, “Well, it’s not like I don’t understand why they’re so desperate for it. The pill is quite valuable after all so asking them to forget about it is quite impossible. I suppose if they are nice enough, I might consider selling them one or two.”

Hey, it’s another possible source of income, I ain’t going to say no to that.

“Master is too kind…” My Witch muttered, the rest of my disciples nodding in agreement.

“It’ll be fine.”

And just as those words left my lips, Lian Li’s servant, Keqing, came running into my courtyard.

“Master Lin? A messenger dropped off a letter for you.”

I motioned for her to pass the letter to me and she did so without hesitation.

Turning the letter around, I realised there was the seal of the royal family on it, meaning Guiying was the one who sent it.

This was weird since she could have just contacted Manami through telepathy or something similar.

I guess this was supposed to be a formal business of some sort?

My disciples crowded around me as I broke the seal and opened up the letter to read its contents.

As I thought, it was a formal invitation for me to attend an awards ceremony back in the capital for my efforts in the war. The ceremony would be held a week from now, giving us plenty of time to prepare considering we could simply teleport there.

Huh… I don’t remember doing much, though? But since it’s an official summon by the Queen, I can’t reject it either.

“Oooh~ Onii-sensei is going to be king!” Elaria clapped her hands enthusiastically.

I rolled my eyes at her, “No, I already said I do not want to be king. Do not try and push that role on to me now.”

“Awww… But can I still call Onii-sensei King Onii from now on?”




“Mouuu… Onii-sama is a bully…”

I ignored her and turned to Keqing, “Is the messenger still there?”

She nodded, “Yes, Master Lin. He said he requires a response from you.”

“Hmm? This is a Royal Summon is it not? Why would the Queen need an answer from me?”

Diao Chan giggled, “Oh Master, it’s obvious that our little Guiying places you in very high regard. She’s already considering you to be a king and of equal if not, higher authority than her.”

I’m pretty sure things don’t work that way but what do I know about politics?

Knowing Guiying, this is most likely another scheme of hers or something.

“Well, just tell the messenger I accept.”

Keqing bowed her head and rushed off to deliver the news.

“Oh, we need to get ready then!” Diao Chan clapped her hands together.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Get ready? For what?”

“The ceremony of course! Master must look His best! It’s going to be Master’s coronation!”

Bloody hell, for the last time, I don’t want to be king!

Am I the only one who thinks that way?!


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