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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 473: The Tyrant’s Big Rock Bahasa Indonesia


“Master… Calm yourself…”

It was the sound of Xun Guan’s plea that brought me out of my rage.

I let out the breath I had been holding, also stopping the Divine Lightning storm that was striking down around me.

Everyone else who had been in the room finally managed to breathe again.

The guards who had been standing in front of me were all lying face down on the ground, most of them unconscious.

Ok, relax… I’m relaxed. Yes.

If anything happened to Brendan, my protection inscriptions should have been triggered and notified me first, so that means he should probably be fine.

He most likely used the monster attack to slip away, maybe using something to hide his scent. That’s why my monsters could not find him either.

Yes, he should be fine.

He better be.

I raised my hand, “Right, sorry about that. I just got news that the men you sent to capture my disciple got eaten by monsters, thought you might want to know that.”

The queen, who was trying her best to keep herself composed despite what just happened, shook her head, “We… We don’t know what you… Master Lin is talking about.”

I waved my hand in front of me, teleporting the guy Lie Hui had captured here.

“I was going to use this guy as proof of your idiocy, but there’s no point to that now.”

I snapped my fingers and the man exploded into pieces.

Dusting my hands, I gave the two monarchs a glare, “Deny all you want, but since my disciple is missing, I don’t have time to deal with you now.”

I turned to leave but the king stood up, “You… Stop! You think you can just stroll into our city, kill my people, disturb the peace and just stroll back out like nothing happened?!”

I turned back to look at him with an eye, “Oh? If I say I was, what are you going to do about it?”

The king faltered, his eyes darting over to look at all his guards who were definitely in no position to even stand up, much less fight.

The queen clasped her hands together, “Surely… Master Lin would not want to be known as a tyrant? It would hurt your reputation if this comes to light.”

I crossed my arms and turned back fully to face her, “I’m sorry? Was that meant to be a threat?”

She shook her head, “We would never, Master Lin. But if you would just spare us your Miracle Cure, we could make this appear like an accident.”

“It seems to me that you have no idea who you’re speaking to then. I was going to let all of what you did slide, as annoying as it might have been but it was nothing I haven’t dealt with before. But trying to take my disciple from right under my nose? Even if you come crawling to me, you won’t have a single drop of the Miracle Cure you so desperately want.”

The queen looked to be a little shaken now, “This… To think Master Lin was actually a tyrant…”

“Hahaha! A tyrant? You think me walking in here and sweeping aside only those that stood in my way is tyrannical? Very well, I will show you what tyranny is.”

I called forth the Star Power, my body glowing with visible bluish white light as I floated up slowly into the air.

I reached up with a hand and the roof of the throne room tore open like a piece of paper, unfurling and breaking away to reveal the sky above us.

A small spark appeared in the sky before it slowly formed into a small rock. The rock then grew bigger and bigger, stretching into the size of a boulder while red electrical sparks shot off from its surface.

The red lightning sparked off from the rock struck down around us, blasting several buildings to pieces even as the rock continued to expand.

In less than a minute, the rock had grown to double the size of the city, hovering ominously over it and blocking out the sun.

I looked down at the two humans that stood at the head of the throne room, “Listen here and listen well, king and queen of Mei. I don’t care if those people from before were sent by you or even had any relation to you or not. I don’t care if they claim to be bandits, mercenaries, people from Sun, Dong, Han or wherever cockamamie places they care to name… But if one more group, just one more group, comes knocking on our door asking me to hand over the Miracle Cure… This rock you see above you is going to come crashing down on top of your damned city.”

The king looked up at the rock fearfully, “This… This can’t… You can’t…”

The queen quickly stepped forward, “Master Lin… I beg you to reconsider. What I’ve told you was nothing but the truth, we truly had–“

I raised my hand and blasted a bolt of lightning that struck the wall behind her, shutting her up.

“The queen claims me to be a tyrant, then a tyrant I shall be. Let the world know that this is the fate that awaits those that dare touch my disciples. You needed something from me, but you did not come bearing gifts but threats instead. Don’t expect me to be kind in turn.”

“At least… Respect our place as monarchs…”

I snapped my fingers and all the glass in the room shattered, the pieces floating in the air and pointing towards them.

“Respect? That’s something you earn, not given. You’ve shown me none so why should I? And please, respect you as monarchs? If I wipe this country out of existence, what do you have?”

The queen stopped, knowing full well I could do what I just said.

She bowed her head, “Please… Our son… We will pay any amount of gold…”

I shook my head, “Too little, too late. Like I said, my disciple you had decided to take is now missing. If I find out that anything happened to him because of your damned selfish actions, I will burn this entire country to ashes.”

“We will help you find him…”

“You will just be a hindrance.”

“… Please… Our son…”

I glanced at Sophia and my two foxes, all three of them looked entirely disinterested in her plight. In fact, they looked like they could not wait to leave this place.

I raised my hand, lifting two fingers into the air, “Two weeks. That’s how long you people have been bothering me. If my disciple is safe and no one comes and bother me for the next two weeks, I will allow negotiations to take place. If my disciple is hurt in any way, this entire country will burn. If anyone comes to knock on my door asking for the Miracle Cure, the rock drops. I think I’m being generous enough, yes?”

“Our… Our son might not last that long…”

I shrugged, “I fail to see how that is my problem. Perhaps you should have thought of that before resorting to such methods to get the cure. Those are my terms, no negotiations. You should pray that my disciple is safe first before anything else.”

Without another glance back, I turned around and strolled out of the throne room, Sophia and the foxes following a step behind me.

Well now… I suppose I would start searching for Brendan at where the monsters found him. I did mean it when I said I would burn the entire country down if he was hurt.


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