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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 47: Int. Diao Chan’s Room – Day Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

Master Lin punished me!

I don’t know why the thought of such a fact brings joy into my heart, but it just does!

I must carry out his punishment dutifully!

If I do it well, Master Lin will accept me as his student and there’ll be more opportunities to be punished! This is perfect!

I looked down at the little prince that was passed out on the ground.

Master Lin wanted there to be no problems but knowing this idiot’s attitude, if trouble doesn’t find him he would go looking for it.

I need to think of something that would prevent that…

A plan formed in my head as I stepped outside of my room.

“General Hu Zhen? Would you be so kind as to help me with lord Feng Xian?” I called out.

There was the scraping of chairs as he rushed towards me.

“Yes, fairy Diao Chan? How can I help?” He asked, a suspicious smile etched on his face.

“Please help me with bringing lord Feng Xian back to his room, I’m afraid I am nowhere strong enough to lift a man of his stature.”

His mood soured a little, “Ah… Yes, of course.”

I lead him back into my room, stepping over to Feng Xian’s side to lift one of his arms over my shoulder.

“Fairy Diao Chan, I can carry him, there’s no need for you to do such labour.”

I shook my head, “He is still my lord. I should do at least this much.”

“I… I see.”

Hu Zhen tried to mask his disappointment as he mirrored my actions on the other side.

Together, we half-dragged, half-carried the unconscious prince back into his room across mine, depositing him on his bed.

Pretending to tuck Feng Xian into bed, I popped open the cap of one of my strong perfumes hidden up my sleeves, letting a small drop land on his collar.

I turned back and curtsied to Hu Zhen, “My thanks, General Hu Zhen.”

“No need for that, a beautiful fairy like yourself should not even have to do this.”

In case anyone could not tell, this Hu Zhen is also smitten by me. It is not surprising, since most, if not all, men that I come across usually end up like that.

Master Lin was the first one who had not displayed any reaction to my face.

I also knew for a fact that Hu Zhen held a grudge against Feng Xian.

During our escape from my father’s encirclement, Feng Xian had tried to sacrifice Hu Zhen to buy us time to escape.

The general was sent to lure them away from our escape route, but he managed to shake them off and reunite with us.

Of course Hu Zhen felt quite betrayed that his years of dedicated service only led to being a bait. He knew he was no match for Feng Xian in terms of martial ability, thus he could do nothing but suck it up.

But the human emotion is such a volatile tool, father had taught me that much.

I turned away from Hu Zhen, letting a sad smile materialise on my face, “If only that were true… This sad life of mine, I thought that things would be different after we had arrived here but… It seems like it’s all just my wishful thinking.”

Hu Zhen approached me, “What troubles you so, fairy Diao Chan?”

I turned to him, making sure to have a little tear present in the corner of an eye before suddenly turning away, “No… My own troubles should not affect General Hu Zhen…”

He grasped my shoulder from behind, “Nonsense! There should not be any problems that deserve to trouble this fair maiden! If there are, let this Hu Zhen smite them down!”

I cringed inwardly at his words but I managed to maintain my facade.

Tilting my head to the side to give him a view of my eye, I let the tear drop, “If only my troubles could be so easily struck down, General Hu Zhen…”

His grip on my shoulder tightened, “Tell me. Tell me then, let this Hu Zhen share your troubles.”

Bleugh… I hate having to resort to this kind of acting the most. Too dramatic, but at least it can play out like a script easily.

I turned my head back away from him, hiding my face from his view once more, “No! General Hu Zhen! You are too kind to me… This lowly Diao Chan does not deserve your kindness…”

He turned me around to face him, his face full of concern, “Tell me, Diao Chan. I can help you.”

I sobbed into my sleeve, trying to hide my cringe at how much this entire scene is playing out like a drama play, “I… I am scared, General Hu Zhen…”

“Shhh… It’s ok, I am here.”

He pulled me into his embrace, his arms wrapping around my back. I had to forcefully push down my desire to shove him away, opting instead to cry into his embrace while waiting for the next main character to show up.

“Hu Zhen… What do you think you’re doing in front of this prince?!”

The two of us separated quickly, myself taking a few more steps back than necessary to get away from them.

“Feng… Feng Xian, that was not what it looks like,” Hu Zhen stammered.

“Not what it looks like?! This prince saw you with his own two eyes you pulled her to you!”

“I was only trying to comfort her, I had no inten–“

“Silence! Since when is it your turn to comfort my Diao Chan?!”

Feng Xian leapt to his feet, punching Hu Zhen in the face.

The force sent Hu Zhen crashing into the nearby desk, breaking it in half.

Oh? I didn’t even need to play victim? That was convenient.

Hu Zhen stood back up, rage evident on his face.

“Feng Xian! I have served as your aide for so many years! Fought beside you as your brother in all your battles! But not only did you abandon me in your escape, you raised your hand to strike me down now?!”

I moved away from the door, my hands covering my mouth while I scrunched up my face in fear.

Anyone who looks at me should see a young maiden that was shocked and terrified of the situation in front of her.

The other two generals who had been outside burst through the door, no doubt alarmed by the crashing sound. They turned to see my fearful facade, then the broken table and the bruised face of Hu Zhen.

Immediately piecing together what had happened, both of them rushed to separate the two.

“Stop! What are you guys doing?”

“Feng Xian! Hu Zhen! Calm down!”

Feng Xian pointed a finger at Hu Zhen, “Don’t think so highly of yourself! You should be glad to be sacrificed for this prince! What other notable achievements could you obtain in your life?!”

“You! I should’ve left you to die at the Battle of Bonang Plains! I lost half my men trying to break you out of that encirclement you got yourself in!”

“HAHAHA! You gave yourself too much credit! This prince would’ve slaughtered his way out of that place soon enough! You were just incompetent to lose those men!”

“You’ve gone too far this time, Feng Xian!” Hu Zhen roared, stepping forward with his fists clenched.

Yes… All according to the script.

A smile stretched across my face as I watched the scene in front of me play out.

I just have to keep these four occupied for a week, what better way to keep them occupied than to have them at each other’s throats?

Yes, they just have to play their part in this little act. I will be their little director, guiding them on their individual parts.

To think that Master Lin had already begun teaching me, his wisdom is truly profound.

He saw that I was lost with just a single glance, giving the solution to my problems so easily.

I don’t need to find another person to give me a script, I just have to make the scripts myself! I can be both the director and the actor!

It’s so simple yet wonderful!

Ahhh~~ This Diao Chan can’t wait for Master Lin to fully accept her as his student!

I’m sure he would be a much better director than I can ever be, I just need to be his little actress with him while being a director with others.

With this, I no longer would need to fear freedom!

Master Lin keeping me on a little leash… Mmmm~~ A loose, black leather leash tied to a matching collar on my neck. Master Lin standing over me while I grovel at his feet.

Such perfection!

Ehehehe~~ Master Lin, are you sure this is a punishment? It feels more like a reward now!


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