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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 48: New Challenger(s) Bahasa Indonesia


“I see, I will be happy to receive your disciples should they look for me for instructions.”

“Many thanks, Elder Xu,” I nodded.

“No thanks needed, Master Lin. It is my pleasure to be able to teach your disciples, even if it’s for just a lesson or two.”

I cupped my hands together, “Then I shall depend on you when the time comes.”

Elder Xu mirrored my actions, “Likewise, Master Lin.”

I turned and left Elder Xu’s courtyard, the only one aside from myself in our Sect who has bothered to learn sword arts outside of it being a hobby.

Of course, no one else knows how much I truly knew the way of the sword since I’ve never really had a reason to show it off. But having only that skill to rely on within the upper Planes should have at least made me a swordsmaster of sorts.

And since Elder Xu had already been practicing the way of the sword for several decades, he should be quite proficient with it. Or so he liked to boast.

I looked up at the night sky, visiting all the Elders and Masters who I thought would be good teachers for my girls took half the day.

I strolled towards my own courtyard, nodding greetings to the other Sect members who I passed by.

Most of our Sect members are quite nice so I’m not especially worried about any one picking on the girls. The instructors were quite thorough in disciplining any bullies and arrogant pricks back when I was a student, it shouldn’t be any different now.

I remember my first days here when I displayed my talents, some rather insecure pricks had tried to gang up on me. Elder Qing was quick to discipline them and anyone else that came after them, making it obvious that such actions were not tolerated.

The fact that I did not experience such bullying once I advanced into the more senior ranks further reinforced my beliefs about the discipline.

Entering my own courtyard, I found the girls sitting in the pavillion, waiting for my return.

Cai Hong was the first one to rush up to me.

“Papa! Papa! Huggies!”

I caught the little dragon girl as she launched herself towards me, lifting her up for a hug.

“Was Cai Hong good?” I asked.

“Ehehehe~ Cai Hong was a good girl!” She boasted.

“Good girl,” I praised, patting her head and making her purr.

“Welcome back, Master.” Lian li, Manami and Eris greeted.

“Umu, how was your day?”

“Lian Li and I were practicing the breathing technique you taught us, Master,” Manami reported with a slight bow.

I nodded, “It should help you with the summoning that both of you are having trouble with. Any results?”

“We are able to at least conceptualize the summon, but we have yet to materialise it,” Lian Li answered, disappointment clear in her voice.

I patted her head with a free hand, “That’s good, you’re all making significant progress. There’s no need to try and rush B.”

“Rush B?”

“Nothing, don’t mind it. What about Eris?”

Eris bowed, “I had went to familiarise myself with the Sect grounds.”

“Mmm, not much you can do without a partner. I already talked to the Elder that can train you in sword arts so you don’t need to worry about that.”

“This one thanks Master,” Eris bowed again.

“Anything about that Diao Chan girl?” I asked.

The girls looked at one another.

“Eris big sis went to check on her…” Cai Hong spoke up, leaning her head on my shoulder sleepily.

Eris nodded, “This one had asked around for her location and someone pointed this one to their courtyard. She seems to be keeping them in check rather well.”

I arched an eyebrow, “Oh? That’s quite surprising. How?”

Eris tapped her chin, “She’s… Quite adequate at diverting their attention elsewhere instead of causing trouble outside.”

“Let me guess… Herself?”

Eris only gave me a wry smile for an answer.

Oh well, can’t fault her for being creative.

“But she’s not causing trouble is she?”

Eris shook her head, “Negative… She is… Restrained…”

Huh… Surprising that someone like her would know how to restrain herself. Maybe I had been too harsh on her?

Ah, but there’s the possibility she’s just a Chuunibyou and all this is just her trying to act cool.

That’s probably why she seemed so arrogant during my explanation but had a change of attitude when I went to meet her.

Yeah, that’s the most likely scenario.

Sorry, but the tsundere fashion died out years ago.

Who wants to keep associating themselves with someone who spouts obscenities and constantly hurts you at every opportunity they get?

Don’t give me that love is deep bullshit.

If someone has the mind to abuse their love interest both physically and mentally, they should have the guts to confess their own love for them.

You know who would be ok with these kinds of people who abuse them because they ‘love’ them?

Masochists, that’s who.

And sorry to say, I’m the furthest away from being a Masochist. Not with what happened to me in the past… Or should that be considered future?

Whatever, that’s not important.

“Alright, it’s already past your bedtime, let’s get you girls to bed. Cai Hong is already nodding off.”

“Buuu… Cai Hong… Not sweeepyyyy…” The loli dragon muttered before promptly falling asleep in my arms.

I smiled at her cuteness, “Come then, it will not do well if any of you caught a cold outside.”

“Maybe… Master can warm us up?” Lian Li suggested meekly.

After that night where we slept together, I realised she has been a little more open than before.

Where previously a mere head pat could make her fidget about nervously, now she would even snuggle her head into my hand with a rather blissful expression.

“Master?” Eris called out, pulling my sleeve.

“Mmm? What’s wrong, Eris?”

She fidgeted, turning her face away from me, “Umm… This one… I have something to… Talk to ye about ya?”

Ah, her too, huh?

I nodded, “I’ll just tuck Cai Hong into bed, can you wait inside my room?”

“Eh? Ah, nah… I can just wait out ‘ere Master.”

“Umu… Alright then, I’ll be right back. Lian Li, Manami?”

“After you, Master.”

“Fufu~ Please lead the way, Master.”

I led the way back to their room, Lian Li opening the door for me to lay Cai Hong on her bed, tucking her in.

I had to spend some time prying her hand away from hugging my neck though.

Once I had the little dragon girl tucked in, I turned to see the two girls also laying in their respective beds, looking at me expectantly.

I raised my eyebrow at them, “What?”

“Master… Tuck us in too?” Lian Li pleaded with tearful eyes.

Hai… I think I spoil my disciples a little too much.

I tucked Lian Li in, planting a kiss on her brow before turning to do the same on Manami.

What I didn’t expect was for Manami to pull me in for a deep, long kiss on the lips before letting me go.

“Fufufu~ Thank you for the meal, Master~” My fox disciple giggled, licking her lips salaciously.

I flicked her on her forehead as punishment, blowing out the candle lights before stepping out of the room.

Eris remained at where I left her, waiting for my return.

“Shall we head to my room, Eris?” I asked.

Eris looked around furtively, “Erm… Not yet, Master. I was thinking if we could start here?”

I raised an eyebrow at her request, waving my hand to put a silence and invisibility Technique on us before stepping closer to her.

I really do think I’m spoiling them a bit too much.

Nothing wrong about it though.


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