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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 46: Making Lesson Plans Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

“Ah, I see. So it’s like an exchange program?” Lian Li asked.

Master nodded, “But only if that Diao Chan girl fulfills my condition. So tell me if any of them start making trouble for you girls.”

We nodded an affirmative to his words.

So what do you guys think about Master’s idea? [Eris]

This one believes it’s Master’s way of introducing our humble selves to the other Sect members. [Denna]

Thoughtful… [Laverna]

Yeah, we’re gonna flex on them! [Bait]

How crude, I’m pretty sure that’s not what Master had in mind. [Eris]

Maybe, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna pass up the chance to show off a bit ya know? [Bait]

Exaltation… [Laverna]

Yes. This one thinks it would be a good chance for us to extol Master’s virtues. [Denna]

“Papa… Leaving?” Cai Hong asked, pulling on Master’s pants.

Master crouched down to pat her head, “No, Papa may need to take care of some problem children. So Papa will ask a few friends to take care of you, ok?”

Cai Hong nodded, “Cai Hong will be good.”

“Hmm? But what about us, Master? I don’t think there’s any other competent swords master hanging around,” I asked.

Master stood up, “Actually, there is one other Master in the Sect that I know has practiced the art of the sword. Though I’ve never tested his skills before, he should be competent enough to train you in my absence.”

“Understood…” I nodded.

Someone who is comparable to Master? [Eris]

Doubt… [Laverna]

Indeed. It is this one’s honest opinion that no one is able to match Master’s blade. [Denna]

Heh heh heh, works for me! More asses to beat! [Bait]

This one would still prefer to have Master… [Denna]

Why? Is it because you’re jealous of those two getting it on with Master? [Bait]

This one is surprised you knew. [Denna]

Pshhh… As if it’s hard to tell with the two of them practically glowing like that! So when are we going to jump him? [Bait]

We will not ‘jump’ on Master. [Eris]

Why the hell not?! When will we get our turn then?! [Bait]

Chaste… [Laverna]

I agree. We should ask Master for it, not ‘jump’ him. [Eris]

Cooome ooon! I’m not saying literally jump on him! Stop taking my words like that! [Bait]

This one feels like it has been mentioned before but… This one humbly reminds you that you have mentioned your want of doing it outdoors. [Denna]

Are we ever going to drop this thing? It’s just my preference! [Bait]

Unlikely… [Laverna]

Bah! You guys will know the thrill of it one day! [Bait]

“Master, what shall we do for the rest of the day then?” Manami asked.

Master folded his arms, “I’ll have to pay a visit to those Elders and Masters I mentioned and inform them about this arrangement. For the rest of the day, you girls can just relax.”

“Should we accompany you, Master? To let those teachers know who exactly they are going to teach?” Lian Li suggested.

Master shook his head, “There’s no need. The Sect Master should have already told them about this arrangement, I’m just going to them to confirm it.”

Master stood from his seat, “I’ll head off first, you girls be careful, alright?”

“Take care, Master,” All of us bowed.


We watched Master stroll out of his courtyard before turning to look at one another.

“I will practice the breathing technique Master taught us the other day,” Lian Li decided.

“Fufufu, this big sister shall join you then~”

“Cai Hong too!”

What about us? [Eris]

Well, there ain’t much to learn when we don’t have an opponent to spar against. So what do y’all suggest? [Bait]

Spy… [Laverna]

This one agrees, we can go see what that rude woman is doing. [Denna]

All in agreement? [Eris]

Aye! [Bait]

Yes… [Laverna]

“Mmmm… I’ll go see what that girl Master mentioned is doing.” I announced.

“Ara? That’s a good idea. Tell us if she’s planning anything bad ok? Big sis will be sure to punish her lots~” Manami giggled.

Lian Li nodded, “Mhmm, no matter how noble her intentions are, she was still incredibly rude to Master. She needs to go through the initiation if she wants to join us.”

Cai Hong sucked on her finger, “Bad woman… Cai Hong punish?”

I patted Cai Hong’s head, “No, she may be a potential sister. We just have to teach her a little.”

“Yay! Cai Hong likes teaching! Cai Hong wants to teach!”

“Soon,” I promised. “I’ll be off then.”

“Have a safe trip~” Manami waved.

“Go armed,” Lian Li suggested.

Should we? [Eris]

This one believes it is better to be prepared than not. [Denna]

And we can whoop some ass if we find some! [Bait]

Ignore her… [Laverna]

I nodded to her suggestion, moving to retrieve my sword from our room before leaving.


It took us a while to get directions from a passing Student Practitioner, pointing us to the building they were staying at.

Before I could enter through the main door however, a loud crash resounded from within.

I retracted my outstretched arm, a hand gripping on my sword as I stalked towards the side of the building instead.

Crouching beneath an open window, I peeked over it to see broken furniture and two men having a standoff while another two tried to pacify the situation.

“You’ve gone too far this time, Feng Xian!” A man shouted.

“Ha! Hu Zhen! You think you’re a match for this prince?! Then come at me!” Another one called out.

One man moved to hold that Feng Xian guy back, “Young master! Please stop this!”

“Hu Zhen! Listen to yourself! What are you even saying?” The last man held back the one called Hu Zhen.

It seems like there’s a fight. [Eris]

Really? Sounds like a really touching boy’s love story there. [Bait]

Unbelievable… [Laverna]

I was being sarcastic, come ooooon. [Bait]

This one humbly points out that Diao Chan girl is standing in the corner. [Denna]

True enough, Diao Chan was standing in the far corner of the room near the door, staring at the scene in front of her.

Instead of the concerned face we thought she might be making, she had an extremely out of place smile on her face. Her eyes were glazed over while her lips stretched to her ears, displaying her perfect white teeth.

Her hands were placed delicately in front of her waist, her body’s posture suggesting that she was merely an uninvolved onlooker.

Her aura… It’s different from before. [Eris]

More… Dark… [Laverna]

Master had said she was a Witch, does that have something to do with that? [Denna]

Hell if I know, we don’t even know Witches existed until yesterday. [Bait]

She looks happy. [Eris]

Eerie… [Laverna]

Heck, I didn’t even know she was capable of making such a face either. [Bait]

Hey, ya guys think this be considered trouble enough? [Bait]

This one suggests we wait and see. [Denna]

Agreed, let’s just see how this plays out. [Eris]

Alright, but I’m telling ya. This girl looks crazy to me. [Bait]

I settled down, keeping myself hidden while I observed the men continue their bickering, all of them unaware of the smiling Witch that was observing them from behind.


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