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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 45: Here’s Some Punishment Bahasa Indonesia


After leaving Cai Hong behind with the girls and explaining that I would be taking out the trash, I dragged the unconscious Feng Xian by his left foot towards the Student Practitioner dorms.

I got a few raised eyebrows along the way but no one stopped to question me.

I’d say it wasn’t hard to guess what occurred when they saw who I was dragging and the weapon that I was holding propped against my shoulder.

I got the directions to their courtyard from the Elder in charge, he barely batted an eye about my current situation too.

Finding their shared building, I entered to see the three side characters seated in the common area, discussing something in muted whispers.

They leapt to their feet the moment they saw me enter with Feng Xian in tow, dragging him across the door threshold.

Instead of being enraged like I thought they’d be, they seem absolutely frightened for some reason.

“Where is Diao Chan?” I asked, dropping Feng Xian’s halberd in the corner.

The three of them pointed towards the furthest room in the corner.

Seems like the guys had let her choose the corner room that had no windows.

What? Surprised that she was allowed to live in the same area as the guys? We have no gender segregation here I’ll have you know.

These kids better be old enough to decide for themselves since we’re literally teaching them how to use their abilities to kill things if they so wished.

If we can’t even trust them to decide who they want to sleep with, why even bother teaching them?

They can decide for themselves what to do with their life as long as it doesn’t bother the others.

There’s this philosophy that I remember hearing from someone in the Spiritual Plane: ‘There are two problems in this world: your problems and my problems. Do not make your problems into my problems.”

Worked rather well for me and I’m gonna stick by it.

I walked past them to reach the room, pushing against it only to find it locked.

I braced on a foot and kicked the door down, I’m not going to waste time to convince some insecure girl to come out of her room like an idiot.

She was sitting on the bed with her knees tucked to her chin, seemingly lost in thought.

My abrupt entrance had shocked her on her feet, her eyes widening when she saw me enter.

Hmm? Did I see a hint of anticipation in those eyes? Nah, must be the light.

I tossed the comatose Feng Xian into the room, “Your little boyfriend got upset about you being upset.”

Feng Xian hit the ground face-first with a loud thud, his body still unmoving.

Diao Chan stared at the unconscious man, her face scrunched up in confusion as though she didn’t understand the scene in front of her. It took a minute before she looked up at me.

“You… Beat him?” She asked.

I raised an eyebrow, “What? Didn’t you send him to come and disturb me?”

She tilted her head, “Why would I do that? I truly meant it when I said I wanted to learn under you, Master Lin. I do not think causing unnecessary problems for you will put me in your good graces…”

Well I guess she does have a point. Her breathing did not hitch and her expressions were normal too, she’s probably telling the truth for this one.

Disregarding the fact that she insulted my disciples and I with her words that day, the fact that she was willing to go that far just to learn under me showed her resolve.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, I suppose.

The doesn’t mean I was fine with her talking down my disciples like that though.

“In that case, take care of him, won’t you?” I gestured to him. “I don’t want him to come over and disturb me unless he’s interested in learning.”

“Eh?” She gasped.

I raised an eyebrow at her shocked visage, “What were you expecting?”

She hugged herself, “Ummm… You’re… Not going to punish me?”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “You already admitted that you had nothing to do with him coming to me, so why would I?”

“Erm… The inappropriate things I said in front of your students? I… I didn’t know what… Ermm… I had assumed your disciples and Master Lin’s circumstances… And acted rudely… So… I hope– Ahem, thought I was going to get… Punished?”

Why does it sound like a plea at the end?

Ah, she probably thought that she would get back into my good graces if she opens herself for atonement. Very well then, I can at least give her a chance if she’s genuine about her want for learning.

She will be a good partner for the girls to learn about Witches too.

“Alright, here’s your punishment,” I pointed a finger at the still unconscious Feng Xian. “Make sure he nor your friends outside cause any trouble or complaints for a week and I will consider taking you guys in as students. That is, if any of you are interested in it.”

Judging by the attitude of the spoiled brat currently passed out on the floor, it won’t be an easy task for her.

If she fails then I’ll kick them out of here like they were supposed to in the first place.

But on the off chance she manages to succeed, I’ll at least get a few more cooperative students to teach which is leagues better than rebellious ones.

What happened to my easy life plans?

This is my easy life plan!

If I don’t teach them now, others are going to show up later, I guarantee it.

It would be so tiring to come up with reasons to reject every single one of them.

Much better that I make them proficient enough and have them do all the heavy lifting in the future right?

I meant it when I said I would work for my easy life ok?

And honestly, the amount of effort I’m putting in now is incomparable to the hellish training regimes I set myself up with in my last life.

Break time? Never heard of it.

Social life? Can that be eaten?

Off days? You mean extra training days?

Why else do you think Elder Qing was surprised by the way I was treating my disciples?

Ah, that reminds me.

Sorry for thinking you had grown senile Elder Qing, you were right about this group after all.

Still, you can’t be too sure about old Practitioners, really.

They can turn into rambling old fogeys at the drop of a hat.

“Master Lin! Diao Chan accepts your punishment! Please watch me!” The girl thumped her chest enthusiastically.

Huh? I thought she would be the cool headed beauty type? Why did she become so energetic all of a sudden?

Don’t tell me… Chuunibyou?!



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