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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 35: A Little Consolation Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Cai Hong does not like weird stuff…

This old fart who is trying to bluff Papa is weird.

Cai Hong punish old fart?

Muuu… Cai Hong cannot punish old fart because of crowd. Maybe Cai Hong will punish him later if big sisters says so.

Cai Hong not happy…

When Cai Hong not happy, Cai Hong thinks about things that makes Cai Hong happy!

Cai Hong likes Papa~

Cai Hong likes Papa’s headpats~

Cai Hong likes Papa’s smell~

Ehehehe~ Cai Hong is still holding on to Papa’s shirt.

Muuu? Papa is on stage again? Is Papa going to beat up all the weird people again?

Cai Hong likes to watch Papa beat up the weirdos!

Oh, it’s just the weird old fart.

Muuu? Papa did a new move Cai Hong never saw before!

Papa kicked the weirdo between the legs and the weirdo disappeared instantly!

This must be a new secret move by Papa!

Cai Hong will learn it!

Then Cai Hong can use it on all the bad people who makes Papa sad!

Then after that, Cai Hong can punish them!

Papa is the best!

“Papa! Carry~” Cai Hong reached towards Papa.

Papa picked Cai Hong up after coming down from the stage.


Cai Hong is getting headpats.


(Manami POV)




Oh Master, you truly are my destined mate!

Only you can tempt me like this!

Ahhh~~ I don’t think I can hold out much longer~~

The way he punished that annoying fly… Simply divine~~

Those useless trash think they can corner Master so easily? My fox ears are not for show you know? I could hear all the shameless things you were saying behind Master’s back.

Make use of your disciples’ injury as an excuse to get our benevolent Master to go to your Sect? Then take that chance to learn his secrets before arranging an accident? Fufufufu, how naive.

And what was that about not letting us accompany Master so that there will be fewer things to clean up once you guys are done? I guess we’ll have to keep this group of worthless trash in our sights.

Those two worthless dogs that we crippled will only be the beginning. We couldn’t finish their baptism because those two passed out from just that short session, causing the Technique to activate and send them out of the stage prematurely. I suppose we will be paying them another visit to finish their initiation.

But first things first.

I gripped Lian Li’s shoulder, “It’s ok right? Just let this big sister jump Master tonight. I don’t mind if you join you know? We can do it together, I really don’t mind. Just let me have the first shot, let me have the thickest one, that’s all this big sister is asking for.”

Lian Li pursed her lips, averting her eyes.

Ara, ara? She’s trembling. Is she tempted too?

“I can’t…”

“Fufufu… Why are you still denying what you blatantly desire?”

She looked me in the eye, fear evident on her face, “We caused trouble for Master.”

That sobered me up quickly.

What she said was true, because of our carelessness, we caused a few insects to bother Master. To think I was so blinded by my lust to not even be able to see such a thing… I need to reflect on myself.

We should take more care in punishing the heathens in the future.

But it seems Lian Li was quite badly affected though, her entire body was shivering and she dared not look in Master’s direction.

Was she afraid of incurring Master’s anger? Did something happen between the two of them in the past before Master saved me?

Ah, before I wonder about such things, I need to properly apologise to Master for our mistake when he returns.

“I’m back,” Master announced as soon as he returned.

“”Master, forgive us, for we have sinned,”” Lian Li and I bowed our heads.

There was a slight pause as Master placed Cai Hong on the ground. His hands entered our vision and lifted both our heads up by our chins, showing us a face devoid of blame.

“What? Is this about those two guys? Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t any of your faults.”

“But… We caused trouble for you, Master…” Lian Li .

“Problems? You mean that Elder? That is but a small little thing, hardly even can be considered a problem. He’s just someone who bit off more than he can chew. I’ll be fine as long as nothing happened to any of you.”

“Master…” Lian Li sniffed. “Please… Don’t… Don’t ever abandon us…”

Master smiled at her, “I won’t, you are all my precious disciples after all.”

Lian Li teared up, “Rea… Really? I… I… I am useless without Master… I… I don’t want to… to… Go back to…”

Master pulled her into a hug, “No, you’re not going anywhere.”

Lian Li sniffled and cried into Master’s chest.

Ah… I understand now.

Lian Li is afraid that any mistakes from her could lead to Master abandoning her without a second thought. It seems she has abandonment issues that originated from her past.

I am a little ashamed to admit that aside from her history of being raped by her ex-fiance, I know next to nothing about her background. Then again, none of us cared about each of our backgrounds as long as we serve Master.

But Lian Li, you should have some faith in Master you know? Master is the most benevolent and loving being in existence, we just have to ensure he stays in the light.


Yes, we just have to take care of the filthy heretics who dare to try and sully our Master.

Alright, this big sister shall hold back and wait until tomorrow before she starts her hunt~~

Ah, I shouldn’t get distracted now, I still have to repent for my mistake. During the tortu–enlightening session, I should have made sure they stayed for the sermon until the end. This big sister got a little too enthusiastic with her sermons which probably resulted in Lian Li doing the same.

What a blunder…

“Master,” I called out, my hands grasping on his arm. “Please forgive this disciple for her mistakes as well… I should have known better.”

Master patted my head, his hands brushing against my ears and tickling them.

“You have done no wrong, there is nothing to forgive.”

Master~~ Please don’t tempt me like this~~

I’m really holding myself back you know? I really am you know?

This big sister really wants to hold back ok?

It’s just Master really is too much in tempting this big sister~~

Especially Master’s hands~~



Riiiiight there~~

Right behind the ears~~

Ufufufu~~ Master that tickles~~



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