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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 36: A Little Wake Up Call Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

I felt it was such a shame the two insects only received less than half our sermons before they disappeared from the stage. Both Manami and I agreed that we would continue our preaching to those two lost souls at a later date.

But what was really unexpected for me was those old farts using their disciples as an excuse to try and target Master!

Despite all that Master had done, his overwhelming display of absolute power, these people still possess thoughts of harming Master?


This was my fault wasn’t it?

I gave these scum a reason to target Master.

If we hadn’t risen up to their provocation, they would not have a reason to do this at all.

When that Elder came to demand compensation from Master, I felt my rage build up inside me, threatening to tear that old decrepit trash apart. But the moment Master’s face changed when he realised we crippled the two thing’s manhood, my whole body froze up.

The aura of kindness and benevolence disappeared and an aura of icy calm replaced it.

Seeing how Manami, Eris and Cai Hong failed to react to it tells me that I was the only one who felt the change.

I couldn’t tell what the reason was that I alone felt that aura. Was it because I spent more time with Master to understand that little intricate detail? Or was it because that aura was meant for me?

That last thought frightened me beyond measure.

My entire body shook in fear and my mind blanked out.

I remembered my days back in the village.

I had thought my fate was set in stone.

To be the perfect wife, my mother had always said. I could not object nor could I escape. Harsh words and punishments always awaited me whenever they felt I was a disappointment.

They abandoned me to the scum son.

I could do nothing but mend and sew, to clean and cook, to be a pretty face for him to ravage.

Thus the scum son abandoned me for the monsters.

I had no skills, no connections and I was hungry and scarred.

The city of Jin abandoned me to its slums.

I was another competitor for the limited food, another thief and runner on the streets.

Of course the slum squatters never took me in kindly either.

Even at Heaven Sect, the entire Sect was prepared to abandon me as well, to kick me back into the abyss where I had thought I barely managed to claw out from.

But Master was there to catch me before I fell, pulling me away from the edge into his warm embrace.

I clung on to the belief that as long as I was with Master, the abyss would be but a fading memory.

I realised I had grown complacent.

Master is benevelovent, and I took advantage of Master’s kindness.

My failure might still lead to Master abandoning me as well.

To be abandoned by my beloved Master… It terrifies me to no end.

I didn’t even see how Master dealt with the Elder, being too absorbed by my own fears.

Manami gripped my shoulder then, telling me something about jumping on Master.

“I can’t,” I whispered, afraid my own voice might betray me as well. “We caused trouble for Master.”

I could only hope that Master punishes me but lets me stay, I don’t even mind giving up everything else as long as I can stay with Master.

Master returned with Cai Hong in his arms.

I bowed my head together with Manami, “Master, forgive us, for we have sinned.”

I did not want to be abandoned again.

But contrary to what I thought, Master did not blame me, he made a promise that I would not leave his side.

He promised me that I would not return to that dreadful place again.

I felt my fears being swept away once more.


This lowly Lian Li is not worthy.

Master pulled me into his bosom, soothing me as I cried, not even caring that I was probably dirtying his clothes with my tears.

My everything is for Master.

I decided then, as unworthy as I was, I will offer myself to Master. I was not sure if Master will accept me, but there is nothing else I can offer at this moment.

As soon as we return to the Sect, I will do it.

And I must double my efforts in bringing Master’s light to the rest of the world.

Once we have achieved that, I would finally be able to offer the world to Master, as it should be.

But now… Let me just bask in Master’s warmth.



I see Lian Li is still carrying such a heavy baggage on her. I am not one to pry about another’s past unnecessarily so I’ve never bothered to inquire about my disciples’ history.

Why focus so much on what is already past and neglect what is in front of you? You don’t see me wallowing in self pity about my past either.

But that’s just me I suppose, I’ve had more than a decade to deal with my problems but Lian Li probably hasn’t gotten over hers.

Since she hasn’t approached me about it, it shouldn’t be something that she can openly share.

Some say that it is better to talk about your problems with someone but that doesn’t mean you force someone to start divulging their secret problems when they’re not even ready to do so.

What I can do is wait patiently for her while being there to support her.

But that’s just the psychological problems that I can’t solve at the moment. As their Master, I still have my duty to protect my cute disciples.

This kind of thing shan’t happen again as long as I can help it.

I let Lian Li cry her heart out on my chest while soothing both her and Manami at the same time, ignoring the gazes of the other Practitioners around me.

They can judge however they want, but since I’ve taken in these girls, I have started to feel a sense of responsibility to them. I won’t be like those damn backstabbing, jealous and ungrateful teachers in those confounded Planes.

You know, some people say that the smarter some people are, the more blinders they have on them?

I realised now just how many blinders I have on me.

I had been so focused on training myself solitarily in the past that I’ve thought that things would remain the same even when I get disciples. I’ve forgotten even the most basic rules of human interactions and emotions.

I tried to kick this can down the road but apparently the can got really big all of a sudden.

I can’t get my easy life by just going with the flow all the time, this isn’t a boat ride along a calm river current.


Life is like being tossed along violent river rapids that are full of rocks and debris, you are going to need to paddle for your life if you don’t want to smash against those rocks and drown.

It’s just that the rapids in the Earthen Plane are calmer than the other two Planes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to paddle.

To keep my current easy, well easier, life, I’m still going to have to work for it.

I know what I have to do now, and I know where I need to start.

But before starting that plan of mine, I need to comfort my traumatised disciples.

They are too precious.


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