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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 34: Ball Busting Bahasa Indonesia


It took about fifteen minutes before the two Fiery Flames Sect disciples landed outside the stage, both of them unconscious.

The fire wall came down a few moments later, my two cute disciples looking like the very image of calmness.

Lian Li rushed down from the stage to meet me, her eyes full of sparkles.

“Master! I did it!” Lian Li declared with a satisfied smile.

“Mmm, mmm… Good job,” I praised her, patting her head.

“Master, me too,” Manami announced proudly, making her way to my side.

“Yes, yes, you did good too,” I relented, patting her head as well.

They always asked for headpats as rewards that it’s become second nature for me to do it.

Who knew that taking care of disciples involved patting heads? Not that I’m complaining but I don’t remember my head being patted back when I was a student.

Or is this head pat thing just for them?

While I was busy with the headpats, I heard the Fiery Flames Sect members fussing over the two defeated members.

I didn’t hear what they said exactly but I heard a few lines like “an excuse”, “come over”, “we will learn”.

The rest of their words were drowned out as another duel started on the stage

“Hohoho! To think that your disciples could even take on Elite Practitioners at their current level, they must be truly gifted!” Sect Master Long laughed, appearing beside me.

Lian Li bowed her head, “Not at all Sect Master. It is thanks to Master’s guidance that we have reached our level today.”

Noooo… Why you do this, Lian Li? They’re going to push their incompetent students on me at this rate!

Do you want your Master to be swamped by other incompetent students all day? I won’t have time to laze around after that you know?

How am I supposed to brush your hair if that happens? Think about it!

I faked a laugh, “Hahaha, what are you saying, Lian Li? I merely pointed you in the right direction, everything else is because of your own efforts.”

“Ara, ara? Master, you are too modest. I would never have reached where I am today without your guidance.”

Et tu Manami?

“Yes, Master is the best teacher,” Eris nodded beside me.

Cai Hong hugged my leg, “Papa! Strong!”

“Hahaha! Master Lin, you truly are a heaven sent genius!” Sect Master Ling chuckled before leaving.

I watched him return to his seat, striking up a conversation with the other Elders and Masters.

I can feel my easy life drifting further and further away…

Well… I can’t really blame the girls, they seem like they were really genuine in their praises and I never told them I actually want an easy life.

Really though, which Master would straight up tell their disciples that they want an easy life? I would lose all the credit with them if they found out about that!

Imagine your teacher coming to class and saying ‘hey, I don’t want to be bothered so much so I’ll only teach the really smart ones to support me.’

Yeah, might as well just commit social suicide there.

I’ll need to come up with a plan to stop the horde of students I see coming my way!

Before I could formulate a plan, an Elder from the Fiery Flames Sect approached me, anger evident on his face.

“Master Lin! How do you intend to compensate for this?!” He yelled.

I raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry? You are?”

Those words seemed to piss him off as his face became redder, “Elder Tisi of the Fiery Flames Sect! Your disciples here have cippled my disciples!”

I tilted my head to see the two Fiery Flames disciples still unconscious on the ground. Sending out a wave of my Pure Elemental quarks, I scanned their bodies for anomalies.

Finding nothing, I turned back to him with narrowed eyes, “They are only unconscious, why are you making such a big fuss?”

He gritted his teeth, “Only unconscious?! Do you not see their manhood has been completely crippled?!”

Oh, they really are.

I turned to Lian Li and Manami.

They looked a little sheepish as they avoided eye contact.

“They did… Inappropriate actions to us, Master… And it was a reflex action,” Lian Li explained.

Poor girls, those two men must have tried to touch them inappropriately while they were exchanging pointers. At least they’re not hurt.

I turned back to Elder Tisi, my face unamused with a little hint of anger, “Then their actions were justified, Elder Tisi. Such despicable actions are never acceptable.”

“Does that warrant the crippling of their manhood?!”

“They brought it upon themselves and it’s not like it can’t be healed.”

“Healed?! So easily?! Who around here can heal such a wound?!”

I tilted my head at him, “It’s not even completely crippled. Soak them in a bath of Healing Grass herbs every night while having them consume a mixture of the Vi flower, Ag salt and Ra grass for three days.”

“I… Umm… Er… I still demand compensation! They have been humiliated!”

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes, “Very well, I’ll make sure to discipline my disciples properly about proper fighting etiquettes, would that satisfy you?”

“Huh? How will that satisfy me?” He asked clearly offended. “For all I know, my disciples may be traumatised for life!”

This time I actually rolled my eyes, “Alright then, what do you want?”

“Come to our Sect and heal them personally! Then compensate our Sect with the amount of time lost for their recuperation!”

“That’s not going to happen. I already gave you the way to heal them and I still have my responsibilities to my disciples.”

“What? Who cares about them? Our Sect’s disciples come first!”

“Because the are your disciples right? It’s the same for me that my own disciples come first.”

He furrowed his eyes, “You’re avoiding responsibility! The least you could do is to come over to our Sect and nurse them!”

I sighed, “Then you’ll have to arrange accommodations for my disciples as well.”

“That… Err… No! There’s no way we can allow those demonesses into our Sect grounds! What if they cripple even more of our members?!”

I narrowed my eyes, turning towards the stage and walking away.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?!” The Elder demanded.

I turned my head to him, “To the stage of course, you want to teach me a lesson right?”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Well, I think we should just stop pretending now, don’t you think?” I stated, gesturing towards the stage.

The previous fight had already ended a while ago, though I didn’t get the chance to know who were the participants.

Without waiting to see his reaction, I leapt onto the stage, taking a second to double check that the Cultivation Technique I had designed was still intact on the stage.

After I was sure it was intact, I rose to my full height, “I formally challenge Elder Tisi of the Fiery Flames Sect to settle his grievances here on stage.”

There was a wave of gasps from the audience.

What? Was it really that surprising for me to do this? This is what he wants right? He even went out of his way to insult my disciples, if it wasn’t a fight he was looking for, what else could it be?

The Elder took a step back from my challenge, looking towards his Sect Master.

Ah, I guess he’s still asking for permission.

With a nod from the Sect Master of the Fiery Flames Sect, the Elder leapt up on stage before me.

“To think you’ll go this far for your disciples… Or is it because you have something against our Fiery Flames Sect, Master Lin?” The Elder asked.

“Not at all,” I shrugged. “But if you think I’m fine with my disciples being harrassed, you’ll be wrong.”

“This… Master Lin, don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit here?”

I scoffed, “Overreacting? I hardly think so. Do you know what it means when I tell you the attitude makes the man?”

The Elder frowned while shaking his head.

“Then let me give you a special lesson,” I declared.

The announcer checked that we were both ready, the two of us nodding in response.

The bell rang but both of us remained at where we were.

I raised my eyebrow at him, “Well? Are we going to stand around here all day, or are we going to fight?”

The Elder gritted his teeth, a ball of Spirit Fire materialising above him.

Before he could do anything else though, I was in front of him, my foot kicking straight between his legs with lightning speed.

There was a loud “crunch” before the Elder dissipated into thin air, reappearing outside the stage unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

I descended from the stage casually.

Overreacting? Please.

No one gets to bully my disciples in front of me.

If they do, they won’t get to do it a second time.

I’ll make sure of it.


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