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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 338: Vacation Training Bahasa Indonesia


The good thing about those ‘guests’ was that they seemed content enough to just laze around and not want for anything much, even from us.

Sure they were rude and insufferable, but they don’t come and look for us if we don’t appear in their sights.

Though I’m still wondering where the servants went, they couldn’t have just all disappeared right? The chefs were still around so it’s just the housekeepers who are missing alongside the four yokai maids.

I tried asking if my disciples had seen them around and all of them just shrugged.

“Buuu… Maybe they are mowing the lawn?” Cai Hong had suggested, to which I gave her a headpat for.

Oh well, I’m guessing Delta gathered them together in some staff room of sorts to inform them about our newcomers or something. Not that I know if there are any staff rooms here.

Well, it’s not like we can’t function without them so I decided to just ignore it for now, concentrating on the more important issue at hand.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” I asked, facing my disciples and sisters who were thoroughly satisfied by the breakfast I prepared.

“Umm… Is there anything Master wants to do? Something Master wishes to do but have not yet done?” Diao Chan asked.

How considerate of her, thinking about me when they are the ones who should be having fun right now.

I thought for a moment, “There’s not really anything I have in mind to do, I’m even fine with just staying in with all of you if you want?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Brendan frowning at Lian Li who returned it with one of her own.

Not sure what that was about but Eris moved closer to me at that moment, excitement clear on her face, “Then Master! Would… Would it be ok if we had another lesson today? I’m afraid my skills might get rusty if I idle for too long…”

Wow, I knew my disciples were hardworking but that is really taking it to another level. Voluntary training even on vacation? Now that’s dedication.

“Hmmm… What about the rest? Anything you guys want to do today?”

“I’m fine with just staying near Master!” Diao Chan proclaimed happily, latching herself onto my arm. I’m pretty sure I heard her muttering “… Please spank me…” under her breath well… Maybe I’ll indulge in her later on.

My little dragon came up to hug my other arm, squealing, “Cai Hong wants to stay with Papa! Ehehehe~ Headpats?”

Of course I had to give her the requested headpats when she asked me so nicely.

“Ah… In that case. I would like to spend the time restocking some of my potions, Master. If that is ok with you?” Brendan muttered while poking his fingers together.

“Of course,” I nodded. “Do you need my help with that?”

“No! I mean… No, Master. Senior sister Lian Li said she wanted to help me with it this time.”

I raised any eyebrow towards my golden haired disciple.

She bowed her head to me, “That is true Master. I felt I had hit a wall in my training lately and perhaps taking up another area of focus will help me with an unexpected breakthrough.”

Ah Lian Li, as hardworking as ever. I have no doubt that she might even surpass me one day if she continues training this hard. Then again, she did cause that world ending calamity in my previous life didn’t she? So I guess it should be expected of her.

Thankfully I already trained her to be as non-violent as I could to make sure that calamity doesn’t happen.

Kiyomi raised her hand, “I would like to continue my lesson with Master as well, if Master does not mind.”

I gave her a wry smile, “Your current power still not sufficient enough for you?”

The white fox merely smiled at me,answering my question with how her tails were waving behind her.

“Ara, ara~ In that case, I shall join you, my dearest Kiyomi~” Manami giggled, her tails waving just as much as her sister’s.

Something tells me I would not like what the contents of that novel is but I doubt there’s much I can do to convince her not to write it at this point.

Elaria was making a complicated face beside Odriana, “Gunununu… I want to be with Onii-sama but I also want to help Onee-sama with the new novel… What should I do…”

My older sister patted her on the head, “Fufufu~ There is no need to choose, I will go to where dearest brother will be to write it. There’s definitely still space for more content after all. Fufufu~”

Elaria cheered while I groaned internally.

Ugh… Well at least Brendan wouldn’t be there to give her any of ‘those’ ideas.

We snuck ourselves out through the back door, avoiding Diu Diao and his posse who were still in the dining room to head back down to the beach, or in Lian Li and Brendan’s case, back to their rooms.

For the two fox sisters, I just needed to guide them in improving their Quark circulation which would speed up their Technique casting time and inner strength. I didn’t want to give them anything too strenuous since we are, after all, still on vacation.

The two of them immediately sat down on the beach to meditate, a soft red and bluish white glow emanating from the two of them.

Eris, on the other hand, insisted I gave her a workout so we would be sparring seriously from the get go.

Cai Hong was seated on Diao Chan’s lap, the loli dragon drawing something on a piece of paper that Odriana had given her. From how she had been throwing glances at me, I don’t think I need to guess what my loli dragon is drawing.

Diao Chan herself was staring at me intently as well, though hers was with a perverted expression on her face. There was even a trail of drool running down the side of her lips too.

I should give her a good spanking later for letting her perversion run wild here.

Odriana was already absorbed into her writing frenzy, her pen flying off the pages as she scribbled page after page of content in seconds.

Elaria was acting as her editor, receiving the completed pages and editing each page almost as fast as her sister was churning them out, making the necessary changes to each of them with her own pen.

Their efficiency truly is the envy of all writers.

Putting aside my small audience for now, I focused on my sword wielding disciple who was standing a short distance away from me, her blade held loosely by her side.

I double checked that my safety inscription was laid and active before announcing, “Same rules again. Anything goes, spar stops on the first hit.”

Now, normally no matter what I say to try and convince them, my cute disciples will never go all out on me, always saying that it was ‘sacrilegious’ for them to try and hurt me even if my protection inscription was up.

But recently, I found out saying a single phrase would make them go all out against me depending on the circumstances.

Summoning my own sword into my hands, I grinned at her, “Make me proud.”

I could sense the aura around her change dramatically. She lowered into her stance and her sword was now held tightly with the tip of it pointed towards me.

She lowered her head slightly, her eyes staring straight at me unwavering, “Forgive this one’s impudence, Master… Here I come!”


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