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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 339: Master’s Pride Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

Right, so Lian Li said we just need to keep Master busy here until Cai Hong goes for her nap. [Eris]

Manami… Take tears… [Laverna]

And then Brendan will make the potion that will make sure that slimy little bastard gets what he deserves! [Bait]

This one would like to humbly remind you that Master is right in front of us, so please kindly refrain from giving things away. [Denna]

Dun worry about it, of course I wouldn’t make such a simple mistake! [Bait]

So I’m assuming we are going to do the usual? Just swing our sword in Master’s direction a few times and have Master correct our forms? [Eris]

This one thinks that would be the best course of action, yes. [Denna]

Alrighty! Let’s get this show started then! Better make sure we don’t hit Master on acci– [Bait]

Master summoned his sword before looking straight at us, “Make me proud.”

… [All]

We can’t disappoint Master. [Eris]

Master has expectations of us. [Denna]

Perfection… [Laverna]

Master… We’re gunna hafta go serious on Him. [Bait]

Disappointing Master would be the most sacrilegious thing we can do right now. Everyone, we have to do this seriously. [Eris]

Ready when you are, we needta’ pull off everything to land even one hit on Him. [Bait]

I’ll be relying on you all for the quick casts. All of us needs to pay attention to each of His limbs, His sword is an extension of His body. Do not be too focused on the sword to lose sight of those or it’ll be our loss. [Eris]

One hit… We win… [Laverna]

Then we ready for it? [Bait]

Yes… [Laverna]

Ready. [Denna]

Let’s go. [Eris]

I lowered my head to Master, “Forgive this one’s impudence, Master… Here I come!”

Master smiled and nodded, indicating that he was ready for me.

I tensed my leg muscles before dashing forward, my sword held with both hands and aiming straight at Master’s throat.

I abruptly stopped my charge just a step away from Him, leaning forward as far as I could while releasing my left hand’s grip on my sword.

The extra reach allowed me to redirect my sword’s path towards Master’s left ankle.

Master had lifted the foot in question to avoid it, not at all falling for my ruse.

Drop and roll! [Bait]

My body moved before I could comprehend the words spoken in my head, flattening myself against the ground.

A split second later, Master’s sword cleaver through where my head had been, the blade brushing through the strands of my hair.

Rolling to my right, I created a distance away from Master in order to recover.

Scrambling back to my feet, I looked up to see Master standing in front of me with His sword raised above his head like an executioner’s axe.

Thrust… [Laverna]

No! Parry it! Master’s sword can speed up! [Denna]

I swung my sword above me in an arc, just in time to deflect Master’s rocket-boosted overhead slash to my right.

Shoulder bash!! [Bait]

I braced myself and lunged forward with my shoulder, only to hit empty air as Master had simply sidestepped my attack.

Stumbling forward, I slashed my sword behind me on instinct, forcing Master to abandon His chase and creating more distance between us.

Ready… [Laverna]

I moved my sword behind me, giving Master a smirk and a come-hither gesture.

Master returned my smirk and chose to accept my provocation, dashing towards me with his sword trailing behind him.

This one is ready too. [Denna]

I brought my sword up to slash downwards, releasing a gout of flames that rushed towards Master.

Master merely leapt to the side to avoid it, not at all slowing down His advance.

Expecting that to happen, I released the second blast of fire into the ground, targeting the area where Master was heading to as the exit point.

Master’s eyes narrowed slightly, stopping his advance for a split second to leap into the sky.

A split second later, another gout of flames erupted from the ground in front of Him. Had Master chosen not to jump upwards, those flames would have engulfed Him.

Do it now! [Eris]

“Yaaarrrgghh!” I roared, swinging my sword back up from the ground to point directly at Master who was still airborne.

The Lightning Quarks that I had been shoring up charged up my sword, all of the energy rushing towards the tip before it was blasted straight at Master.

Surely this must hit!

As though reading my thoughts, Master flashed me a grin before his sword’s thrusters were ignited again, bringing the sword up in front of Him to deflect the lightning bolt away harmlessly.

The good thing was that the blast managed to knock Master back a few feet, giving me time to recover from using such a draining attack.

I moved myself back to my stance, just as Master resumed His charge once more, this time with His sword dragging along the ground.

Not leaving anything to chance, I leapt forward with my sword out, slashing my blade in front of me in an overhead slash.

The wind blade that I had been charging up was released, the invisible blade slicing through the air towards Master.

Master’s sword ignited again, the giant blade blasting itself forward to cut through the ground and tossing chunks of earth towards me.

My wind blade was easily dispersed by the impromptu shield, forcing me to leap aside to avoid the pieces of earth that were flying towards me.

I immediately raised my sword to guard my left, just in time to block the slash that Master had followed up with.

The impact alone had sent me skidding a short distance away, my arms feeling slightly numb.

Don’t receive it directly! [Eris]

I know, damnit! I didn’t have a choice! [Bait]

Master’s coming! [Denna]

I barely managed to lift my sword in time to parry Master’s sword thrust to my side, His blade missing me by mere inches.

Unperturbed, Master shoulder bashed into me, throwing me off balance while using the force to reposition Himself and preventing me from counterattacking.

When I looked up again, Master’s sword was already at my throat, signaling His victory.

I sighed as Master lowered His sword, not knowing how to face Master.

Instead of being disappointed at my lack of skill, Master had started to pat my head with a wide grin.

“That was great, Eris, I am so proud of you.”

I looked up at Master, utterly confused, “Wha… What do you mean, Master? I failed you and lost…”

Master chuckled, “Oh Eris, I never said you had to win to make me proud! The way you baited me to leap into the air for a lightning bolt was wonderful. If it were anyone else, there wouldn’t have been any way for them to avoid it. You have already shown so much improvement from your training so of course I will be proud of you.”

At this point in time, I had trouble concentrating because my mind was blank with happiness, even the other three were absolutely stunned.

“Still need to work on your feints though, your eyes give your true intentions away, but other than that, great form as usual,” Master complimented.

It took me a while longer before my cognitive functions returned and my body started to move again, my body latching on to Master’s while I looked up at Him with upturned eyes.

“Master… Reward?” I begged.

His smile turned into a wry one as he pulled me in close to Him, tilting my chin upwards so that he could plant His lips on mine.

Ahhhhn~~ I have absolutely no regrets!!


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