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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 337: Torture Plotting At Breakfast Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“Hey… ” Lian Li nudged me with her elbow while Master was busy buttering the toast for Cai Hong. “You think you can make some kind of poison that is undetectable?”

I hesitated for a moment before nodding, “I can… But Master would still most likely be able to detect it though… No way I can hide things like this from Him, at least, not yet.”

She bit her thumb with her finger, “Anything that won’t draw suspicion to us?”

“You’re planning to use it on that idiot aren’t you?” I asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Who else would I want to use this on?” She snapped.

I raised my hands in a placating gesture, “I was just checking… Just in case one of the guards in particular caught your attention or something.”

She clucked her tongue, “All of them caught my attention, they deserve to suffer the same fate. Hmmm… We don’t need something that big, maybe make it such that their heads explode randomly or something.”

I don’t know how to tell her that her idea of subtlety needs some working on. If she thinks having someone’s head explode randomly is ‘small’, I don’t want to know what she originally intended to do with these ‘guests’ of ours.

Then again, I did have the same idea as her so I guess I can’t say much either…

“I do have something in mind, physically harmless but it’s gonna make him suffer every night for quite a while,” I admitted.

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh? What is it, do tell?”

I glanced in Master’s direction, making sure He was still busy being suffocated by Senior Sister Manami’s bosom before continuing.

“I got the idea from last night’s incident. I can make something that will cause him to have nightmares similar to whatever we experienced back on the island.”

She scowled at me, “That? That wasn’t even mildly scary at all! They were just irritating!”

I tried my best not to sigh, “To you girls, yes. To some random mortal who can’t even fight for himself it’ll be an absolute nightmare.”

She shook her head, “No, no. Make it worse. What we got was definitely not terrifying.”

“Hmmm… I can only replicate an event that any of us have experienced before. What else can be terrifying?”

Lian Li thought for a while before brightening up, “I got just the thing! He got exiled for attempted rape right? Let him experience it as the girl instead!”

“That is… Oddly specific… Ah… But then we will need to find that girl he tried to–“

“No, no. I got a memory perfect for him. Use mine. Oh don’t look at me like that, he didn’t go all the way but we can make it different for him, can’t we?”

I scratched my chin, peeking at Master who was now being stuffed in between Manami and Kiyomi bosoms.

Assured that MAster was still occupied, I turned back to her, “I can… But I will need a dragon’s tear to alter that. Where can we get that in such a short time without asking Master?”

Lian Li jerked her chin pointedly at Cai Hong who had her cheeks stuffed full of sandwiches.

Noticing us staring at her, the loli dragon turned to look at us with a gaze full of curiosity. She tilted her head cutely with a silent ‘hm?’

I turned back and shook my head fervently, “No way, nuh uh. There is no way in hell you are telling me to make little Cai Hong cry. I’d sooner kill myself than do that.”

“Fool,” She slapped me on the back of my head. “Wait till the afternoon when it’s time for her usual nap. She will start yawning and tearing up by herself.”

Oh right, forgot about that… That will work.

“What else do you need?” She asked, her eyes darting to the side to see Master in the middle of flicking Diao Chan’s forehead, the Witch trying to fake spill whip cream on Him as an excuse to lick Him and be punished.

I thought for a moment, “Other than the tears… I’ll need some Jimsonweed and Peyote leaves, I’ve got those so no problems with that. Then I’ll have to extract your memory essence and ummm… Have one of you girls supply the Pure Elemental Quarks needed to create the potion.”

“Sounds simple enough, I can supply the energy too. Seems like a pretty easy thing to make,” She commented.

“Well, yeah… Because we literally have the most difficult to obtain ingredient sitting right there enjoying sandwiches.”

“Fair point. When will it be ready? I do not wish for him to even have a single night of rest.”

Once more, I double checked Master’s condition. This time Master was busy with feeding Elaria while being fed by Odriana in turn, the former sitting on His lap.

“I can get it ready before dinner time, then we just need to get him to drink it and it will take effect by the time he gets into bed.”

“Not good enough,” Manami materialised beside me without warning, a plate of pancakes in her hand. “Every one of them needs to get it, even the guards.”

I grimaced slightly, “I’m going to need Cai Hong to literally cry in that case… A single tear won’t be enough for all of them.”

Lian Li thought for a moment, “Give the guards the watered down versions. But make sure the main idiot gets the full brunt of it.”

“That is doable. Anything else?”

“Ufufufu~ I would say to make him wet the bed too, but he would be using Master’s bed tonight so that is unfortunately not possible,” Manami sighed.

I thought for a moment, “You know… Too bad I still don’t really know how to make a pill that can change a person’s gender…”

“What?!” They exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” Master asked, looking up from where he had been teaching Eris how the pancakes were made.

“Umm… Nothing, Master!” Lian Li quickly denied.

“They were surprised that it was so simple to make the pancakes so fluffy, Master.” I helped cover for them, thankfully I had the sense to keep part of my attention on Master’s conversation.

“Ufufufu…” Manami laughed, just barely managing to hide her nervousness. “Indeed Master. We would never have thought of something so delicious could be made so simply!”

Master grinned at us, “You’ll be surprised how easy most of these are. If you’d all like, I can teach you girls some time?”

“We would love that, Master!” Lian Li admitted, not at all feigning her enthusiasm.

Master nodded, “Umu, next time we’ll cook something together then.”

Thankfully that managed to stave off Master’s suspicion, it wouldn’t do if Master knew of what we were planning.

Sometimes I wish Master wasn’t as benevolent as he is. The world is a cruel one and there are no doubt people who would not hesitate to take advantage of Master’s kindness.

Still… I suppose that means we, as Masters chosen disciples, have to make sure that scum like those idiots never get the chance to do so. And if they do… We’ll just have to make them suffer for it.

Now we intend to do just that for those few pieces of trash sitting just outside…


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