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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 289: You Thought It Was Time To Relax? Psych! Bahasa Indonesia


I had thought it would be a simple procession of me riding a horse and waving at the crowd as we returned to the city, but there was already a surprise before we even got there.

“I… I am… G… G… Gamma… It… It would… Be m… My honour to… to… to… Serve as your… M… M… Mount!”

I stared at the stuttering centauress who was bowing her head earnestly towards me.

“Where did you pick her up?” I whispered to Lian Li standing beside me.

“She was saved by Master’s God Pill and swore to serve you,” Lian Li answered with a sweet smile.

Huh… Interesting.

In the first place, centaurs aren’t common around here since they’re usually found in places with large grass plains which our country has a lack of.

I’m guessing that she was originally from Dong and somehow made her way here but ended up getting into some trouble, then my disciples probably picked her up somewhere and learnt about me from them.

They were much more common in the upper Planes, some even being used as the cavalry for exceptionally influential groups be it countries or Sects.

But as far as I know, they would never willingly let someone ride on their back.

Sure they could help you pull carriages,carts or even machines of war, but they would never willingly let someone ride their back.

No one really knows why though, and those that were broken in and forced to be mounts were too mentally damaged to even hold a conversation, much less explain anything about being ridden.

I turned back to her, “You’re sure you’ll let me… Ride you?”

That sounds wrong on so many levels.

The centaur girl kept her head bowed, “Please! It would be my ‘onah! Ack!”

She bit her tongue…

I heard Brendan trying to stifle his laughter behind me. From what he told me, he seemed to have been threatened by her for trespassing or something along those lines. Hard to imagine this stuttering centauress to be much of a threat, really.

If anything, she seems like the typical clumsy girl who would trip on her own feet.

I turned to the prin… The Queen. Damn I need some time to get used to calling her that.

“You sure this would be a good idea? This would make me stand out a lot you know?”

Guiying chuckled, “That is exactly the point, Master. The people need to see and know their hero. Most had believed that we were marching to our deaths, especially those spineless Sects who refused to help.”

“Aren’t I already well-known enough?”

“Among the Practitioners and the influential people, but not to the common man. They might know of Master but they would not know what you look like. What we need now is for the general public to know your face.”

Makes sense, not that I like the idea of standing out even more though.

The centauress was still bowing her head at me.

“Gamma right? You can raise your head, you know?”

“Yes!” She squeaked, her upper body shooting straight into an upright position after hearing my words.

“Wouldn’t it be weird if I just took the front of the procession without them knowing about what I did then?” I pointed out, still a little unconvinced with the idea.

“Ufufufu~ That had already been taken care of,” Manami answered from beside me. “We’ve already spread the news throughout the city after Master agreed to it, regaling everyone of Master’s heroics. Besides, Her Majesty is the one who will be leading, Master, so there’s no need to worry.”

That was like… two days ago? Damn they work fast.

The city gates were just up ahead, it’ll take us another hour or so before we reach there. That’s why we were here to finalize the procession before we headed there.

Gamma sat down on the ground and gestured to her back, “Please ride me, Master!”

I somehow managed to keep my face neutral through sheer effort.

“No other horses?” I asked again.

“We… We were under the impression that you would accept… So we didn’t prepare any… And we can’t have the hero walk either.” Guiying admitted rather sheepishly.

I’m not dumb you know? I know they were trying to make me ride Gamma on purpose but for what reason I can’t tell. Maybe it was a statement to say that youkai had helped us in the war?

But why? Was this supposed to be some sort of recruitment drive?

Wait… Could they know about my monster army and was expecting another attack by them? From what they had told me about their activities, they weren’t very subtle either.

That might also be why Elaria hadn’t came along with us, opting to stay behind to ‘fortify the town’ according to her.

I’ll need to check up on that later. I’m also worried about the fact that they have been increasing their numbers too and I’m curious as to what methods they were using to achieve this.

In the meantime, I resigned myself to approaching the obviously excited centauress, lifting my right leg over her equine body to take a seat on her bare back.

She let out a loud gasp and I felt her body shiver violently.

“Are you alright? Am I too heavy?” I asked with concern. I may not be light but I don’t think I’m that heavy either right?

“N… N… No!” She sputtered out, desperation clear in her voice. “I’m… I’m fine!”

She stood up quickly, albeit on shaky legs and I’m now seriously concerned about my own weight.

I frowned, “Really, if it’s too much for you I can walk…”

She shook her head and quickly stabilized herself, her body going rigid when she sucked in a deep breath.

“Come on… You got this… Stop freaking out… This is what you lived for… Yes, concentrate on the task… Not His divine weight and heat on your body… So… So… Warm… So Divine! So… No! Concentrate… Concentrate…”

I thought I heard her mutter such words but I’m pretty sure that’s just my imagination.

She sucked in another breath before turning her head to look at me, “Is… Is Master ok? You… You can hold my… My… My waist.”

“Ah, excuse me then,” I complied, my hands grasping her waist.

She immediately let out a squeal that she tried to hide behind a cough.

I looked over to my left where Lian Li was standing with a strained smile on her face.

“You sure about this?”

“Very much so, Master,” She answered without hesitation.

She sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than anything though.

I was getting second thoughts about this already, maybe I should just walk after all.

But before I could voice out my decision, the sound of someone clapping cut through the air.

Cai Hong was clapping her little hands enthusiastically, a look of pure happiness etched on her face.

“Papa! So cool!”


If it was anyone else, anyone else at all, I would have still second guessed myself and tried to weasel out of this. But because it’s Cai Hong… If I back down now she’s going to be sad.

I’d sooner fight Lilith all over again than see Cai Hong cry.

“Alright, alright. If Gamma is fine with this, let’s just get this done and over with. I just need to smile and wave right?”

Guiying nodded.

“Very well then. I will be in your care, miss Gamma.”

The centauress nodded her head absent-mindedly before striding forward stiffly, my disciples flanking me while the Queen took the front of the procession. It was an obvious political move where she needed to show that she was the one firmly in charge with myself backing her, her political enemies would then think twice about attacking her.

Our procession storde forward, the soldiers behind us waving their banners proudly and the marching band began to play.

We had just reached the open fields in front of the city when I noticed something amiss.

“Why are the city gates closed?” I asked, just as several boulders were lobbed over the city wall towards us.

“Not good… BATTLE FORMATIONS!” Guiying ordered, rearing her horse around.

The universe really hates me huh?

I can already feel the beach arc slowly slipping further away…


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