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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 290: An Immortal And His Horse Jumps Up A Wall Bahasa Indonesia


I stretched out my hand to blast the boulders apart but Lian Li was a step faster, her Lightning blasting all of them apart without a moment’s hesitation.

Not letting up, flaming arrows were fired from the city walls, arcing right towards us.

Once more, before I could do something about it, Kiyomi had stepped forward and summoned an icy mist in the sky, engulfing all the arrows in frost.

The fires were snuffed out and the increased weight caused the arrows to fall short of us, shattering into icicles when they hit the ground.

Seems like the war that my disciples had to take part in enhanced their battle senses by quite a bit.

“Any reason why your city is firing at us, Queen Guiying?” I questioned, the regent currently organizing the former parade procession into battle formations.

“It may be the nobles taking over the city, thinking we were part of the Dong army trying to take the city by masquerading as our own. But I doubt they would be that motivated to defend the city when they could’ve ran off. Not to mention the fact that I had already sent messengers in advance.”

“Your political enemies trying to get rid of you, perhaps?” I suggested.

“Perhaps,” she agreed. “A million apologies for my incompetence, Master. We might need to retreat today since we are not prepared for a siege.”

Manami chuckled, “Ufufufu~ Guiying, we actually are prepared for a siege.”

Guiying looked at her for a moment before widening her eyes and turning to me.

“Of… Of course! Umm… If it is not too much to ask, Master?”

How can I say no to my cute disciples in their hour of need?

I was about to hop off Gamma when she turned her head to protest, “Master! Let me be your mount! I will protect you!”

I smiled, “No need, it isn’t safe for you, I can do it myself.”

She shook her head vehemently, “Please! This is what I live for! I wish to be Master’s mount as Master charges into battle! I can handle myself!”

As though to prove her point, there was a flash of light before weapons appeared all over her body, strapped to a full body plate armour that covered even her equine body. She even had a full plated helm that covered her entire face, completing her ‘knight’ look.

Interesting, she actually has quite good control over Quarks as well.

I assume she has a storage ring somewhere that stores her weapons and armour.

Usually when one takes something out of a storage ring, it will appear in the air or on their hands. For someone to pull an equipment out and directly equip them, they would need to have very precise control in making sure the items appear where they want them to.

It’s not as easy as it sounds and the risks are quite large. For example, you could accidentally summon a sword and have it appear impaled halfway through your chest.

So to see her materialise her entire armoury on her without much effort is definitely a praiseworthy feat.

I looked towards my disciples to see them looking at Gamma with a longing stare. Were they jealous of her ability?

Hmmm… I guess having the ability to change clothes whenever you liked would have been a skill most girls would want.

“Alright, I want to find out why they are hostile towards us first, don’t want to start any mindless killings. Think you can get me to the wall?”

She pulled out her halberd that had been strapped to her side, “By my life, I will not let a single thing harm you, Master!”

How valiant. Well, I at least still have the sense not to ruin her moment.

“Should we follow you, Master?” Diao Chan suggested with a gleam in her eyes.

I looked towards the wall where another wave of boulders were flung at us.

This time, Manami shot them down with her fire balls, the heat strong enough to disintegrate the stones.

I shook my head, “No, if worse comes to worse, I can still protect Gamma and myself. Stay here and protect everyone, I’ll deal with those guys and find out what’s going on.”

My disciples bowed, “Yes, Master.”

“Alright Gamma, let’s go pay those guys on the wall a visit!”

She gave a warcry and galloped forwards, dashing straight towards the city walls without any shred of fear.

Someone on the wall spotted us and shouted out something, prompting the archers to point their bows towards us.

Another shout was heard and the arrows were loosed, the archers firing a wave of arrows at me without remorse.

“Got a plan for that?” I asked, readying a Technique that could repel arrows if needed.

Even with her visor covering her face, I could sense the smirk underneath it, “No need, Master!

Without slowing her speed, she raised her halberd and cleaved the air in front of her, sending a miniature whirlwind that blasted the arrows away with impunity.

That was… Unexpected.

I knew centaurs were strong in general but I think she might be in a league of her own. Was it something she ate that made her this strong?

I actually pity the Dong soldiers that had to face her in the war.

We were closing rapidly on the city, the faces of the archers now visible to us.

“What the hell are you doing?! Shoot that thing down!” Someone shouted from the walls.

The archers drew their bows and fired again.

Once again, I prepared the Technique to repel arrows in my hand.

Gamma showed me her prowess once more by slashing her halberd in the other direction, scattering the arrows with the force of her swing alone.

As though that wasn’t enough, she covered the last few dozen meters towards the wall with a giant leap, stopping just below it in a half crouch.

With me still clinging on her back, she leapt into the air, her front hooves acting as a spring to absorb her impact on the wall.

She curled herself up to let her back hooves cling on the wall as well, her body tensing for a split second before she kicked herself upwards while I clung on her waist.

I would need to mention right now that the wall i

was at least twelve metres high and she managed to reach just below the parapet with those two jumps.

It looked like we would fall short of it but she had swung up her halberd at the apex of her flight, hooking the blade of her weapon on the edge before pulling herself upwards.

And that was how this centaur scaled a twelve metre high wall with a grown man on her back while wearing full plate armour.

She is definitely not normal.

She stared down at the men on the walls and I think a few of them pissed themselves. Pretty sure it’s because of the really menacing halberd that she held in her hands.

“That… That’s Ma… Master Lin…”

“The… The Legendary Immortal?”

“One and only…”

“We’re… We’re dead…”

Oh, so they were scared of me… Why? I’m such a nice guy, aren’t I?

“So… Who’s in charge here?” I asked, trying to defuse the situation.

The soldiers didn’t hesitate and pointed to a man wearing an officer’s uniform.

“Trai… Traitors! I’ll… I’ll have you all flogged!”

Gamma wasn’t in a banting mood and immediately trotted to him, resting the flat of her halberd’s blade on his shoulder so that the sharp end was dangerously close to his neck.

With a single hand, she pushed her halberd down and forced the man to his knees while his soldiers watched on.

“Master, he is now in a proper speaking position,” Gamma declared, her weapon not wavering in the slightest.

This girl is rather intense huh? Better get this done fast before heads start to roll.

“Why did you attack the Queen’s victory procession?”

The man glared up at me but winced when more pressure was put on his shoulder, causing him to drop his head to stare at the ground.

“Hmph… The Queen? She is not our Queen! We only have our King! That Guiying is a traitor who forced our people to fight in a pointless war!”

Ah… Don’t even need him to continue talking. I can already guess there’s a group who are hardcore patriarchy supporters and the second prince is now the king.

The nobles probably threw their support behind him in return for favours too and they expected Guiying to either lose the battle or return heavily wounded so that they can get rid of her.

I won’t even ask what they intended to do if the entire Dong army had shown up in front of their gates since it’s obvious no one had thought that far ahead.

This is why I hate politics.


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