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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 288: We All Need A Vacation Bahasa Indonesia


“I see… So it’s all your little brother’s plans?” I muttered, trying to wrap my head around what I was just told.

Queen Guiying nodded, refilling my cup of tea despite me telling her not to for the last twenty times.

If anyone had thought it weird that a Master of the Heaven Sect was meeting the Queen without any guards around to protect her, they chose not to comment on it.

I mean… You are letting your regent, who happened to be crowned not just a few days ago, meet someone who can snap a human body in half with his bare hands you know? Not saying I would do it, but the lack of security is quite surprising.

I suppose they still remember about my victory in the tournament that made me her Master, so they trust her with me?

“Yes. If Master had not been there, I fear even with our victory here would have not made a speck of a difference. As expected of Master to have thought about the grander scheme of things.”

Yeah, I totally wasn’t, really. I didn’t even know they were trying to summon Lilith nor who the hell she really is. In fact, I still don’t.

But since she’s stuck in that desert place it should be fine right? She did mention how hard it was for her to come here after all. That would also explain why those busybodies weren’t swarming this place even after they failed to take Elaria away.

I stifled a groan as I felt my shoulders relax, courtesy of Lian Li massaging them. I may not look like it, but I am actually rather worn out from my scuffle with Lilith. It’s not fun being blasted around by an angry demoness you know?

Though, I will ignore the few times Lian Li had moaned rather suggestively under her breath while I was talking to the Queen too.

Cai Hong was seated on my lap, her head nestled against my chest while clutching on to the hem of my shirt with her hands rather cutely. Her breathing was slow and shallow, the little dragon already fast asleep.

The rest of my disciples stood nearby with Elaria, listening to our conversation while sending longing glances at Lian Li’s direction.

“What about the Second Prince?” I asked.

She tilted her head, “What about him?”

I raised my eyebrow, “I thought you might be concerned about his whereabouts?”

Guiying shook her head, “He had been missing ever since that day. I thought my younger brother would have taken him along but since you said he wasn’t there, I’m not sure anymore.”

“Wouldn’t he contest your claim to the throne?”

She grimaced, “He could. But I don’t think he will. At least, he hasn’t shown an interest in the throne before so I wouldn’t worry too much about him.”

“Would him taking the throne be a big problem?”

“Aside from the fact he collaborated with the Dark Sect in an attempt to kill your disciples?”

Right, forgot about that.

“Forget I asked that then,” I sighed. “Do you need some help finding him?”

Her eyes widened, “Fr… From Master? I… I would never dare! I… I’ll deal with him if needed, don’t worry!”

I tilted my head slightly, “You sure about it? He could be anywhere right now. I might be able to help you deal with that?”

She shook her head even more vehemently, “Please Master, it is the least I could do instead of troubling you again.”

I gave her a wry smile, “You don’t need to call me that. You’re a Queen now and I never really did teach you anything. If anything, Lian Li is your teacher, not me. Besides, from what I heard you could do, she’s done a mighty fine work of it too.”

Guiying returned my smile, “The Master of my teacher is also my Master. Does… Does that trouble you?”

“No, not at all. No teacher wouldn’t be happy that their own students are growing. I am really proud of each and everyone of them.”

I could see the girls beaming at me from here, even Elaria looked exceptionally smug about it.

I was about to ask what she planned to do about the giant valley but something wet touching my earlobe made me recoil in surprise.

I looked back to see Lian Li with her tongue out, a surprised look on her face.

“So… Sorry Master… I… I don’t know what made me do that…” She apologised sheepishly.

Hmm… Must be the stress from the battle they had taken part in, seems like I’m not the only one that is in need of a vacation.

I gave her a quick peck on her lips to assure her that it was alright before turning back to the Queen, the woman looking at us with wide eyes.

Ignoring her surprised face I pushed forward with the question, “So… Apologies for the giant valley my fight made, don’t even remember what caused that, honestly. Any plans on how to deal with it?”

“Giant valley your fight made?” She repeated, her gaze shifting towards Cai Hong who was still asleep then towards Lian Li behind me.

Her eyes widened then returned to me, “Oh… You meant that valley. That is… We are still… Ahem… We are still not really decided on what to do with it yet. The Dongs probably won’t return anytime soon seeing how their entire army was wiped so we don’t need to worry about that for now.”

Right, I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that Elaria managed to bring in tanks to this world. And not just one or two but an entire army of them.

Practitioners may be strong and one that is strong enough like myself might be able to stand up to an army. But those kinds of people were few and far between.

Normally when two armies clashed, the number and quality of Practitioners each army had was what mostly determined which side would win. At least, this had been the case for a very long time now.

But from what they had told me about the Dongs bringing men that were able to neutralise Techniques, it seems like the Dongs had a counter for such a tactic already.

Then Elaria came along and gave even the common man enough firepower to take on an army by themselves. The whole power balance of this world is going to shift, I can feel it.

The way I see it, Elaria’s not going to release this to the world any time soon, or else we might just break out in civil war and no one wants that.

“I’ll need to return to the palace to officiate my position. Could I request Master to follow along? You will be treated as a war hero.” Guiying added.

“A war hero? Me? No thanks, I really don’t want any more attention.”

She made a complicated expression, “It will help reassure the population of our victory though. They need someone they can look up to.”

I nodded at her, “You can be the one.”

The confident demeanor Guiying had been showing up till now crumbled.

“I… I’m not sure if I can do it…”

Ah. It’s easy to forget that just days ago she had been a princess who still had her parents and siblings, believing herself to start being tutored in the Practitioner ways instead of taking over the reins of a Kingdom.

With the Dong threat, she had powered through everything to do what needed to be done. But after everything had calmed down again, she finally had time to realise what position she was in.

I looked towards my disciples and they were looking at me with shining eyes too, as though fully expecting me to take the mantle.

Ugh… If they made a face like that, it’s hard for me to object.

Oh well, how hard can it be? Just follow along and smile and wave, that should be it right?

“Alright, for my disciple’s student’s sake, fine. But I want a vacation after this,” I caved.

Guiying beamed, “That wouldn’t be a problem! I can arrange a beach north of the capital to be reserved for our hero!”

Huh, the beach huh? Well, it is summer after all.

Guess I’ll get to see my disciples in their swimwear.

Not bad.


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