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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 287: “Damage Control” Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

Even though Master had told us to evacuate, there was no way that we would leave Master to face whatever that thing was by himself.

To abandon our dearly beloved Master just to run away? We would sooner die than let that happen.

I reiterated Master’s order to Guiying and Elaria, both of them assuring us that they will carry out Master’s order on our behalf while we prepared ourselves to rush to Master’s aid.

Even if we had to die to protect Master, it would have been a life well lived for us.

But the world just had to spit on our devotion towards Him.

Even before we could rush our dearly beloved Master’s side, some glowing bug just had to show up and whisk Master away.

The lantern wannabe disappeared from the sky before we could even start ripping him to shreds.

We immediately made our way up the mountain where Master had been, finding the debris of what looked like the remains of a hall built into the mountain.

It did not require a genius to know that Master had been facing the entire Dark Sect alone here while we were dealing with the Dongs.

Words cannot express how much I loathe myself for not knowing about this sooner.

When Master needed us the most we were not there for Him, what kind of disciples are we?!

Just when I was considering burning down the entire Dong country in retaliation for this blunder, a portal opened up high up above our location to reveal Master free falling towards us.

All of us immediately rushed forward to catch Master, Kiyomi and I spreading our tails to make sure Master had a soft landing.

I immediately checked Master for any external injuries, using my senses to gauge His body’s health.

Only when I found no anomalies did I breathe a sigh of relief.

Master had assured us that He was fine and being the selfless God as always, proceeded to worry about everyone else who might have been caught up in His fight instead.

Still, Master had toppled this entire mountain without meaning to.

This might seem paltry in comparison to Cai Hong’s destruction, but Master had obviously been intentionally holding himself back. The fact that even with a handicap resulted in this much damage spoke volumes about Master’s prowess.

I will admit that at that point of time, I was extremely tempted to just pounce on Master right there and then.

The fact that all of us went for more than five days without means of recharging our Masternium was the root cause of such a desire.

Thus, a group hug was necessary for us to recharge on Masternium!

Ufufufu~ Master is as warm as always~ How I wish I can stay like this forever~

Mmm~ This is where we all belong, right by Master’s side and free of any heathens trying to ruin our day.

Yes, no stupid Dongs, disgusting princes or blasphemous demons around us.

We did get a little bit worried when Master started asking about the war we fought, thinking Master might disapprove of us participating in it.

Thus, we were rather surprised when Master praised us for it and asked what we thought about fighting the Dongs.

The answer was obvious to us.

Killing those Dong dogs were nothing short of disgusting. For us to need to kill them with these bodies that belong to Master was sacrilegious to begin with.

If only Master had been there, this would not have been so unpleasant.

Just being reminded of our fight makes me want to go personally burn their entire country to the ground! Such trash were unworthy of the blessing of life!

We got worried again when Master found out about Elaria’s involvement in the war. Despite our efforts to reassure Master how necessary her help was, it seemed to only put Master even less at ease with knowing about it.

Master wanted to inspect on the aftermath but insisted on checking the hospital first before anything else.

“Master? What… When did you arrive?” Brendan goggled, alternating his gaze between us and Master.

“A few moments ago. I see you are helping the wounde– What are they doing?”

We turned to see what Master was referring to, finding a large number of the wounded who could still move had already prostrated themselves on the ground.

“Thanking Master of course,” Brendan stated without blinking. “It is only because of Master that everyone here is still alive.”

Master raised an eyebrow, “Because of me? What did I do?”

Our alchemist just smiled, “Everything.”

Ufufufu~ Confused Master is just so adorable! If I had my way, I’ll just wrap Master up with my tails and try my best to endure his most divine tail stroking skills while smothering Him for a whole day~

Master had decided to drop the topic and instead, handed a sizeable pill bottle to Brendan.

“I only have this bottle with me right now, use them on the ones that can’t normally be saved.”

Brendan received the bottle with absolute reverence, “This… Are these the God Pills?”

“Is that what you are calling them? Well, I guess it’s fine. Tell me if you need more and I’ll go make a new batch of them.”

I could see from the slight trembling of Brendan’s shoulders that he was trying his best not to be emotional about it. From what he had told us, making such God Pills were definitely no easy feat.

The level of pain and exhaustion one had to go through to even create one was staggering and to think we had been using them so freely without much thought back then… It was unbearably shameful for us.

Between our followers, all of whom had been blessed to receive such a pill saw it as being touched by Master’s grace itself and became even more devout than before.

“I… I will do my best… Master…” Brendan sniffled, bowing his head.

Ufufufu~ I’m pretty sure those people behind him were trying to bury themselves into the ground right now, seeing how they were pressing their heads pretty hard into the ground.

“Now, I’ll need to see my little sister and the princ–“

“ONII-SAMA CALLED FOR ME?!” Elaria burst in from behind us, breathing hard like she had ran here at full speed.

“Ah… Elaria… Yeah, I was–“

“Onii-sama! I did it! I did it! Are you proud of me?!” She practically screeched, running up to hug Master’s waist.

Master made a rather complicated face, “What did you do?”

“I remember! You told me before! With enough tanks, any problem can be solved!”

Ara? Did Master foresee this happening too and had Elaria prepare all this? As expected of Master!

“You’re preparing more?” Master asked.

Elaria nodded, “We’re already making advancements in it! Soon we can start on the next phase! Look forward to it Onii-sama!”

Master sighed, “I need a vacation…”

Ara? That is a splendid idea Master! We should get right down to it! Ufufufu~ Judging by the look my other sisters have on their faces, they share my sentiments too!

“But first, let me talk to the princess. Oh wait, she’s the Queen now isn’t she? Ah… How troublesome…”


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