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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 238: This Is A Friendly Competition Right? Bahasa Indonesia


At first, I thought it might be a teleportation Technique of some sort. But since I didn’t feel the telltale signs of Space Quarks activating, it must have been something else instead.

An illusion perhaps?

No, I have defenses against illusions so this would not have affected me if that was the case. Unless this illusion could fool even ancient dragons which I doubt that to be the case here.

I recall that there were traces of Astral Quarks present in that Technique, so there’s a possibility that we were not teleported to another physical location but instead, had our consciousness pulled to an incorporeal plane of existence.

If that’s the case, this is basically an imaginary world that only exists temporarily, any damage dealt and received here would also be negated once you leave it since it’s not a physical world. I’m actually quite surprised that the Bei Royal Family had access to a Technique like this.

I’ll need to check who the robed guy was later.

Since I don’t see my disciples nor any other contender around me, this Technique must have placed everyone on the stage in a random location within this new world.

I guess this kind of throws the other side’s plans in a loop since I have no doubt quite a number of them were expecting me to deal with a large number of opponents at once, then one of them would try to sneak in a cheap shot to claim the win.

Too bad for them, this arrangement works in my favour and I can pick them off one by one if I wanted to.

That means I can go all out over here without worrying about collateral damage too.

Now, I wonder where my disciples were sent to?

I was just about to do a search for them when an idea hit me: it might be a good idea to let them wander on their own.

It’s good for them to spread their wings on their own every now and then, I can’t be there for them all the time after all. They might eventually leave me as a disciple and find their own ways in life, I can’t tie them down to me against their will.

And since they wouldn’t get hurt here, it would be a good time for them to practice too. Guess that means I shouldn’t just use a Technique that causes widespread destruction so my disciples can get some experience first.

Now, I suppose I should start my own little hunt.

The smarter ones should already be seeking out other allies to band up together so I better work fast.

I leapt up into the air to have a grasp on my surroundings, only to see at least ten other Practitioners also in the air at the same time, no doubt they had the same idea as I did.

Eight of them saw me and immediately dove back down to run.

The last two were either panicking or really confident of themselves since they chose to charge at me immediately.

“Die, Lin!” One of them roared.

I guess it was the latter option after all.

But that’s rather rude don’t you think? I know it may have been your adrenaline talking but telling your opponent in a friendly competition to ‘die’ is a bit too much.

He thrusted his palm at me, sending a giant icicle hurtling towards me.

Such an easily telegraphed attack…

I began to dodge to the side when I noticed the icicle began cracking when it got closer towards me.

Realising his intentions, I clapped my hands together to erect a barrier made of Light.

Just in time too, as the icicle exploded into fragments right in front of me, the smaller shards bursting out and impaling themselves on my shield.

Had I not thrown the barrier, I might have been hit by a few of them and gave the bout to this guy.

I mentally hit myself, I’m not fighting nameless idiots of the Dark Sect anymore, these are recognised experts of the continent and I shouldn’t be so lax in this.

I swivelled my head to follow the actions of the other Practitioner, the guy seemingly focused on shortening the distance between us.

Figuring that that was probably something I shouldn’t allow him to do, I charged a bolt of Divine Lightning and blasted it towards him.

That Practitioner seemed stunned at the appearance of the lightning, not even reacting when it hit him.

What was curious was the fact that the lightning just phased through him without any indication of an impact, his figure dissipating into thin air shortly after.

Trusting my instincts, I ducked my head, just as a blade slashed at where my neck had been.

A real sly one, he used a short range teleportation Technique that will move him behind the attacker as soon as he gets hit.

Summoning my own giant sword in my hands, I pressed the ignition switch on the sword.

The force of the thrusters propelled me to spin around, the sword slicing my opponent cleanly in half from the waist.

He looked at me with a dumb look on his face before promptly disintegrating into light particles.

The other one clucked his tongue and turned to fly away.

Not wanting to do anything too flashy to attract everyone that might be in the area, I simply tossed my sword at him, impaling through his chest from behind.

He only managed to get his cry halfway out his throat before he broke into light particles just like the first guy.

Returning the sword into my hand, I looked at the forest canopy below me.

Those eight guys that ran were hiding within the foliage, trying their best to suppress their presence and hoping I would leave them alone.

Too bad for them, I had a lock on them the moment I saw them so it’s kind of futile for them to even do this.

I descended behind one of them currently hiding behind a tree and talking to himself.

“Yeah… Plan’s gone to shit… I didn’t think they would separate us like this, so meet up with the rest and we’ll take him out together. I’m in some kind of forest… You’re in a desert? That’s weird… I have to go now before he notices me…”

Guess he must be using some kind of communication Technique.

I waited for a while more and moved closer when he cut his connection.

“Good day,” I greeted.

He spun around with a ball of fire prepared in his hands but I was already within range.

I thrusted my palm forward, hitting him square in the chest and activating my own Fire Technique.

Fire burst from his chest and he was immediately devoured by the flames, disappearing into light particles.

And there were seven.

My senses locked on one that was already fleeing the area, the target not even caring that he was revealing himself at this point.

Not like it would’ve helped if he tried to flee stealthily anyway.

Using his position as a focal point, I pulled myself towards where he was instantly, my hands reaching out to grab him by the back of his neck.

Sensing six figures moving towards me at high speed, I can’t afford to drag this out.

A quick twist of my wrist was enough to snap the guy’s neck, his body disappearing the same way as the other two.

I spun around with my sword up just in time to block a combined slash from two of the remaining Practitioners.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw four of the others preparing to strike at me with their own Techniques while I was in a sword lock with the first two.

I thumbed the ignition switch again, my sword easily cutting through their blades like paper while propelling me into the air.

The two of them could only watch with stunned faces as their own compatriots’ attacks hit them, dispersing them into light.

Now for the final four.

“Commence Plan B!” One of them shouted.

Oh? They came up with another plan in such a short amount of time? I’m impressed, I wonder what they will do?

The four of them turned and fled in four different directions.


Got me hyped for nothing…

Before they even took three steps away, all of them fell to the ground, crushed by the increased gravity I was maintaining in the area.

“I… Knew this wouldn’t work… At least… Five minutes of fame…” One of them whined just before he disappeared into particles of light.

Alright, ten experts within the first few minutes.

Just about a thousand or so more to go I guess.

I wonder how my disciples are faring?


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