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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 239: Meanwhile There’s A Torture Session Going On Here Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Stop! Please! Just kill me!”

I tuned out the stupid little shit’s whining while I got to work on hanging up the second one.

“Got any good stuff on them?” I asked the person behind me.

“Well… From what I can tell, there’s quite the selection of poisons on this guy,” Brendan replied.

After we got transferred over to wherever this place was, I found myself alone within an area filled with ruined buildings. It only took me a while of wandering around before I came across Brendan being harassed by two Practitioners.

They had been taking advantage of his lack of training to extract information about Master from him. To his credit, Brendan said nothing to them.

So naturally I jumped in, disabled them and tortured them to make them learn that plotting against Master is never a good idea.

Now, I’m just hanging them up to finish them off.

I laughed, “AHAHAHA! Trying to poison our Master now were you?! Let’s see how they work on you then!”

Grabbing the shitstain by the neck, I forced his mouth open before swiping a bottle from Brendan’s hands.

Popping off the cork with my thumb, I stuffed the opening of it into that little shit’s mouth, making sure to empty the entire thing before letting go.

I stepped back, enjoying the sight of that shitstain’s face turning from pale to blue and to green before welts started growing out of his body.

“You er… Gave him Castor poison… He’s going to have a seizure and then start defecating himself in a few more seconds…” Brendan warned.

Huh, as though this piece of shit couldn’t get any more shitty than he already is.

Heeding his warning, I took a few steps back and even erected a barrier just to be safe.

Sure enough, a few more seconds past before he started spasming and a rather unpleasant smell filled the air. He thrashed around for another minute before his body disappeared as particles of light.

The other shitstain’s eyes widened in obvious fear at the sight, they will only get sent out after their ‘deaths’ after all, so they will experience the full brunt of the pain and suffering before they expire.

“So you were planning to use that on our Master?” I asked, a fake smile plastered on my face.

“I… I just carry them around! I swear! They just happened to be there!” The other waste of space pleaded.

“Oh? I don’t think that’s what you said while you were having your fun little interrogation here. Something about ‘humiliating Master with these personally crafted poisons’ hmmm?”

He paled even more, “Please… Please, just kill me… Grant me this mercy…”

I grabbed him by his neck, twisting his head up to look me in the eye, “HAHAHAHA! Mercy?! You deserve none! Conspiring amongst your little shitty group to hurt Master, I should just have you killed permanently… And to pull that little trick on Master as well, you will not die a slow death for sure! Brendan!”

“Give me a moment…” Brendan replied, pouring the contents of one bottle into the other before handing it to me. “Here, it’ll kill him slowly. Give or take half an hour since I’d think that’s how long this bout will last.”

“No, no, no! You misunderstand! Please, we didn’t–“

I snatched the bottle and stuffed it into his mouth, watching its contents empty into his mouth with relish.

Finished, I tossed the bottle aside.

Brendan stored the other poisons away in a ring, “We should leave, he’s going to start making a lot of noise in a few more moments.”

I smiled at him, “Oh? But why? That’s exactly why we’re staying here.”

Brendan is a smart man, he realised my intentions just by glancing at the smile I gave him.

“You want to use him as bait?”

“Ding, ding! Very good, Brendan! There’s hope for you yet~”

Brendan sighed, “How long are you all going to laugh at me for not knowing about my Family’s involvement?”

“Hehehe, it is amusing is it not?”

“Yes, yes… I should’ve known that Master is the only one generous and powerful enough to help my family this way. I have already admitted to my own foolishness, senior sister…”

I was about to respond when the trash behind me started screaming his lungs out pathetically, blood pouring out of his pores and orifices.

Brendan sat down on the ground under the shade of a collapsed building, pulling out a few of the poisons that he had kept in his storage ring before to mix them.

I tilted my head at him, “What are you doing?”

“I am not delusional enough to think I can handle any of the bout participants by myself. As evidenced moments ago, I will only be a pushover should I decide to fight any of them directly.”

“So poison is your solution?”

Brendan shrugged, “As long as it works. Besides, they were planning to use these on Master, it should be right they get a taste of their own medicine right?”

“Oh, I like the way you think,” I complimented, nodding my head in agreement to his idea.

If these scum think that they can try and humiliate Master with their underhanded tricks, they deserve to feel the same pain a hundred times over!

“It’s no big deal, I’ve had to improvise such things in the past, though never in my wildest dreams did I think I’ll ever try this on some experts like Sect Elders.”

“You’ve had to make poison?”

Brendan made a face, “Not anything especially sinister. Just some mild ones that will cause upset stomachs or make a few bullies embarrass themselves.”

Ah, I understand his past better now. He’s not the type to bow his head and take the mistreatment he gets, he’ll bide his time and strike back at his tormentors when he is fully prepared.


“You’re planning on how to get back at us, aren’t you?” I asked.

I noticed that very slight pause in his movements.

“Not at all. I would never dare harm my senior sisters,” He denied without looking at me.

I made a note to keep a closer eye on him for the next few days.

I would’ve liked to question him a bit more on that. but right now we have other things to take care of.

A group of about thirty Practitioners showed up, all of them wearing different uniforms of different Sects but most of them were clearly Elite or Elder Practitioners of their Sect.

At the same time from the other side, Manami, Eris, Diao Chan, Kiyomi and even Cai Hong appeared.

Master had left Cai Hong with the Sect Master but it seems our little dragon managed to sneak herself into this little fight in the end.

Things just got even more interesting~

Everyone who had just arrived glanced at the piece of trash that was still wailing in agony.

“Master Lin’s disciples huh… To be able to subdue Elder Wuneng from Yi Sect so easily… Seems like they aren’t pushovers as well…” The one leading the group commented.

“Ara, ara? You have already started the fun, Lian Li? How mean of you~” Manami giggled.

I gestured towards the newcomers, “Feel free to take your pick.”

“Oh, we will~”

The leader of their group frowned, “Seems like Master Lin’s disciples are quite full of themselves. I knew anything related to that poser can’t be any good.”

The other men behind him nodded their heads in agreement.



Did he just…

Why? Why is it that so many people we come across just can’t see Master for who he is?!


This is why we need to cleanse this land…

I pointed my finger at them, “Kill.”


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