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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 237: When They Throw Numbers At You Hoping It Will Work Bahasa Indonesia


So someone set me up to go against every single expert interested in making a name for themselves in this continent. Not a problem at all.

But who could have done this? It can’t be just anyone since this letter was sealed with the Royal seal itself. Could it be the king?

No, he has nothing to gain by doing that and too much to lose.

The queen maybe? Or the princes? Maybe even the princess herself?

Maybe these letters were intercepted and altered? Sounds unlikely but a very determined person might be able to do it.

With only just this letter to go on, there’s not much I can find out about the perpetrator either. Anyone and everyone could be a suspect.

I’m not sure what they would achieve with this, but it’s quite obvious I’m at a disadvantage here since I do not know their purpose and identity.

What I know is that there’s no way for me to turn down this role right now.

Sure, I could step out and say that I was set up and insist I was tricked into doing this, but that’s almost akin to committing social suicide.

More than a dozen Grand Sects are gathered here alongside various experts and even the Royal Family themselves. If I blow off this event that is supposed to be especially important to the princess, there is no doubt that everyone will ostracize me for that.

I might be stronger than everyone present but I don’t want to be disliked you know? Hard to have a simple life when everyone hates you.

I’m not sure if they had accounted for the possibility of me rejecting the invitation entirely but I guess it’s a little too late to find out.

Well too bad for them, I don’t intend to just–

“Bad people bully Papa?” Cai Hong asked from my lap.

I patted her on the head, “It’s alright, Papa will take care of it.”

“Muuuu~ Cai Hong will help Papa beat bad people! Big sisters too!”

Oh, that’s right. There were no rules against my disciples helping me in this bout right? Not that I had any intention of doing that in the first place. All I need to do is just give a show of me trying my ‘best’ and have one of them land a lucky hit on me.

That guy will become the princess’s new teacher, the princess gets to learn, I don’t appear like some godlike being to solve everyone’s problems anymore, everyone goes home happy.

I was just beginning to feel proud of myself when Cai Hong spoke up, “Big sisters will help Papa?”

Their faces lit up, all of them practically glowing from excitement.

“Master… Master will allow us to fight beside Him?” Lian Li squealed.

Manami covered her mouth with a hand, “Ufu… Ufufufu… Ufufufufu! My body is already burning with excitement, Master!”

“This one will gladly protect Master with our life,” Eris stated with a small smile.

Diao Chan giggled, “Kukuku~ We will make all who had thought to take advantage of Master’s kindness regret ever having such thoughts!”

“Indeed, if a bunch of weaklings think they can take advantage of one that stands above them… We will work to correct that,” Kiyomi declared with a clenched fist.

Brendan made a face, “I will definitely not allow anyone to disrespect Master. As inexperienced as I am, I will stake my life for Master.”

Damn…. They’re serious. I can’t back down if my disciples have this much expectation from me right? Guess I should take this seriously as well. Whatever happens afterwards I’ll just have to deal with it later.

“I’ll be counting on all of you then,” I half joked.

Somehow that line made them seem even more determined than before.

I stood up, lifting Cai Hong up in my arms, “I guess we should get going then, wouldn’t want everyone to wait for us now would we?”

The other Sect members gave a cheer as I set off towards the stage, most of the participants already gathered there and doing their own preparations.

I noted that the number of people standing on the stage far exceeded the amount I had to face during the Sect Showcase Festival several times over.

I even recognised the guy who was trying to pick up my girls yesterday. Seems like he was at least telling the partial truth that he was a teacher of some kind at least.

Aside from the Heaven Sect area, every other seat around the stage was almost empty. At least two of the Grand Sects had even chosen to send everybody they had on the stage, even including their student Practitioners amongst them.

I’m honestly not sure how they expect us to brawl when one side occupies almost the entirety of the stage with barely any room left for my side to stand on.

So here I am, facing against what is basically an entire army of what may be the strongest Practitioners on the continent, this group could probably trounce that Dark Sect army I faced some time ago easily. Surely they don’t expect me to fight them all by myself right?

Apparently they did.

“What is the meaning of this?!” One of the Sect Masters from a Sect I could not remember the name of demanded.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What do you mean?”

Another one of them stepped forward, “You know full well what he meant Master Lin! We were only supposed to land a hit on you in order to win! So why did you bring more people up here?!”

I shrugged, “Nothing in the rules said you were to fight only me. Besides, they are my disciples. Surely revered seniors like yourself would not mind giving my disciples a few pointers right?”

“That… I… That wasn’t what was agreed on!”

I shrugged, “Are you really claiming this bout to be unfair when your side literally outnumbers me more than a hundred to one?”

A person wearing a similar outfit as the first guy waved his fist in the air, “Don’t give us that! You’ve already shown that numbers do not matter to someone like yourself!”

I looked towards the others standing behind him, “I take it that all of you wish to be the winner and claim the rewards for yourself?”

Most of them nodded and expressed their agreement, though some of the averted their eyes for some reason. Maybe they’re just here for a free lesson from me?

“In that case, if you can’t even surpass me, what makes you arrogant enough to think yourself the better teacher to take the princess under your wing?”

That silenced them pretty quickly.

I scratched my head, “Alright, it’s obvious the king only wants what is best for his daughter, so if you guys think you have what it takes, feel free to come at me however you want. My disciples and I will judge your worth. Although… I’m not sure if there is actually enough space for us all to fight in such a small space.”

The king stood upon my question, “Fear not Master Lin. We have especially prepared this stage with this battle in mind. If everyone is ready, we will activate the special properties of this stage!”

The king nodded to a robed man standing at the side of the stage. Receiving the king’s command, the man placed his palm at the side of the stage and the floor we were standing on began to glow.

Before we could react, a blinding light flashed in front of our eyes and the next thing I knew, I was standing in a forest clearing that I did not recognise.



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