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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 236: When Someone Else Puts Your Name In The Goblet Bahasa Indonesia


“YOU! How dare you show your face here! You’re the one that disgraced me yesterday at the Guild!” The third prince roared, storming towards me.

Sect Master Qing alongside with the other Elders and Masters rose to their feet when he got closer.

“May I ask what your highness might want with our Master Lin?” Sect Mater asked, placing himself in between the prince and I.

“So that’s your name huh? What do you have to say for yourself, Lin?! You think you won’t suffer any consequences from throwing this prince’s face?!”

Sect Master Qing raised his hand, “Whatever grievances you might have with Master Lin… I’m sure it was founded. I suggest you walk away, your highness…”

Woah… Since when was Sect Master Qing so overbearing? I always thought him to be the humble and kind old man, now he looks so dominating and serious.

Is this the result of him being Sect Master? Now I’m even more convinced I will never want to be Sect Master, seems like it’s just too much trouble for it to be any worth. I never sought to be in a position of authority after all.

“You dare tell this prince what to do?! I’ll have you locked up, you hear me?! I’ll–“

“That’s enough brother,” The crown prince stepped behind him, grabbing him by the shoulder. “You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing right now.”

The third prince looked like he was about to protest more but his brother whispered something under his breath that made him clam up immediately.

Pulling his brother behind him, the crown prince did a small bow towards me, “Good day Master Lin, I am crown prince Bei Bang Jia, it is an honour to meet you. I do apologize for my brother’s action on his behalf. I’m ashamed to admit he is not that well learned to know of important figures like yourself.”

Oh? This crown prince is quite the charismatic one.

I waved my hand, “It’s fine, I do not hold a grudge against him. He is still young after all.”

“Master Lin really knows how to jest, you are not that much older yourself after all.”

Ah damnit, I keep forgetting that my body isn’t as old as what I think it is.

I hid my mistake behind a laugh, “Hahaha, my body may still be young but my mind feels older than it should be.”

“Master Lin’s burdens must be heavy indeed. I will not take up your time anymore but please, if there’s anything you require, just ask and I will do my best to provide.”

I nodded, “If the time comes, I will keep that offer in mind.”

Crown prince Bang Jia did another bow before turning to pull his youngest brother away from me, rejoining his other siblings that were waiting for him a distance away.

The second prince had his attention focused on the book he held in his hands the entire time, showing no interest in the scene that had just occurred a short distance away from him.

The princess, on the other hand, seemed to have her eyes glued towards my direction, her face lighting up when our eyes met.

The moment lasted for only a second before she turned away, following her siblings to where they will be seated, the princess taking the seat next to where the king and queen will be seated.

Sect Master Qing returned to his seat beside me, unperturbed by what had just occurred.

“Stressful being a Sect Master?” I whispered.

“Oh, no, not at all,” Sect Master Qing chuckled. “It is in fact, quite rewarding. If Master Lin wishes to take over me, you need just say the word and the position is yours.”

I shook my head, “Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather leave all that work to you, hahaha.”

Sect Master Qing was about to say something but the king arrived at that moment in another carriage. The king was a middle aged man with a thick beard that had greying hairs. His looks were more on the rugged side that made him look like a warrior, his black hair half hidden by the gem encrusted golden crown sitting on his head.

Behind him was the queen dressed in her royal garment with a simple tiara resting on top of her head, half hidden by her lustrous brown hair. It seems most of their children inherited the father’s black hair instead.

The king made his way towards the plush chairs in between his children, turning around to face us.

All of us stood up and bowed, the king nodding to us in response.

“Thank you for attending my daughter’s coming of age ceremony. I am blessed to have such a lovely daughter like her and the talents she has displayed are astounding. I believe it is the first time most of you are meeting her so I will let her introduce herself.”

The king sat down on his chair, allowing the princess to step forward with graceful poise, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Well met fellow citizens. I am princess Bei Guiying, I thank you for coming to this ceremony of mine today. I have shown to possess talent in becoming a Practitioner so I will have to trouble the seniors to guide the inexperienced me.”

She paused to look at all the Practitioners gathered around the arena. I’m not sure if I was imagining it but she stared at my direction for a moment longer before her gaze drifted away.

“As it is forbidden for one of the Royal Family to join a Sect without renouncing their title, the winner of this bout will be granted the position of Royal Tutor and allowed to establish a Sect under the Royal Family with myself as their first student. I look forward to learning from you all the seniors.”

She returned to her seat, maintaining her image of a pure and proper princess.

The king stood up again, “We shall begin the bout in ten minutes! All interested parties please assemble on the stage!”

Putting everyone on the stage? Are they intending to do a free for all kind of battle? What will they do if there’s too many?

Such questions of mine were unanswered when Sect Master Qing nudged me with an elbow, “Good luck Master Lin, not that you need it of course.”

I raised my eyebrow at him, “Good luck? You’re mistaken Sect Master, I had no intention of joining this.”

He looked stunned at my words, “Eh? What? Wait… Weren’t you… Wasn’t this bout Master Lin’s idea?”

I just stared at him with a confused expression.

He pulled out a letter from within his robes, passing it over to me.

Unfolding the letter, I glanced through its contents.

Although most of it was the same as the one I got, the difference was that this one mentioned that the bout was organised by me and the rules was that anyone who could land a hit on me will be granted the win no matter who it was.

No wonder the princess was looking at me like that! She thought I wanted to take her in as my disciple!

I was set up!


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