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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 232: When Your Family Isn’t Atheist But Actual Cult Members Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

There’s one thing you should know, as a former knight Captain, Sergei has always been especially professional and stoic. For the entire period of time he had been with us, I don’t even think I’ve seen or heard him laugh or cry before.

So you can imagine how much it shocked me when that man began tearing up when he saw me enter through the front door with Master following behind me.

While Master was busy admiring my home’s main hall, I approached Sergei quietly to find out what was wrong with him.

“Young… Young master… Is… Is… Is Master Lin… Your Master?” He stuttered.

“I’m actually surprised you know him but yes,” I admitted.

“I… Never thought that I would ever get to meet Him… Thank you, young master.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Erm… You’re welcome?”

I waited for an explanation from his but none were forthcoming.

Master noticed the two of us standing a distance away and came to us, “Good evening, I am Brendan’s Master. You are?”

Sergei bowed low, and I mean really low, like a perfect ninety degree low. The most I’ve ever seen him lower his head is just a slight nod of the head, even towards my parents.

“Well met, Master Lin. I am Sergei, a mere butler of the Vera Family. If there is anything at all that you are dissatisfied with during your visit here, please let me know, I will do my best to rectify it!”

That confirms it, he definitely knows it was Master who saved him.

Now that I think about it, how big is the cult that my senior sisters made for Master? I know that they have made one but I am actually still in the dark about their activities.

“Hahaha, no need to worry, I have simple tastes. Please raise your head.”

“Thank you Master Lin. If you would, I will escort you to the drawing room where we have prepared a few refreshments while you wait for dinner to be served. Your disciples are welcome to join as well.”

“Very well, we shall be in your care, Sergei.”

Judging by the big smile plastered on his face, I think Sergei is especially ecstatic that Master called him by his name.

Our little group followed my head butler to the drawing room where a few servants were busy preparing cups of tea for us, laying them down on the coffee table carefully.

“Please enjoy the refreshments we prepared, the sir and madam will join you in a while Master Lin.”

Master took a seat at one of the couches while my senior sisters and I found our own seats, mine being directly opposite Master’s.

The servants left the room after serving us, leaving only Sergei with us in the drawing room. He made sure to stay at a far enough distance to not overhear our conversation, but still close enough to attend to us if we needed him to.

“I knew your family was affluent but not this affluent, Brendan,” Master chuckled while taking a sip of his tea, careful not to spill any on Cai Hong that was sitting on his lap.

“Yes, it is indeed a very big house Brendan, very impressive,” Lian Li commented.

Manami giggled, “Ufufufu~ It has a nice view too. I would not mind staying here just for that.”

“Yes, it does have a rather homely feel does it not? Like we’ve been here for a long time, kukuku~” Diao Chan laughed rather suspiciously.

“It’s nothing much,” I admitted. “My family is considered rather modest amongst the Major Houses. We are still new blood after all, unlike the families that have been around for decades. Most of them don’t even take us seriously.”

“Yes, but things will change soon after the princess’s coming of age ceremony,” a voice stated.

I looked up to see father and mother stepping into the room, my father sporting his usual business expression.

Just from that face alone I can already tell that he was not expecting much from this dinner. He probably still thinks that my Master wouldn’t be able to do anything to aid us. But I’m a hundred percent positive that he will definitely change his mind once he sees who my Master is.

Both of them stopped dead in their tracks when they saw who were the ones seated at the table.

I was expecting them to be surprised at least, but I did not expect them to go completely wide-eyed with their mouths hanging open like that.

“High… Mas… Master Lin?!” Father gasped.

Master stood up from his seat, sticking out his hand towards father, “Ah, you must be Brendan’s parents, yes? Well met.”

Father stared at Master for a moment before grasping his hand, “Mas… Master Lin… You are Brendan’s Master?”

“That’s right. Your son is quite gifted, you two must have raised him with the utmost care.”

Father regained a little of his senses, “That… That praise is wasted on us, Master Lin… Brendan did everything on his own.”

“Hahaha, don’t be so modest! Here, I got these as a gift,” Master pulled two small wrapped boxes from his sleeve, the unmistakable emblem of the Merchant’s Guild stamped on the top.

The only thing I can think of that requires the Guild’s stamp of authentication and being that small in size are storage rings and Master bought two of them?! That is way too extravagant of a gift!

Father seemed to realise its contents as well, his face paling visibly while he shook his head, “This… I cannot accept this Master Lin! I have done nothing to warrant such a gift!”

“Nonsense. This has nothing to do with what you’ve done or not, this is just merely a gift to commemorate our meeting. Please.”

Father had a rather complicated expression when he took the two boxes reluctantly.

Mother stepped up, “Umm… Master Lin, though it may not be adequate enough, we have also prepared a gift for you for taking care of our son.”

“Oh? You shouldn’t have, but thank you.”

Mother gestured towards the door they had came from, “If… If you would follow me Master Lin, we have it prepared in another room.”

Master chuckled, “Now you have me worried that my gift may be too small.”

“That is most definitely not the case Master Lin, I… I fear what we have prepared definitely can’t be compared to what you have given us.”

“Oh it’s just a few rings, madam. Nothing special at all.”

I tried my best to keep my expression neutral.

“I’ll be right back then,” Master told us, placing Cai Hong down carefully on the space he had been occupying.

Mother led Master out of the room, the door closing shut behind them.

“Is… Is he aware?” Father asked cryptically.

I thought he was asking me about whether Master knew about our situation and was about to answer when Eris spoke up, “Oh he knows about us. But he doesn’t know about the rest.”

I looked at her in confusion before turning my sights back to my father, silently asking for an explanation.

Father sighed, “To think I did all that for nothing… I suppose this is the irony of life…”

Without any warning, he bowed his head towards us, “Dill Vera of the Vera Family greets the High Priestesses.”

Wait a goddamn minute…


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