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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 233: We Are One Family Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Hehehe~ Seeing the look on Brendan’s face made hiding all this information all the more worthwhile~~

“Wait… What is going on?!” Brendan demanded.

His father raised his head, “Weren’t you already aware of this?”

“What? No? How would I even know about this?!”

“Weren’t you here to talk about that yesterday?”

Now Brendan looked really confused.

I heard a soft giggle from my right and I turned to see Diao Chan trying her best to cover up her laughter with a cough.

“What did you do?” I whispered.

“Oh, you’ll see. Kukuku!” She giggled. “Honestly, I did not plan for it so I’m quite surprised it turned out like this as well~”

Brendan held up his hand, “Wait… I thought we were talking about how you got involved with another woman and had an illegitimate child?”

Now it was Dill’s turn to look shocked.

“WHAT?! I would never do that! Where did you hear this?!”

“The servants? I even mentioned that to you and you didn’t deny it?”

His father stared at him with a baffled look until realization dawned on his face.

“Son… No… What I meant was that High Priestess Diao Chan came to visit us with High Priestess Cai Hong that day… How the servants mistook them for my… By Master forbid… My mistress and daughter, I do not have the slightest clue.”

Brendan turned towards Diao Chan, his mouth agape.

“Kukuku~ Yes, that is true. I came to visit your father with Cai Hong the day before. Your family is one of us~~”

“And you kept this from me because…?”

“Kukuku~ I will admit I did it for my own amusement at first, but we also wanted to see where you stand when it came to serving our Master. It will not be good for us if you and your family had a fallout after all.”

Brendan switched his sight towards Sergei.

His head butler nodded, “Yes young master, I have pledged this new life of mine in service to God. Without Him, I would still be a crippled reject living out his days waiting for death.”

Brendan gulped, “Then… Then how big is… Is this… This…”

“Church. Master’s Church,” I supplemented.

“How big is Master’s Church then?”

“Ufufufu~ Still not big enough I’m afraid,” Manami chuckled. “But not all the staff in your home is part of the Church, though your immediate family is.”

Brendan took a moment to process what he just heard, “Then… This house… And our wealth…?”

“Us…” Eris stated.

I nodded my head, “Yes, the Xi Family had to be taken down which leaves a power gap that we would rather have someone who wouldn’t give Master trouble to fill. And so, we found your family.”

“You… You just picked my family out from the slums and gave us the opportunity to create a business empire? Just like that?”

“Pretty much.”

“W… Why?”

Everyone in the room aside from Brendan placed our palms together in a sign of prayer.

“All for Master.”

Brendan’s eyes widened, as though he had just been told the secrets to life and the universe.

He turned to his father, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Dill sighed heavily, “You already know how corrupt our current world is, our previous situation was a prime example of it. The only way we can change it is to become an instrument of our God’s guiding light.”

“And I assume my senior sisters had approached you while I was studying in Century Minor Sect?”

“That is correct, my son. The reason why we wanted to leave you out of this was because… No, it is better that you do not know…”

Brendan gritted his teeth, “I’m already knee deep in this! Why are you still hiding things from me?!”

“The truth will break you.”

“Say it.”

Dill looked towards me pleadingly, but I gave him a look that told him I would tell if he doesn’t.

The older man sighed, “Your brother… We know how much you’ve looked up to him, how important he was to you… But… He’s gone over to the other side, Brendan…”


“Wait, that’s it?” Brendan asked, confused.

Dill seemed to be equally confused, “Eh? I’m talking about your elder brother Basil you know? We thought he was dead but… He is still alive and well within the knight corps, the only problem is that he has joined the Dark Sect too.”

“Ok, the last part I didn’t know but… How did you know he was alive?”

“Oh Brendan, your parents aren’t stupid you know?” Dill admonished. “We’ve been in the business long enough to know when something isn’t right. It was the lack of proof that kept us quiet about it.”

Brendan turned towards me, “You… Senior sisters found my brother?”

I just gave him a smile in response.

“Having the time of his life if I might add,” Kiyomi commented while inspecting her nails.

Brendan groaned, hiding his face with his palm, “Now I feel like an idiot… I thought you guys didn’t know and kept quiet about it… Does my siblings know?”

Dill nodded, “How did you find out about your brother though?”

He groaned again, “The letters… He still sent letters. I hid those from you guys…”

The older man made a face before patting Brendan on the back, “It’s ok son. All of us did what we thought was best. Now you are part of the Church of your own volition and I could not be any prouder.”

Brendan turned to look at us, “So… All of my family’s wealth and windfall was due to Master’s Church?”

I affirmed his suspicions with a nod.

He turned back to his father, “And I don’t have any half-sister?”

“No, definitely not. On that note, please help me rectify that rumour, son…” His father pleaded.

Brendan was about to respond when the door opened once more, revealing the rest of the Vera family entering the room with Master in front of them.

Master grinned at us, “I see you all had a nice chat, did I miss anything?”

Dill stepped forward, “Oh not at all Master Lin! Brendan told me how wonderful of a teacher you are, it makes me slightly regretful that I do not have the potential to learn under you!”

I was quite impressed by how quickly Dill managed to switch gears so quickly, I suppose that’s a merchant for you.

“Hahaha, if you want to, I’m sure there is a way!” Master laughed.

“”Hoho! That is fine Master Lin, it brings me peace to know that my son is in such good hands! I hope he will be of use to you and not just a burden!”

“No need to worry about that, he has already been helping me quite a lot already.”

“That is heartening to hear, in that case, shall we proceed on with our dinner?”

Master gestured, “Please, I am merely a guest here and imposing on your hospitality.”

“You are indeed too modest Master Lin! Come then, I have the best dishes prepared for you!”

The two of them led the way out of the room, the rest of us following behind.

Brendan walked up to me, “Please… Tell me more about what we do after this… I want to be a part of it.”

I smiled, “In due time Brendan, in due time. I welcome you again as one of us. Please work hard for our Master.”

The young man looked up for a moment, as though considering a course of action best for him.

A few seconds passed before he put his hands together in prayer, “All for Master.”

Mmm… Well said.

All for Master.


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