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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 231: Welcoming Your Master And Lord Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

I made my way towards the agreed meeting location to bring my Master and my senior sisters to my place.

Before this, I had made sure to check through everything thoroughly to make sure that everything was in order. The food was being prepared, the servants were drilled for their duties and every single decoration and furniture was cleaned and polished to perfection.

Father kept insisting that everything was fine and that I was over preparing, but how can one over prepare to receive a God?

When I was questioned why I was going to such lengths just for a dinner with my Master, I could only tell them that my Master was a literal God. That answer seemed to raise more questions than answers so I told them to just see for themselves when my Master arrives tonight.

Nevertheless, they accommodated with my requests and I was infinitely grateful for their help.

Sergei was especially helpful, aiding me with everything I needed without complaint.

He has been with my Family ever since we got our windfall, hired even before we moved into our current house.

According to my parents, he was supposedly a former knight that was dishonorably discharged from the corps quite some time ago.

From what I managed to learn from the man himself, he was the Captain of a squad that was sent to eradicate a monster nest without any additional support.

Predictably, the monster proved too much for this squad to handle and he gave the order to retreat before they were wiped, Sergei himself losing an arm and a leg in the process.

Everything turned out to be a ploy to get rid of Sergei from the Corps since his rivals wanted him out of the picture. Apparently he was the next candidate to be the knight’s corp commander and they did not want that to come to pass.

With his injury and his action of fleeing in the face of the enemy, he was discharged from the corps dishonorably and even had his assets seized in the subsequent years as a ‘fine’.

When asked about how he got back his missing limbs, all he said was that a few benefactors had helped him restore them and he owes his life to the God that they serve.

With his restored limbs, he found that my family was looking to hire servants and immediately applied for the position as Head Butler.

I hadn’t really thought about it back when he first told me about it, but now I’m a little concerned about those ‘benefactors’ of his.

There’s only one thing that I know of that can even restore a person’s lost limbs and that is obviously the god pill that Master has created.

Does that mean Sergei was rescued by my senior sisters?

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me though considering how benevolent Master was, my senior sisters might just be going around saving people under Master’s guidance.

But for Master to allow them to use those god pills so freely… Master’s generosity truly knows no bounds. I remembered how much I had to suffer just to even create one, and that was even with Master helping me set up the foundations for the pill since I was not able to utilise Energy Quarks yet.

This just makes me even more determined to give him the best that I possibly can!

Squeezing my way through the dinner crowd, I reached my destination with little trouble, finding Master already waiting there with his disciples.

Unfortunately, it seems some other people have also taken an interest in them.

“Hey, it must be fate for us to meet again noble lady! And why didn’t you tell me you had such beautiful sisters too? Are you looking forward to see me winning the tournament tomorrow?”

Sister Diao Chan scrunched up her face in disgust, “I apologize but… Who are you?”

“Eh? It’s me! Wu Cai! I invited you to join my school did I not? Your sisters have great potential too! They should join as well!”

Diao Chan seemed to think for a moment before shaking her head, “Nope, sorry. I do not recall such an event.”

Wu Cai looked like he was about to say something else when Master interjected, “Wu Cai was it? Could I ask what do you require from my disciples?”

The guy turned to Master and sneered, “Who the hell are you? You must be dreaming to even think you can claim such beautiful fairies as your disciples!”

Manami giggled, “Ara, ara? To not even know who our Master is… And you even dare claim yourself to be a Practitioner?”

Ah… No Manami, he’s not a Practitioner… His kind of people are rather common around here. Usually Practitioners would join Sects and cultivate, but because most mortals don’t have a Cultivation Point strong enough to become full fledged Practitioners, people like him show up with a half assed one from time to time.

They aren’t strong enough to be actual Practitioners but they can at least use a bit of Technique. Usually these are nothing more than a few parlour tricks, however.

So they set up schools that teach non-Practitioners on trying to accelerate their Cultivation Point’s growth with their limited experience.

Most keep to that ideal and are honest about it, helping people in awakening their cultivation potential which they will later move on to join Minor Sects to further improve. But there are always the few that are just scams.

Not sure if this guy belongs to the former or latter category, though I would still say he’s gone way over his head if he’s trying to poach Master’s disciples from him.

I know if some rando came to me and told me to abandon my Master just to join whatever crap they had, I would probably just pour some acid into their eyes and throat for being blind and spouting such nonsense.

“Huh? Why would I be concerned about a nobody like him?” He asked Manami.


This little…

“Master… Do you mind if we… Take care of him?” Lian Li asked.

Master waved his hand, “It’s fine, Brendan’s already here so we should be going anyway.”

The girls looked in the direction of where Master had waved his hand, spotting me standing there.

Master immediately made a beeline towards me, clapping me on my shoulder, “Great timing Brendan! Let’s go meet your family shall we?”

The girls had also lost interest in Wu Cai after they saw Master walking away from him, I’m surprised the guy didn’t say something like ‘how dare you ignore me’ or something along those lines though.

I peeked over Master’s shoulders and the reason why he was being quiet became clear.

The guy seemed to have already fainted while standing, the whites of his eyes showing. No doubt Master must have knocked him out to prevent a scene.

Master grinned at me, “Well then, lead the way Brendan! It’s not good to keep your parents waiting!”

I could only nod my head and turn back to retrace my steps back to my home, all the while wondering what I should do to that Wu Cai later on if I ever meet him again.

Oh whatever, that is secondary, first thing I should be concerned about is properly entertaining Master and asking for Master’s assistance with our Family’s plight.

I really hope nothing goes wrong today…


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