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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 230: Six Rings For The Valkyries Serving God Bahasa Indonesia


Theodore returned just as I received the wrapped rings from the salesgirl.

“Ah, Master Lin, I hope everything is satisfactory for you?” Theodore chirped.

“It is adequate,” I remarked, slipping the wrapped rings into my cloak. Unfortunately there is a phenomenon in place that prevents storage rings from storing other storage rings. Something involving a compressed space not being able to store another item of compressed space.

It’s not that people have not tried to do it, but it just won’t go in no matter what you do.

There were a few theories about it, but nothing confirmed so far.

But I digress, I’m still awaiting my lifetime of free delivery and remote shopping compensation! Where is the Guild Master when you need him?

“Master Lin, is there anything else you might need?” Theodore asked with his nervous voice.

“Not for now, I would like to return to check on my disciples.”

“Your… Er… Your disciples, sir?”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Yes, the girls from before.”

He gulped, “Oh… Oh them? I… I was not aware you er… Even had disciples…”

“Yes,” I told him with a smile. “It is not a fact that I had publicised around.”

“I… I see… Umm… Well, I can lead you to them. This way please.”

I followed Theodore out of the room, the staff lowering their heads as I passed by, a rather odd spectacle to see all of them so quiet if you asked me. I also noted that the customers who were there before me had also mysteriously disappeared, did they go somewhere else?

“So where are they right now?”

I noticed Theodore hesitate for a moment before he replied, “… At the wholesale area…”

Oh, cool. They even sell items in bulk? But why are the so-called better quality ones located there? The girls were supposed to be guided to the place with better rings right?

I had initially thought that they would be in the premium section as well, but I was wrong since I didn’t see them there.

Wait a minute…

Ah, I see now. They were being conscientious about my economical situation. They might have seen the price on the normal rings there and they didn’t want to put a strain on my wallet even though I told them it didn’t matter.

When they told me they were going to look at the ‘better’ rings, they must have been referring to rings that were not storage rings and thus much cheaper to buy.

Sniff… Such good girls I have, I won’t be worthy to call myself your Master if I don’t give back something too!

“This… This is the place,” Theodore stuttered. Not sure why his anxiety came back, he seemed to be fine just moments ago, did something happen?

Still, it’s rather odd that there are no guards outside the door since every other place I’ve been so far has at least a few standing outside.

“Well, you don’t need to keep following me around then, I’ll be ok from here.”

Theodore bit his lip, “Ummm… Is Master Lin sure? I… I can… I can leave?”

I raised my eyebrow at his cryptic question, ” Well yeah. I think I’ve kept you away from your normal duties long enough. I’ll just be here to find my disciples before I leave, so you don’t need to worry.”

Theodore visibly relaxed, “Umm… In that case, thank you, Master Lin.”

He bowed his head before turning around to leave, moving at a speed that is not quite a run nor a walk. Seeing that he was in such a hurry, I think he might have some things he needed to do that I kept him away from.

Now I’m feeling slightly better that he put aside such important duties to serve me without complaint just because I asked.

I was just about to reach for the door when it was flung open abruptly, revealing a rather startled Cai Hong on the other side.

“Papa? Papa!” She rushed up and hugged my waist. “Papa! Papa! Cai Hong got something for Papa!”

“Oh? What did my cute Cai Hong get for me?” I asked, patting her on the head.

Cai Hong dug something out from her sleeve presenting it to me with a wide grin on her face, “Papa! Cai Hong got this!”

In her hands was an emblem of the Merchant’s Guild that was casted in gold. Not really sure what it really is, I carefully plucked it from my loli dragon’s hands.

I raised the emblem to my eye level, “It is lovely Cai Hong, what is it?”

Cai Hong sucked on her finger, “Umm… Ummm… Fat man say it’s special pass for Papa?”

Fat man? Oh, the Guild Master? So he went to find my disciples too?

I suppose the Guild Master felt I was too intimidating to inform me about the compensation so he chose to approach my disciples instead. Then I’m pretty sure this emblem that Cai Hong passed me should not be just any ordinary emblem either.

“Papa like?” Cai Hong asked, tilting her head slightly to the side.

I ruffled her hair with a free hand, “Yes, papa likes it very much. Thank you Cai Hong.”

“Yay~~” She stretched out her hands, prompting me to lift her up into my arms and let her hug my neck.

“Are your sisters inside?”

“Mn! Big sisters are inside talking to fat man, Cai Hong wanted to go find Papa so Cai Hong left!”

I poked her on the nose, “Bad girl, what did I say about going around on your own?”

“Muuu… Cai Hong wanted to find Papa… Cai Hong sowwy…”

“Don’t do it again ok?”


I gave her another pat on the head before moving forward with the intention of entering the room.

But just as my foot was about to cross the threshold, Lian Li appeared in front of me without warning, the two of us almost crashing into each other.

Fortunately I managed to stop in time so that didn’t happen. It would be a disaster if I were to fall while holding Cai Hong after all.

Behind her were the rest of the girls, all of them seemed surprised to see me.

Lian Li’s eyes widened, “Ma… Master?! Umm… What is Master doing here?”

Ah I knew it. Seeing how surprised she was, they must be worried that I understood their intent to buy the cheaper rings and felt insulted. Don’t worry girls, all of you are too precious for that!

“Looking for you girls of course. I already got what I came here for, what about you all?”

For reasons unknown to me, all of them blushed at the same time while they turned their heads away, their gaze unwilling to meet mine.

“Ye… Yes, Master… We already got them…” Diao Chan stuttered, showing me the small box she had in her hand.

“Oh? That’s great! How much were they?” I asked.

“Oh, the Guild Master gave them to us. He said it was part of some compensation he needed to give Master,” Manami answered.

Huh, that’s really generous of him.

Kiyomi nodded beside her sister, “Cai Hong has already passed Master the emblem right? It’s basically a special pass unique to the Merchant’s Guild and grants the holder special privileges.”

Eris grinned, “Yep! With that thing, Master will be treated just like their Guild Master! They will also give you the best price possible and any request from you will definitely be accepted!”

That… Wow. That is much more than I thought I would get. Thank you Guild Master of the Merchant’s Guild, I will make use of this to its fullest extent.

Oh I definitely won’t extort them, money is needed to keep things moving after all. I’ll probably just go along with the original plan of free deliveries and stuff. Maybe I can use them for future auctions too? That would be a great idea.

“Alright, since everyone’s got their stuff, let’s go to that little dinner then.”

I hope these rings will be adequate enough as gifts for Brendan’s family.


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