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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 197: You Have Unsealed The Beast Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

I watch as my sister sauntered out of her cage casually, not even throwing a backwards glance at the mangled mess of flesh that used to be human inside the cage. Bits of him were littered all around the cage, some stuck on the floor, a few on the bars and I know the ceiling had some of him too.

“Was that really necessary, dear sister?” I asked.

“Ufufufu~ Of course! How else would you punish an imbecile like him?”

I tried not to roll my eyes, “A simple ripping out of the heart would have sufficed.”

“But less satisfying~” she giggled. “And he wouldn’t have the time to regret and give praise to Master if he dies too quickly~”

I sighed, “I suppose that’s a point.”

Both of us just stared at each other for a minute, me still being suspended in the air by the chains the weakling from before had summoned while Manami stood just outside my prison.

My sister tilted her head, “Are you not going to break out of that?”

“My dearest sister… Unlike you who had several months, I have yet to fully enhance my physical body using the method Master has so graciously taught us. So no, I am not able to break free of this by myself.”

“Ara ara~ Forgive your sister’s forgetfulness~” She laughed, stepping up to the bars of my cage.

Grasping one of the bars with her delicate hand, she easily ripped it out and tossed it aside, giving her enough room to squeeze through the gaps.

Manami then proceeded to tear apart the chains that bound me, catching me when I fell from the air.

“Ufufufu~ Is my dear little Kiyomi unharmed?”

I rolled my eyes, “Dear sister, do I have to keep reminding you that I am no longer the little girl I once was?”

“Ara? Ufufufu~ But you’ll always be my cute little sister to me~”

I pried myself out of her grasp, “You are just a few seconds older.”

“Ufufufu~ That still makes me older~”

I sighed, slipping out of the cage from the hole that she had made.

“Ara, ara~ My little Kiyomi is so shy~ It’s ok, your big sister understands~”

“… Dear sister, could we focus on getting out of here first? Our Quark Veins are still poisoned in case you forgot.”

“Ufufufu~ Don’t worry, this big sister will protect you~” Manami sang, hopping out of the cage after me.

“In that case, could you get the door for me, please?” I gestured towards the door.

“Well… There’s no need for that, kekeke~” A trashy voice called out from behind us.

We turned just in time to see that trash step out from the shadows, his cloak still thrown over his head so that only the bottom half of his face was visible.

His mouth creased into a frown when he noticed the state that his associate was in within Manami’s former prison.

“Seems like you girls were the ones who had the fun huh? But too bad for you I’m done being nice…”

He reached out his hand towards us and pulled, the action causing shadows to appear from beneath our feet and wrapped around us.

“Fufufu~ What’s wrong? Scared that we helpless little foxes will hurt you?” Manami taunted him.

“There are so many ways I can break you in…” The trash hissed. “It is only because I thought you might come to see our side’s reasoning and join us instead that I refrained from using such extreme methods.”

“And your ‘mild’ method was to have some flea have his way with us,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes at him. “Maybe you should switch careers and go into theatre instead. To be able to tell such a lie with such a straight face requires exceptional talent.”

“Hmph! Neither of you know the truth behind this world! Your silly little church is nothing more than a gathering of desperate people clinging to a piece of driftwood! You think Master Lin is the epitome of power? There are things out there that could kill him with just a look!”

My ears perked up slightly, though no one else noticed, “Such as?”

“Monsters that you think only exist in myths but prowl around within our very Plane, the various races of Superior Dragons and the monsters of the Abyss. And if you are unfortunate enough to meet a Great One, not even heaven can help you!”

Great One? Why does that name sound familiar? It feels like I have heard of it yet also not… Such a strange feeling.

“Ufufufu~ And where are such monstrosities?” Manmi asked, mocking laughter clear in her voice. “Are you sure you have not taken a children’s storybook and mistook fiction as fact?”

He shook his head, “Kekeke… If only you knew. We have already uncovered an artifact that could summon a Great One to this world. Once we learn how to control it, this world will fall to its knees!”

My sister tilted her head, “Ara? I’m guessing that’s why you tried to control Abbadon? How devious~”

“Kekeke~ Quite a sharp one. I guess you aren’t Master Lin’s disciple for nothing. Abbadon’s control was supposed to pave the way for us to complete the Great One’s summoning. But we all know what happened there hmm? So be proud that you girls manage to delay our plans for just a few months more.”

Are all Dark Sect members so loose lipped? Just need to stroke their ego for a bit and all their secret plans fall out of their mouth like a waterfall.

“Well enough of that,” The trash spat, pulling out some kind of orb that reeked of darkness and despair. “I only came back to get the sealed beasts from the two of you since some damn complications came up. Kekeke~ I should have just done this from the start instead of trying to bring you over!”

Manami probably didn’t like where it was going and acted right then.

She immediately ripped her the shadows binding her apart, leaping towards the flea to try and knock the orb out of his hands.

But it seems it was within his expectations as a beam of light flashed out from the orb to hit my dear sister’s chest before she could even reach two feet from him.

She let out a gasp before collapsing on the ground, curling up into a ball as darkness began to cover her body.

The same light hit me as well and my entire body felt extremely lethargic, a slight prickle of pain blossomed out from what I recognised to be my Cultivation Point.

At the back of my mind, I heard the tortured screams of a beast, the wails drowning out every other sound that I could hear.

The pain travelled up towards my chest, as though something was trying to claw itself out of my body.

That something turned out to be a ball of white light bursting out from my chest, just as a similar looking one appeared from my dear sister’s chest.

Both of those orbs were immediately captured by two tendrils of darkness from the orb that the trash had been holding, pulling them into it faster than the eye could blink.

The absence of that light also made me feel like something was missing within me, as though there was a void at where it had been.

“Kekeke~ And now, we are ready for the final show! Right on time too~”

The sound of something exploding came from behind me, the metal door that led to the dungeon’s exit being blown clean off its hinges and throwing up a cloud of dust.

“Really unfortunate, kekeke~ Never thought someone was dumb enough to summon forth a pack of them. I’m afraid this is the end of the line for the both of you, so goodbye~”

The trash melted back into the shadows, completely disappearing from our sight.

The dust cleared and giant monsters with the head of a deer’s skull crawled into the room, the tentacles on its back sweeping aside the debris like it weighed nothing.

I cursed silently, having the ball of light pulled out of me seemed to have drained all of my energy which prevented me from doing anything to save ourselves. No doubt Manami was also experiencing the same thing right now seeing how she was still curled up on the floor.

With both of us powerless, there was no way we could defend ourselves against such monsters.

Will we die here?

As though hearing my inner plea for help, a portal opened up in front of me letting the only person I worship step through.

“Master…” I cried, a little ashamed that he had to see me in this state.

Master only looked at me and gave a reassuring nod, his eyes lighting up as he walked forward to place himself in between us and those monsters.

I knew then that we were already safe and promptly drifted into unconsciousness.


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