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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 198: Steal My Mofu Mofu, I’ll Make You Into Mapo Tofu Bahasa Indonesia


I waved my hand at the monsters, prompting them to file out of the dungeon obediently to continue their rampage amongst the rest of the Dark Sect.

How did I find this place? Simple really.

The protection and tracking inscriptions were actually disguised alarm inscriptions. There was no need for me to infringe on my disciples’ privacy after all, I’m not a stalker. No really, I’m not.

But when someone tries to remove the inscription or the girls feel distressed, it will trigger the alarm to notify me which in turn activates the real tracking inscription hidden under it.

All I had to do then was to wait for Manami and Kiyomi to stop moving before teleporting myself to a location nearby.

It seemed like the kidnappers had taken over an abandoned fort deep inside a forest, a short distance away to the East of Jin City.

The tracking inscription told me that they are below ground, that means they’re most likely being locked in some kind of dungeon within the fort.

As much as I would like to just charge in and massacre everyone right now, I don’t want to let my cute disciples see me commit murder in broad daylight. Monsters would be a different case since that’s not seen as murder, but if they were to pick up the habit of looking down on human life, that would be a big no no.

Oh, you must be wondering why I’m caring about such inane things when the safety of my disciples comes first.

I’m way ahead of you in that department.

As mentioned, under one of the alarm inscriptions was the tracking one. The other hidden inscription was the protection inscription. So right at this moment, the protection inscriptions are active on both of them.

Should their physical bodies come under threat, a barrier will be activated around them immediately. In other words. there’s no need to worry about some sick fat man trying to lay their hands on my disciples’ purity. And if those barriers get activated, I would of course make reaching my disciples the utmost priority.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll take my own sweet time rescuing them, it just means I need to do things a little bit more smartly.

Oh, that’s right! Since it is fine for them to see me kill monsters, I just need to make monsters do the work for me! All I need is for an alibi for one such group to appear…

Now, if only there was some conveniently placed dark artifact that I can make use of around here?

Oh who am I kidding? I’m at an outpost of the Dark Sect, of course there are dark artifacts just laying around!

As luck would have it, a group of them seem to be performing some kind of ritual just outside the fort walls. A ring of five cloaked members gathered around what seemed to be a chalice filled with an inky black substance, chanting in low voices.

Although I have no idea what they were actually doing, this little ceremony of theirs would serve my purpose quite well.

The five of them were so focused on their chanting that they did not notice their own shadows getting longer, making space for the first of the monsters to appear.

Previously, I had used illusions to create the monsters to chase the students. It was a simple mind trick to hypnotise them into thinking there was actually a monster in front of them even when there were none.

You heard that right, the monsters that chased them around the Sect were completely imaginary and could only be seen by them, that was why I wasn’t worried about other Sect members panicking from the monsters since they don’t actually exist.

And if any of the students in Brendan’s group get hit by the illusion, their brain will still register the pain and force even though nothing hit them physically. What? Did you think I would actually put their lives at risk from summoning real monsters?

I am a certified teacher ok? Just look at how well my disciples are doing!

As for the current monsters I’m summoning right now, they are definitely not illusions.

Using Dark Quarks to give the monsters a physical shape before using Astral Quarks to implant enraged spirits into the body, it won’t be a matter of just having your brain registering the pain when one of these hit you.

Only when the monsters were halfway out of the ground did one of the Dark Sect idiots notice something was wrong.

“What in the… Monsters!”

The monster nearest to him grabbed him by the head and tossed him aside, smashing him against a wall.

Did I mention that the spirits implanted in these monsters were the victims of the Dark Sect? Yeah, there were quite a lot of them just wandering around here so I bet more than a few of them have a bone to pick with these guys.

And I just provided them the means to do so.

Three of the acolytes were immediately ripped apart by the monsters that stepped out from their shadows, the last one I let run back into the fort to warn their boss.

All of the monsters then turned their heads to me.

“Don’t look at me, you’re free to do whatever but finding my girls is priority. Once you do that, you guys can go knock yourselves out.”

They cackled in glee before dashing towards the fort, the place quickly filling up with screams of pain and despair.

I strolled in behind them, ignoring the brutally murdered corpses that littered the area outside the fort and stepping over the smashed in gates.

It didn’t take long for the summons to find the dungeons my disciples were being kept, both them seemingly being restrained by whom I suppose is the boss of this place.

I originally intended to appear in front of them to protect my disciples from the monsters and make it seem like they were not related to me, but seeing both of them pass out immediately after seeing me made me dismiss that plan.

I immediately set to checking on their state of being, finding nothing amiss with their physical health.

Tails and ears are still very fuwah fuwah so there’s absolutely no issues.

It was only after I checked their Cultivation Points do I realise that the sealed foxes were no longer there.

That bloody bastard took my mofu mofu!

Oh no no no, some people are going to die today!


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