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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 196: I’m Not Trapped Here With You, You Are Trapped Here With Me Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

I awoke to the sight of a damp, stone ground and the sound of water dripping nearby.

My mind instantly recalled back to the events leading up to my unconsciousness and I immediately leapt to my feet, trying to summon a few balls of fire to protect myself.

But the moment I tried to circulate my quarks, an intense feeling of pain overwhelmed my senses that brought me to my knees.

“Don’t try it sister… ” Kiyomi’s voice entered my ears. “They poisoned our Quark Veins.”

I glanced up from my position, quickly registering that I was trapped in a cage within a dungeon. Directly opposite me was my dear little sister, trapped in another cage that was similar to mine. At least the cage was big enough for us to stand and pace around in, instead of being cramped to the point of squatting.

I looked around the dungeon, trying to find something that might aid us.

It should be safe to assume that we are locked in an underground dungeon somewhere, with how rundown this place was and how badly maintained it is, I would wager we are in a fort that had been abandoned.

Chains and torture devices hung on the nails hammered into the wall while water leaked from the roof to splatter somewhere in the room, the sound amplified a hundred times in this confined space. Without any windows, I can only assume the water meant it is currently raining outside, or this place actually had a form of sewage system which is odd for an abandoned fort.

A flight of stairs led upwards to a single heavy metal door, no doubt bolted shut.

“What happened?” I asked, moving closer towards the bars.

She sighed, “That thing we stabbed with our tails was another body double he filled with poison… Contact with our tail’s fur was enough to let it enter our bodies…”

I slumped against the bars, I can’t believe we were caught so easily… It seems we have really grown a little too arrogant…

“How long have we been here?” I chanced.

Kiyomi shrugged, “There are no windows and I’ve only been awake for a short while myself. I would guess that someone would come gloat over us soon.”

Expectedly on cue, the only door leading out of this place was flung open, a cloaked man with his hood thrown over his head entering the dungeon. Behind him was a comically large man with rippling muscles that gave him a frame so huge he barely fit in through the door frame.

“Ah, Seems like the lovely ladies are awake! Hope you girls slept well!”

Both Kiyomi and I scowled at him, opting not to reply to his taunts.

“Kekeke~ If either of you are expecting help to come, you can perish that thought. I have already removed the tracking and protective inscriptions laid on you. Even if they followed your last known position, they will be looking at the wrong place!”

My eyebrow raised slightly, a tracking and protective inscription? None of us knew of such an inscription nor applied it to any of us… That means…

AHHH~~ Master! For you to care so much about us! This one is not worthy! Ufufufufu~ Master is truly cute! When I go back, I’ll make sure to smother him as much as I can with my tails!

While I was still in my fantasy of having a great mofu mofu time with Master, the piece of trash came up and smacked the bars of my cage with his knuckle.

“If you would just give up the sealed beast within you, I might be inclined to even let both of you walk away scot-free. If you continue to be stubborn… Kekeke~ My associate here will get to know both of you very intimately~”

At the mention of that, the big trash licked his lips in an absolutely disgusting manner, there was no doubt on what he was planning to do to us.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if Master Lin’s precious disciples become nothing more than damaged goods right? Or maybe… Kekeke~ You two might start to like it and stay with us willingly?”

I ignored him in favour of planning how I would like to have Master brush my tails again. Then imagining him lying down on my lap and letting me clean his ears, just the two of us alone in his room…

Ahhh~ Wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect?!

Ufufufu~ I never knew Master was so protective of us~ I will definitely need to share this piece of news with the other girls later!

“I see both of you still choose to be stubborn… Kekeke~ Doesn’t matter to me! It just makes it so much more fun to watch two arrogant and pompous girls slowly break down to nothing more than mindless whores!”

He snapped his fingers, causing chains to appear from the ground underneath the two of us that locked our limbs in place, suspending us slightly in the air.

I barely noticed the action since I am now picturing how great it would be if Master allowed me to bathe with him. I will wash his back and he would wash my tails, then we would soak in the water in each other’s embrace, all the while whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears.

Ufufufufu~ I really need to do that when I get back~

“Kekeke, You can scream all you want, but this dungeon is sound proof! Go ahead and have fun Wan Dan! Make sure you break them in good!”

The big trash grinned, “Don’t worry, I will make sure they start begging for it in the next few minutes!”

“Kekeke! I’m sure they will! Hope you don’t mind me watching right over he–“

The door was flung open again, “Boss! We got trouble! There’s something outside that we… We can’t handle by ourselves!”

The trash clicked his teeth in annoyance, “Fine… I’ll be right there. You have fun without me Wan Dan, I’ll come back later.”

“Hehehe~ I hope you don’t mind them already broken on your return!”

He gave a backwards wave before leaving with the newcomer, slamming the door shut behind him.

The big trash opened the hatch to my cage, squeezing himself in.

I finally took notice of him after I finished my fantasy of Master giving me plenty of headpats in bed, a scowl materialising on my face the moment my eyes met his.

“Lay a hand on me and I will rip your tongue out of your mouth and make you beg for the sweet release of death,” I warned.

The big trash laughed, “You’re all chained up and your cultivation is locked! You’re nothing but a helpless little fox!”

I sneered, “Am I? Try.”

Confident of his own claims, he reached out and grabbed me by my left arm, attempting to pull me closer towards him.

I responded by breaking the chains that held my right wrist through sheer force, my hands latching on to his wrist and twisting it with a loud crack.

For a man his size, the high-pitched scream he gave is really quite pathetic.

I tore away the other chain with my free hand before breaking the two chains that held my ankles.

“Ho… How?!” The big trash croaked, stepping away from me.

“Ara? You didn’t really think Master never had us train without our cultivation before? Even without my Techniques, I can still tear you apart quite easily. And for you to dare defile this body that should belong to Master… I hope you are prepared~ Fufufu~”

He lifted his fist to try and punch me, only for me to duck underneath it and deliver a straight punch into his throat.

He gagged and choked, taking two steps back while his hands grasped at his neck.

My hand immediately reached into his mouth, grabbing on to the muscle that I was looking for before yanking it out.

Blood spurted from his mouth as his tongue was ripped past his lips mercilessly, the crimson liquid staining the bars of the cage.

I belong to Master, thus only Master can touch me!

For this piece of trash who thinks he can touch me so carelessly… I will make sure he wishes he was never born!

I ignored his face of terror and descended upon him, beginning his brutal little punishment with my own two hands.


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